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Their Highland Trust

Their Highland Trust Series

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 106,145
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Still licking her wounds from a failed relationship, medical research scientist Elle Grant really doesn’t feel like joining her best friend on a trip home to Scotland. Her vacation gets off to a bad start when a sudden storm causes her to careen off a highland roundabout and total her rental car. Things get worse when she realizes that "Captain Control"--the arrogant highland police officer who rescues her-- is her best friend’s big brother.

Officer Conall Cameron prides himself on being no-nonsense and professional, but all that goes out the window the moment he meets the stubborn American beauty. She might get away with sassing police officers in the States, but not with him. Though she insists she can wait for the tow truck alone, it’s his sworn duty to keep her safe. Whether she likes it or not, Dr. Elleanor Grant won’t be going anywhere without him.

When Elle and Conall stumble through a hiccup in time, fate forces them to replay a heart-wrenching family history that occurred over two hundred years ago. Will they find common ground and recognize love for what it truly is?


Elle spun to shoot him a piercing look over the top of the car, which evidentially found its mark when he lowered his brow and glared at her menacingly through narrowing eyes. She looked again and noticed that the once lovely color of his eyes seemed to go almost black, and they were nearly hidden by the thick lashes as he frowned. The look chilled her to the pit of her belly. It was instantly apparent that this man wasn’t easily intimidated by anyone, let alone a young American foreigner. It was possible that she may be entering dangerous territory with this guy.

“Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, lass,” he spoke so softly she barely heard him. “Ye may get away with sassing police officers in the States, but ye will face consequences here. If ye dinno stop with the attitude, I will also cite ye for no’ having yer vehicle under control.” He could hear her gasp. “And that means no more rental for ye anywhere in Inverness-shire then, nor anywhere in Scotland. And I might throw in a disorderly conduct to finish it all. I guess that’s what yer asking for, aye?”

He was serious. Drat her stupid temper. Genuinely chagrined she replied, “Look. I’m sorry I said what I did. My vacation has already gotten off to a really bad start, and I might have been mistaken about the sign. I’ll do whatever you wish.”

He gave her an incredulous look. “I’ve only been here for less than thirty minutes, and ye have already apologized twice for yer insolence. Mayhaps ye should try and think before ye speak. Just a suggestion, of course.”

I did? That can’t be true. Twice? Crap. “Of course,” she replied in a low voice, not wanting to make him madder.

“Let’s get up to the cruiser. We’ll call out for a tow, and I’ll write up the report and give ye a copy for yer insurance. Ye will need one.”

Good, she thought. The sooner the paperwork was done, the sooner she could get a tow back to Fort William and away from this guy for a while. “All right, but I need to grab my things. I can get them on my own, yes?” He said nothing in response but stood glaring at her with narrowed lips.

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