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Trace & Tori (MF)

The ShadowDance Club 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 51,870
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

Tori Paulson has been stalked by a Houston police officer for the past year. When she unexpectedly inherits a small ranch near Climax, Colorado, from a great-uncle she’d never even met, Tori thinks fate may finally be planning to give her a break.

Braving roads she doesn’t believe really qualify as highways while battling near-blizzard conditions, Tori misses her meeting with the local attorney, and that is only the beginning of the bad news. Sitting outside in the snow wondering where she is going to sleep without freezing to death, she suddenly realizes the gorgeous cowboy watching her thoughtfully has actually spoken to her.

Dom Trace Bartell is totally unprepared for the snow angel he finds sitting stunned in front of the local tavern. He is drawn to the vulnerability he senses in her. But Tori’s stalker hasn’t given up. Can Trace keep Tori safe from a stalker whose past is much darker than anyone knows?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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I just loved Trace from previous books and was thrilled when he got his own HEA with Tori. They make the perfect couple. I love all the Shadow Dance Club gang but Trace holds a special place in my hea...

- rhondavb

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Trace carefully scooped her back up into his arms and held her tightly against his chest as he made his way to the guest suite’s lavish bath. There was something about carrying a sub that Trace had always felt conveyed a strong message. In his mind, the small act had a strong dual meaning. First of all it spoke clearly about who was in control and it also ensured a sub felt cherished. Trace knew it was imperative that a sub felt safe giving over her control to her Dom.

When he set Tori on the counter, he leaned her back against the gigantic mirror and had her shoes and socks off by the time her eyelids were starting to flutter open. “Welcome back, again, sweetheart. I thought you might like to take a quick shower and then you can get ready for bed. I’ll get you something to wear and be right back.”

“Wait! You’re going to come back in here? While I’m in the shower?” Her voice sounded like she was frightened, but the arousal in her eyes sent an entirely different message. “I mean, I know it’s your house and everything, but…well, I’m not really that…well, I mean…I know I’m…”

Trace was sure he had to be wrong. This gorgeous woman couldn’t possibly be ashamed of how she looked, could she? He could have understood if she’d felt unsure of having a strange man in the room for safety reasons, but this? Stepping forward again so that he stood directly in front of her, he placed his hands on both sides of her face and said, “Darlin’, please tell me someone hasn’t made you feel like you are anything but a very beautiful woman. You are perfect, and if someone has told you differently, then please don’t listen to their foolishness.”

Tearing down others had long been one of Trace’s biggest pet peeves. Why people felt the need to hurt others had always been a mystery to him. He’d always believed in the old adage that you reaped what you sowed, so he had always tried to sow seeds of kindness. When Tori continued to stare at her hands, he moved his fingers beneath her chin and lifted her face to his. “Princess, you are so beautiful I keep wondering if you are real. Now please get your sweet self undressed and into that shower before I have to do it for you. I’ll be back in just a couple of minutes. Don’t worry about a towel because I’ll be bringing you a warm one from my bathroom down the hall when I return.” He heard her soft intake of breath as he walked from the room and knew he might have surprised her, but the fact she wasn’t cursing and running from the room told him she was either interested or too stunned to react.

When Trace returned less than five minutes later, he stood just inside the bathroom watching her silhouette through the shower’s lightly frosted door. Victoria Paulson wasn’t tall or rail thin, she had beautifully full breasts that would fit perfectly in his large hands, and her narrow waist tapered to lush hips that looked absolutely perfect for cradling a man as he stroked deep into her sweet depths. Her ass was softly rounded with just enough padding to be perfect for a little paddling play when the mood struck them. His wayward cock responded immediately when he pictured his hand turning her ass cheeks a nice warm shade of pink. He’d lay her over his lap because that was such a vulnerable and personal position for a woman, then he’d have her part her legs so he could trace her swollen folds and tease her between swats. By the time he’d finished her erotic spanking, she’d be so close to orgasm, he would only need to give her permission before she’d fly apart in his arms.

When it seemed she’d been leaning against the wall for a few minutes without moving, he opened the shower door and reached in and turned off the water. When she realized the water had stopped, Tori slowly raised her face from where it had been resting on her folded arms and turned her unfocused gaze to face him. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary—she is a damned vision. How can she not know how desirable she is? “Come here, princess…let’s get you wrapped in this warm towel. I’ll help you dry off, and then I’ll comb out your beautiful hair while you sit on the bed, how’s that sound?”

Trace dried her with gentle pats and then moved her so she was sitting between his legs on the bed as he combed through her beautiful long hair until it was laying in long strands down her back. He had always loved combing through Nan’s hair. Savoring the chance to have a sweet woman nestled between his legs was always a pleasure in his opinion.

Trace had brought Tori one of his shirts mostly because he had simply wanted to see her in something of his. He could have gone in to her suitcases and found something for her, but there was something about seeing a woman in a man’s shirt that he’d always found extremely sexy. Nan had always wanted to wear his shirts to bed, when he allowed her to wear anything at all, and he found he longed to see the soft fabric caressing Tori’s tight nipples, the soft swell of her belly and the dark curls above her sex showing through the shirt that had been thinned to the point it was almost sheer from frequent washings. As he slid the towel from around her and placed the soft T-shirt over her head, he watched her nipples tighten to sharp points and saw her breathing hitch.

Just as Trace stepped back and started to turn to leave, she spoke, “Thank you.” Her voice sounded soft and he had the feeling there was something more she wanted to say but was hesitant. She finally added, “I’m just so grateful to you for all you’ve done…and well…I…” Tori seemed like she was about to give up finishing her sentence when she finally sighed deeply and reached out for him.




Moving his fingers in a leisurely, random pattern through her slick pussy, he thought one of the first things he would do if she was his sub would be to have her sweet pussy lips waxed so he’d be able to see each muscle clench and tremor. He loved the feel of a bare pussy, and he would sit her on the coffee table in front of his sofa, spread her legs apart as she leaned back on her elbows, and then he would just talk to her. He’d be able to see each and every reaction, and her body would eventually yield all its secrets to him. Moving his fingers up her torso, he painted her dusty-pink-colored nipples with her juices and then sucked a nipple deep in to his mouth before pressing the tight bud against the roof of his mouth. God she tasted so sweet, and suddenly he couldn’t wait to press his face against her pussy and fuck her with his tongue.

Moving down her gorgeous body, Trace took his time, mapping her with his mouth and making sure he kissed intricate patterns over her softly rounded belly and hip bones before positioning himself between her legs. As soon as Trace plunged his tongue into her pussy, he felt the first telltale tremors of her release, so he pulled back. “You do not have permission to come yet, princess. Don’t forget I told you I want to be fucking you when you come for the first time.” This time was just like the last. She reacted immediately to his command. My snow angel may be the most natural sub I’ve ever trained. Trained? Where had that thought come from? He was supposed to be making love to her not thinking about training her. He was trying very hard to stay in the moment, but there was something so basic about their connection, he kept finding his thoughts veering toward the future.

“I’m sorry…I don’t know how to stop it… Oh please, I was so close. It just felt like I was being swallowed up by this giant wave and then…and then it was just gone…” Tori’s voice was taking on that breathy desperation that he loved to reward, so he slowly slid up her body. Hooking his elbows under her knees he pulled her legs up along her sides so they were parallel to her chest, wide apart so she was entirely open before him.

“Your body is so fucking perfect, and my cock is so hard I’m afraid this first time may be pretty fast, darlin’, but we’ll take each other right where we need to go, won’t we?” At his last words he slid inside her channel and stilled when her muscles clamped down on him like a vise. Holy shit, this is going to be over before it even starts if you don’t get your shit together, Bartell. Christ, she is so tight. “Relax your vaginal muscles, Tori, let me in. I’m going to give you the release your body is craving.” He could feel her gasp several shallow breaths, trying to align his words with what her body needed to do, when she finally met his gaze eye to eye he could feel her draw strength from him and use it to follow his command. Slowly her hot pussy relaxed just enough that he could continue his deep plunge into her without fear he was damaging the sensitive tissue lining her inner walls. “That’s a good girl. Now relax and let me make your body sing. Put your hands over your head and hold on to the rails of the headboard and don’t let go until I tell you to, understand?” Having her restrain her own hands would afford her the control he knew she wasn’t ready to relinquish yet while allowing him to see how well she handled a bit of bondage.

“Yes. Oh God, please…I…I need you to move. You feel so wonderful inside me. I can feel the ridges and veins of your cock and…oh God, it’s so hot inside me…and huge!” That was all it took. Trace began pumping into her with deep plunges alternated with short strokes. Her words had taken him by surprise, and he’d lost any pretense of control.


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