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True Perfection (MFM)

Aspire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 22,240
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, consensual BDSM, HEA]

Haley Snider left her selfish Dom before and sought solace with his best friend. Gordon Sinclair facilitated Haley and Warren Chalmers's reunion—with a twist. He proposed a ménage relationship. But Haley isn't so sure. She is afraid of getting hurt again and also wants to pursue her career and live her own life outside of the bedroom, something Warren hadn't accepted before. She resists their attempts at building a relationship, and then tragedy strikes.

Haley blames herself, believing she has been selfish, and her desperate, guilty feelings cloud her thinking. She won't walk away this time, but will wait for Gordon and Warren to realize she has brought them too much trouble and tell her to leave. In the meantime she will try to make amends, reverting back to pretense. It takes considerable effort on their part to help Haley face reality and accept what she truly needs and deserves.

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Freakin' Fabulous!!! I want another with this amazing trio.

- Barefoot Okie

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Story Excerpt


Haley muttered to herself as she sorted through her closet. It didn’t matter that a cleaning crew went through the place every day as soon as the construction workers put down their tools. Drywall dust was insidious, and she swore she could feel it in her teeth. It felt like her clothes were impregnated with the fine stuff as well, and that it transferred to her skin like a film, not to mention drying out her hair. She hated it. Gordon and Warren were like two kids, supervising the job’s progress, thrilled that they were building such a fine kitchen for her. Haley smiled to herself for a moment. While she wasn’t surprised at Gordon’s delight in pleasing her, Warren was showing a side of him that she had longed to see, a side she knew had been hiding behind that aloof, selfish man he wanted the world to see. It had been his armor. It was her fault if she wasn’t yet prepared to trust this thing they had.

The kitchen reno was just another step in her men’s not-so-subtle efforts to have her commit and settle into a full-time relationship with them both. The bedroom would be next if she gave an inch, and if she did, which she wasn’t going to for a while yet, if ever, then they would have to move out for the duration of that remodel. She wasn’t going to put up with the mess, not when they could all afford to go away for a few weeks, except she couldn’t go away because of her job. Haley told herself that it was good to have an excuse not to be able to go on vacation because then the bedroom would get done and she would be as good as married to both Gordon and Warren. Her traitorous pussy blithely suggested that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, while her tender heart argued for more time to ensure it was healed. Her brain became the voice of reason, only because she was in her own private sanctum and didn’t have either man in view. Because when Haley was within eyeshot of Gordon or Warren, all she wanted to do was be close to them, talk with them, adore them, fuck them. And Haley was terrified that the strong physical need would circumvent her ability to live her life. Never again was she going to subjugate her own needs and desires to please a man. Worse, she seemed to have lost the ability to compromise. If it was about sex with Warren and Gordon, then she was right there lining up for the chance. But when it came to finding a balance, she was lost because they overwhelmed her. Haley was thinking about moving out on her own, away from the ties that were binding, and dreaded the confrontation that would take place when she told them.


Adult Excerpt


Haley threw her head back against Warren’s shoulder. Tears of frustration leaked from the corners of her eyes, and she begged, “Please, Gordon, please. I need to come!”

Gordon pulled his head away from her pussy, and her swollen clit felt bereft at the loss of his clever tongue. He glowered at her and said, “No, Haley. Not until we think you’ve learned your lesson.”

Warren’s cock seemed to swell within her as her pussy and anus clenched at the dark threat in Gordon’s tone. She didn’t know how he had found out, but he had. He had greeted her at the front door earlier, and she had nearly tumbled inside when he yanked it open. Her gentle, teddy bear Dom more closely resembled an irate grizzly with his reddened face and snapping eyes. She could have sworn she heard rumbling from his chest when he confronted her with not having an escort across the dark parking lot from the restaurant to the cab she had taken home from work. 

Warren continued to pinch and roll her nipples, and her reaction to his touch rocked her on his cock. He felt like a log up her butt and the sparkles of pain/pleasure made her moan, except it wasn’t enough. Her hands were tied behind her back, so she couldn’t even bring herself off.

Gordon opened his fly and pulled out his weeping shaft, then stepped forward between her and Warren’s spread legs, pushing the head against her lips. Haley opened, and he thrust inside, fisting both of his hands in her hair.

“Take me, Haley, and remember your place, sub,” Gordon ordered. 

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