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Their Rebel Mate (MMF)

Helan Universe 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 48,850
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

Chief of Communications Kerek and his mate, Ambassador Thantos, are tasked with educating humans on Helan culture. It's not an easy job considering there is a movement dedicated to making sure that no female mates with Helan males.

Kim McManus is determined to keep as many human women from being forced to mate the Helan males as possible. So what if the Helans have made mating with them voluntary? The Helans' history of telling half-truths makes them suspicious in her book. Suspicious enough that she hijacks a television signal to plead her case.

When she's given a chance to stay on the Helan star ship for a month to learn about their culture, she grabs it with both hands. But what happens when she ends up bonded with Thantos and Kerek, two of the very males she's been campaigning so hard against?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Great reading Kim really plays hard to get but in the end theres no fighting those pheramones.

- sarki

What an amazing story and series. I cant get enough of this series. I want more lol... Kim is a leader of the rebellion and Kerek and Thantos are mates who find their third. BRAVO Ms Tyler you d...


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The man swung the camera around until she was the focus. She started speaking about women being bartered away, pseudoscience and bullying at its worst.

Crap. This was exactly what he’d hoped to avoid when Kim had walked into the room. Thantos glanced at the security guards and found them all staring back at him stonily. Well, the guards had probably been in on this from the beginning. If they didn’t sympathize with Kim, they’d probably been bribed.

Kerek was whispering into the cell phone he’d purchased a couple of weeks ago. His face was flushed, his eyes glittered dangerously, and the emotions he could feel pouring through their mate bond told Thantos just how angry Kerek really was. “I’ll explain in a second, talan.”

Thank gods for their telepathic bond.

He angled his head so that he was still facing the cameras but was looking at Kim McManus directly. “If you remember correctly,” he said in his clipped, perfect English, “signing the registry is completely voluntary.”

The woman had the nerve to snort at him. Snort. “That was not the original agreement, was it, Ambassador?” she asked. Derision dripped from her voice. God, he felt like he was an inch tall.

She continued without missing a beat. “It was only after Jacy Townsend talked some sense into you all.”

He pursed his lips at the statement. His queen being referred to by her given name grated on his nerves. Humans had a love for titles, especially Americans. Hell, presidents were still addressed as such, even when their time in office was up. Why did they have such difficulty addressing his queen properly?

Before he could respond to any of the accusations Kim was sending his way, Kerek’s voice nudged its way into his brain. “Somehow, that camera has been put on a live feed. The entire world is now watching you.”

Well, this sucked big, hairy sorcan balls. And of course, Kim just had to touch on the one thing that Thantos couldn’t respond to. “We have been manipulated into believing that we are the answer to all their problems, but we have yet to see any proof of their claims.”

A feeling of resignation swept through him, and Thantos knew it was Kerek’s realization that he would have to make his announcement sooner than planned. There was no help for it though. If they didn’t show the humans that they did have the power to save the Helan species, the number of women willing to sign the registry and become mates with Helans might fall drastically.

Kerek rose from his chair and joined Thantos at the podium. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Chief of Communications, Kerek—” It was an improvised title, but it sounded better than Communications Officer Kerek, which was far too militarized for most humans’ comfort. “And he has a press conference scheduled for next week, but since we’ve been transferred to a live feed, he will make his announcement now.”

Much to Thantos’s amusement, Kim blanched and sat down again. Clearly, she hadn’t thought they would pick up on the fact that she had somehow hacked into the signal and forced it to go public, and she was expecting some kind of reprimand. He had to give her credit, though. She could have made a break for it and could have disappeared from the room before he or Kerek had the chance to confront her, but she held her ground.

Smiling charmingly, Kerek looked into the camera and spoke confidently. “I am very happy to announce that I have just recently received word that Her Majesty, High Queen Jacy, is expecting the birth of her first child. The joyous event is expected in approximately thirty Earth weeks. There is finally hope for the Helan people.”

Thantos could practically hear the gasps around the world.

A deep silence settled around the room. Kim jumped to her feet. “One child. How can you expect one child to save the Helan species? And what if the child is a girl? Will she be bartered off to the highest bidding male couple to squeeze out twelve babies for them, too?”

Kerek’s face had grown tight, and Thantos touched his wrist. Kerek was a typical Helan male, unlike Thantos. Kerek was aggressive and protective of those he cared about, and he’d come to like the queen a great deal in the short time they’d known each other. Kerek’s response might be a little harsh if Thantos didn’t calm him down.

Flipping his arm over, Kerek threaded his fingers with Thantos’s and gave them a gentle squeeze. It was then that Thantos realized the underlying emotions and sensations that he should have been aware of all along. Kerek was aroused by the little blonde. The fact that she was challenging him gave Kerek a thrill that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. Instead of feeling jealous by the desire his mate was feeling for this human, he was elated.

“We do not expect our female mates to squeeze out a dozen babies,” Kerek answered, managing to keep a straight face. Thantos was glad Kerek had taken over. He could feel his tongue beginning to glue itself to the roof of his mouth. The desire Kerek was feeling began to pound through Thantos, and it was becoming increasingly harder to stay still.

Kerek was still talking when the doors opened again. Thantos was relieved to see Helan soldiers slipping in, ready to step in if they needed to. Not that Thantos expected there to be violence, but the males would be able to waylay the female he knew would become his mate before she managed to give them the slip.




Her clit throbbed, practically begging for attention, and the sounds of pleasure, getting increasingly louder and more frequent, were not helping. Flopping back on the mattress, she slid her hand down her belly until the very tips of her fingers rested just above her mound.

Did she dare?

“Kerek!” Thantos cried out for his lover, and Kim threw caution to the wind.

Fuck it. It wasn’t not like they were going to hear her own soft gasps through the noise Thantos was making. As if it had a mind of its own, Kim’s hand slipped the rest of the way down, and her index finger brushed over her straining clit.

A groan worked its way up her throat, and she applied even more pressure to the swollen little nub. Dear god, nothing had ever felt so good before. Not even her favorite purple vibrator on its highest setting gave her half as much pleasure as her single finger.

Was it something in the water? Okay, cancel that. She hadn’t had any water to drink. Something in the food then?

Whatever. All that really mattered was getting off right now.

Her pleasure ratcheted up higher, and she sped up the movements of her finger, stroking her clit in small, concentric circles in her effort to relieve some of the pressure that was building up inside her.

She groaned again, partly from pleasure and partly from frustration. None of the usual tricks were working, and her heart was racing faster than normal. Was it possible that her heart could beat fast enough to pound right out of her chest? God, she hoped her rib cage was strong enough to contain her heart because she was pretty sure her heart was about to explode.

“What the devil is going on here?” Kerek roared, breaking her out of the trance she had been in.

She jerked her hand back and blushed to the roots of her hair. “What are you doing out here?” she asked, pushing herself up and out of the bed so fast, she almost toppled over.

Kerek’s chest was pumping as he breathed, his huge cock pulsing rhythmically. “What have you done to Thantos?” he shouted, advancing on her with rage in his eyes.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she shouted right back.

Now that the bedroom door was open, Kim could hear Thantos’s desperate whimpers. “What are you doing to him?” she demanded, storming over to the door and peeking around Kerek’s massive body.

The sight that met her eyes took her breath away.

Thantos’s wrists were trapped by some sort of cuffs, which were attached to a ring in the wall. His head was tossing on the pillow, his long red hair spread out dramatically on the crisp white sheets.

Her eyes travelled farther down Thantos’s body, taking in the nipple clamps that seemed to be vibrating, and the black plug his spread, bent legs displayed.

His dick was leaking steadily, and if the pool of fluid collecting on his lower belly was any indication, it had been for some time now.

The expression on Thantos’s face was far from serene. He looked tormented. “Help him,” she said, rushing over to him.

“What the fuck do you think I’ve been trying to do?” Kerek bellowed. “I’ve been trying to relieve some of his need, but he can’t orgasm. Why is that?”

She would have shrugged, but Thantos’s earlier words came back to her. Helan mates are highly sexual and feel the need to orgasm several times a day. Bonded mates can’t find satisfaction without their mate. “He needs you to come before he can, right?”

Kerek blew out a sigh that sounded like pure frustration. “Yes, but the kicker is I need him to come as well. Bonded mates tend to have simultaneous orgasms.”

She failed to understand the problem. Kerek was hard as a rock, and the head of his dick was shiny with his own pre-cum. He looked like a single firm stroke could send him flying. “So just let go and come. He’ll follow you right over.”

“Shit, you just aren’t getting it.” Kerek ran both of his hands through his hair. At least he didn’t seem quite so enraged. “I saw what you were doing. You looked just as unsuccessful at finding your release as well. Somehow, I think you and Thantos have started to bond.”

No, that couldn’t be right. Except when she thought about it, she had realized that there was absolutely nothing she could have done to force her orgasm. Even now, despite her confrontation with Kerek and her confusion over what was going on, she was still as aroused as ever. More, even.

Crap. “What are we going to do about this?”

Thantos cried out, his cock jerking wildly, and he hitched his hips. The wave of pleasure rocketing through her, completely in time with Thantos’s distress, robbed her of any ability to think. It was so strong, she had to grab on to something solid to keep herself upright.

Her palms met skin, and she briefly understood that she was clinging Kerek’s arm before another wave of pleasure threatened to wash her away.

The need was too much, and it was so far past eager anticipation that she was very nearly in pain. Poor Thantos looked like he was about to die if he didn’t find his release soon.

A third wave of need buffeted against her, and she was vaguely aware that Kerek’s knees buckled under the onslaught. “You are going to join us and give Thantos the relief he needs.”



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