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The Wolf and the Butterfly

Black Hills Wolves

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 26,000
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Nika, the pack’s newest scout, wants nothing more than to please his Alpha. When he discovers a beautiful, and very sick, stranger in the woods outside Los Lobos, he finds himself torn between his duty and his hormones. The stranger carries a deadly wolf virus—one that hasn’t been seen in the Black Hills in ages.

Kimi, a Lakota Sioux, is dying. She’s transported herself forward in time, hoping to find the cure to the illness that’s stricken her tribe. Her only chance for survival is to trust Nika, even if she’s not used to having help.

To find the cure and save the pack, Nika and Kimi must travel to a time long ago—before the Lakota populated the Black Hills—a time filled with dangers neither can imagine. Their growing attraction may save them, or kill them both.

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His body screamed run to her, but he held back, trotting in a wide circle around her, checking for any other threat. No tracks, human or Wolf, besides hers.

She was alone, Wolf, and injured.

Unshifted and dangerous.

He circled her once more, to double check no one else was near, and then climbed above her onto the boulder. Her small form was thin, and she had skin not quite as deep brown as his own, though reddish. Native American, no doubt. Probably Lakota Sioux, since their reservation was nearby. But what was she doing in this area of the woods, so close to Los Lobos? This wasn’t her territory. Rarely did Lakota wander through these woods without the Alpha’s permission. And why wasn’t she in Wolf form? Her healing would be much more rapid if she shifted.

He cocked his head and pawed at the boulder, his claws scratching against the rock. He was unsure of what to do. He could send another signal, but she would know he was there.

She moved and struggled to lift up on her elbow. She pushed the hair from her eyes and stared straight at him.

And screamed.

He jumped backward on the boulder, flattening his ears against the piercing sound. So much for not being seen. Rookie mistake. Good thing Gee wasn’t near enough to see. He’d put him back in training.

“Go away.” She flung a pebble at him. It bounced along the boulder like a rock skipping along the water’s surface. Fear radiated from her in thick waves and pummeled his psyche. He wanted to comfort her, take care of her, explain he wasn’t a threat. He shook his head. What was he thinking? What made him want to talk to the enemy? She was beautiful, but….

All things unknown are potential dangers to the pack. Especially outsiders.

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