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Their Unexpected Mate (MFMM)

Paranormal Protection Unit 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 66,295
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

After the devastating loss of her father, Katherine Douglas picks up her entire life and moves to the wilds of Montana. She sets about making a home only to find the unexpected—three larger-than-life men that send her perfectly planned future into a dizzying tailspin.

In the middle of a sting, Treasach “Scythe” Campbell, Quinlan “Mac” McAllister, and Sullivan “Sully” McAllister, Alpha Team for the Paranormal Protection Unit, were more worried about getting out in one piece than what the future might hold. But then in she walked—their mate. Like a punch to the gut, instincts older than time kick in, and the three men know nothing but the driving need to be with her.

They're not human, not by a long shot, but they will love her with a fierceness no other could. Will she run from what they are and what they are asking her for, or can they convince her to heed the primal call from within?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
What woman wouldn't want a wolf and a couple of bears of her very own, cause I sure wouldn't turn these sexier than sin 'Alpha' males down... I very much enjoyed the story line of this book. I loved t...

- AlabamaGirl

Awesome book.

- jmims2205

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "I love the paranormal genre, with a specific addiction to those sexy shifters. Is it any wonder I snatch up every shifter story I can get my greedy hands on? So it was with gleeful abandon that I grabbed this one. But this aint your ordinary shifter story. It's something even better, as I so happily discovered. The action starts with wolf shifter, Trey, and his bear shifter buddies, Mac and Sully, lurking in a dive bar waiting on some lowlife to cuff. The guys are part of a private security team. A paranormal unit. Then their mate walks through the door. The guys scent her the minute she walks through the door. Katherine Douglas is grieving from the death of her beloved father. The wealthy heiress relocated to Montana to carry out a personal mission. And to get away from her greedy snake in the grass stepbrother. Fate was on her side when she walked into the bar looking for her fix of mint-pistachio ice cream. She ended up getting three hunky alpha shifters that just loved protecting and serving her. I meant it when I said this wasn't an ordinary shifter romance. It's an extraordinary one. The story took so many twists and turns I kept wondering what would happen next. So many secrets are revealed that I won't even try to give any hints. Trust me when I say this one is loaded with exciting secrets. They're not all bad ones either; most of them are good secrets. The story was wildly romantic and it flowed well. The characters were strong, with only a few minor irritants. I liked how strong Katherine was and how well she adapted to her mates once they told her the truth. She didn't freak out at all, like some weaker heroines I've read. I really can't stand those chicks. We all should be so lucky to get us a hunky shifter dude. I wouldn't freak out at all. Not one little bit. Just saying. The three heroes are shifters so it goes without saying they aren't just hot....these guys were smokin'. In fact, I could not put this one down. Things kept happening and I couldn't tear myself away. Even the secondary characters were fascinating. The guys are part of a paranormal team so that means more hot heroes will be had. Grin. So here's the bottom line: I loved this story and I think you'll find it as exciting as I did. I'm giving THEIR UNEXPECTED MATE 4 stars." -- Debra Taylor, The Romance Reviews

4 HEARTS: "After Katherine Douglas's father dies from cancer, she moves to Montana for a new life, setting up a bed and breakfast for cancer survivors and their families. The Alpha Team for the Paranormal Protection Unit, Trey "Scythe" Campbell, Quinlan "Mac" McAllister, and Sullivan "Sully" McAllister, are on assignment in the same town tracking down were drug traffickers. The wolf shifter, Trey, and his twin bear shifter brothers-in-arms, Mac and Sully, realize Katherine is the mate for all three of them. While they have important jobs, once they meet their mate, their whole world and priorities change. Once they convince her and complete the mating bond, they discover she isn't who they believed her to be which leads them all into another whole adventure. This story turned out to have a unique slant on were-creatures and magic users. It's like two stories tied into one, their courtship and the adventure that results from the danger she was in before they met. It was a bit confusing at times. There's the too-good-to-be-true aspect of the instant relationship/trust between Katherine and the three overwhelming alphas and the unexpected knowledge (to all of them) of who she really is. I won't say more about the second part of the story to avoid giving anything away. The writing is a little wordy as well as somewhat gushy as the men continuously use endearments, at least one per sentence of dialogue. Still the story is interesting with dangers and twists that I didn't expect. The characters are well written for their type of creature. This book looks like the beginning of a series: Paranormal Protection Unit. In this book, the author sets up some of the characters that will probably be main characters in later books, like their commander, a were-dragon, and Skittles, the computer guru. I'm looking forward to reading about their adventures and possible mates." -- Kathy F., The Romance Studio

4 KISSES: "Their Unexpected Mate tells the story of Katherine Douglas and three men that she meets. Katherine moved to Montana after the death of her father and decides to open a Bed and Breakfast retreat style environment for Cancer Survivors in memory of her dad. I really rather liked this story, a great deal. It has some twists and turns that make you think - holy shit, seriously? But in a good way. I think that the writer did a great job beginning this world that she’s creating for these Paranormal Protection Unit books, and if this book is any indication of what the series has to offer then I just can’t wait for the next ones that should be coming up soon according to the authors website. Overall this is the first book that I’ve read by this author and it will not be the last." -- Holly Vixen, Reviewing Vixens

4 KISSES: "Katherine is beginning a new venture after the death of her father. She has come to a small town in Montana to open a resort for family, victims and survivors of cancer. While on an ice cream run, she runs into Trey, Mac and Sully. Trey, Mac and Sully are three shifters in the middle of an operation to stop a drug ring when in walks their mate. Can the three convince Katherine that not only is the planet home to “others” but that she is the one for them all? Their Unexpected Mate by Honor James is the first book in the Paranormal Protection Unit series. Ms. James provided a slow and steady build-up, not only for the story but for the characters as well. Katherine was struggling to accept the loss of her beloved father and was opening a resort for cancer survivors and their families. She was using the preparation for the opening as a catharsis for her pain. She was strong of conviction and unwilling to back down when she felt she was right or it it was something she strongly believed in. Her emotions where quickly engaged upon meeting the three who would become her mates. While her decision to have sexual relations with all three men happened fairly quickly, Ms. James did a wonderful job of explaining why. While Ms. James gave her readers a very good feel for Katherine’s character; she didn’t go into much depth with her male characters. She gave her readers a superficial reading of each. We were told that all three men were all Alpha type personalities, and we could figure out that they had a strong code from which they lived, but we didn’t learn much else about them. Although I wish that we were given a better understanding of Sullivan, Trey and Mac, I still enjoyed this story by Ms. James. I liked the interaction between the men and look forward to what Ms. James has in mind for the rest of their Unit." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

"Love isn’t the only surprise that comes to these four mates who are just beginning their lives together but it is the one that brings their hearts together so tightly nothing will be able to split them up. Katherine, Treasach, Quinlan and Sullivan all find this love and the rest of the surprises that will encompass their new lives together in Their Unexpected Mate. My heart went out to Katherine as I learned about her father in his suffering and then it went out to her again when I learned the true secret of what she was and would be. I loved how Treasach, Quinlan and Sullivan all immediately went into protection mode from the instant they scented Katherine in that bar and then went and planned their own mission to claim their mate and show her just how amazing their lives could be together. I wasn’t surprised by who put the target on Katherine’s back but I was amazed by just what he was. The most surprising thing to me was just how amazing the life of these mates would turn out to be when the final answers came out and all four of them learned of a long ago request and how Katherine was going to fulfill its terms. I can truly say that I didn’t want to get to the last page in this journey that not only focused on the love between these four mates but also a love from the ultimate mother to her children. Yes I know that it is mystic and it was meant to be – you want to know the rest, read the book. Their Unexpected Mate is full of erotic passion, danger filled suspense, and the best type of magic – love. I hope that in future stories I can see how Katherine, Treasach, Quinlan and Sullivan go forward." --Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Oh for mercy’s sakes,” Katherine muttered as she got out of her little Prius and looked up at the menacing bar. This place scared the bejesus out of her, not because it was, well, a bar, but because she had seen the men and women that entered the place while she sat frozen in place when she pulled in. Holy Christ, the men were like mountains and the women were like hookers on Ecstasy. Holy shiitake mushrooms, she didn’t belong there, but evidently this was the one and only place she could get what she wanted.

“Goodness bless America,” she muttered and pulled her purse across her front so that it hung over her like a cross-body bag. The bulk of the bag was in the front, easy access to her wallet and pepper spray should she need it.

Another deep breath had her steeling herself and marching, no other word for how she was walking, toward the door to “The Bar.”

Katherine pulled the door, and nothing happened. “Well what the ever-loving—” She grumbled and then grabbed the handle with both hands, tugging hard and groaning with the weight of the door swinging open for her.

“Holy schist.” She wanted to let her hands go from the door and cover her ears. Holy crap, people listened to music, no, country music, that loud? What the ever-loving…?

Stepping into the smoke-filled bar, she sneezed, a-freaking-gain, and took out another Kleenex, thank you, portables, and dabbed at her eyes and nose. This had so better be worth it, she thought to herself and walked to the bar. As she took a step, she had to look at the bottoms of her Mary Janes to ensure that she didn’t have gum on them. Seeing none, she bent and touched the floor and squeaked when she pulled her fingers from the sticky floor. “I have a feeling that I’m going to need a flipping tetanus shot before I go home.” They had better have what she was jonesing for or she was going to kill someone.

What happened next was like a bad movie. While she was bent checking out the floor, someone moved along with another person and tripped over her. Katherine never would have believed that bending behind a person’s knees would send them flying heels over head, but sure enough, it did.


* * * *


As soon as the little bit of nothing walked into the bar, three men noticed her right away. Scythe had literally stopped in his tracks on his way to the bar to pay off the round of drinks he had just bought and lifted his head in a purely animalistic manner before he inhaled the air deeply. Even with the scents of The Bar swirling around them he could smell—her.

Mac’s beer stopped halfway to his lips. His gaze moved from the meeting going on in the corner and zeroed in on her. The smoldering heat built in his gaze as he watched the little thing look around as if she were lost. A low, feral growl came from his lips when he saw Big Eddie reaching out to touch her, and he watched as she unknowingly sidestepped the death of the man.

Over the comms the men wore came a quiet male voice. “Do we have trouble?”

Shit, Mac hadn’t realized his growl had been picked up by the too-sensitive comms unit and clicked his mic by scratching his ear. “Not in the sense you’re talking.” He looked to Scythe and saw that he had the same reaction to the little thing, and then to Sully, who seemed to be moving toward her without hesitation after tossing the cue onto the pool table.

What happened next would have made Mac, Scythe, and Sully laugh, if it hadn’t involved their woman. Scythe watched in fascination as the woman bent down to touch the floor after inspecting the bottoms of her shoes. When Manic and Big Eddie got into a tussle near her, they all watched in horror as Manic, one of the deadliest of the Hell’s Angels on the West Coast, tumbled, pinwheeled, and then fell over the back of the little gal, who was short and stacked, petite but delicious looking. Well, hell.

“Passing the ball off to the other team,” Mac whispered as he rose from his table, tossing a twenty to cover his beer, and began to move quickly toward the woman who was now standing toe-to-toe with a man who had more arrest warrants than Mac had PS3 games, and that was pretty fucking amazing.

“What?” squawked the lead on this case. “What the fuck, Mac?”

“Gotta save the future mother of my cubs,” he said softly as he tried to make his way across the dance floor, his eyes never leaving the woman or the large man who seemed to be getting an earful from her.

“Shit,” came across the comms and was followed with, “Beta team, fall in. Take over Alpha team’s stations. Don’t let these bastards get away. We will deal with everything else later.”

There was a trio of ‘copies’ that rumbled through their link as three leather-clad bikers separated from the shadows and laughed as they took up positions semi-close to where the weasel and the pusher were both conversing and dealing.




“I love you, Trey.” She tugged him to her and kissed him. “Now love me,” she demanded.

“Always and definitely forever, sweetness,” he told her with a smile. “You can have whatever time you like with us individually or as a group. It’s how bond-groups work,” he said softly. Nipping at her inner thigh, he smiled. “I do so love how you taste, my love.” Dropping an openmouthed kiss to her other thigh, he moved his hand so he could taste her while he got rid of his jeans and boots as quick as he could.

Katherine put her hands back on his head, holding him to her center and shuddering when his mouth moved up her thigh and closer to where she needed him. “Stop teasing,” she growled. “Killing me here, Trey.” She lifted her hips to him. Lord, she needed him to taste her. “Taste me, Trey. Lick me, make me come, and then take me,” she demanded.

“Bossy,” he teased with a grin as he nibbled ever closer to her weeping pussy. Her scent was heavy in the air, killing him a little at a time. Flicking his tongue over her flesh he blew out a breath to her and watched her flesh prickle up a bit. Spreading her folds open, he put his mouth on her and feasted. Cupping her ass, he lifted her up to his mouth and dined well.

One hand on the counter and the other on his head, she rubbed her body against him. She cried out when his tongue slid into her body, goose flesh peppering her skin from toe to head as the pleasure filled her body and soul. She heard herself crying his name out time and again. She felt her body shivering and needful for him and him alone. “So close,” she heard herself calling out to him. “Again.” It was a demand, pure and simple.

Flicking his tongue in and out, a mimicry of sex, he watched her as she writhed on the counter. Growling softly against her flesh, he pressed his tongue in deeper and curled it on the withdrawal, drawing out her liquid with each movement. Massaging her bottom, he rubbed his thumb to her anus lightly, teasing the tight bud as he growled deeper.

Katherine loved the pressure of his light touch, and the feeling of his tongue moving in and out of her body. When he reached that spot inside of her body, that spot hidden just behind her clit, she cried out suddenly. She felt his tongue curling and screamed with the orgasm that washed over her suddenly.

Sucking her dry as she spilled onto his tongue, Trey flicked one last, long lick over her pussy. Lifting his head, he pulled off his shirt and tossed it on top of his other clothing. Moving in between her legs, he lifted her ankles up to his shoulders. Taking his cock in hand, he pressed it into her wet body and tunneled in deeper and deeper.

Bracing her hands on the counter, Katherine lifted up to meet him halfway. “God, yes.” She moaned aloud. “This is what I needed.” Desperately, so very much so. She pushed back against him as he moved into her. This was what she loved about this man, these men. How strong they were, how much they loved her, needed her. “Please, more.” She adjusted her legs on his shoulders and pulled him deeper, causing her to cry out happily as he went further inside of her body.

Gripping her hips, he held her for his plunder, slamming into her over and over again. Gritting his teeth, he let out a snarl of pure pleasure, her body clenching at his with each thrust. Moving harder and faster, their flesh slapping together, he watched her. “Touch yourself,” he ordered her as he rolled his hips on a push into her body.

She couldn’t deny him any more than she could herself. Reaching between them, she began to rub her fingers over her clit, massaging it and gaining pleasure not only from him entering and exiting her body but also from her own fingers. “Bite me,” she demanded with need. “Please, come with me. Bite me.”

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