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Twice Bitten and Bewitched (MFM)

Vampires of Eternity 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 58,341
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, light bondage, ice play, HEA]

Selena Blake’s life has gotten a lot more complicated since reuniting with Bree, her childhood friend. Diagnosed with lupus and told she only has a few months to live, she is focused on only one thing—to help Bree save her father.

Max Golitsin and Xander Rostov have been through their own hell. First turned and then captured, they had to flee for their lives from Russian peasants. Then they spent over a century searching for their mate.

Arriving at Eternity to help with the new club, they meet Selena and realize she is the mate they’ve been searching for. Now they have to convince her, and that won’t be so easy.

While trying to protect her, they push her right into danger. When evil forces and her illness threaten to end her life, they have to make some difficult choices. Will they be able to get to her in time to save her life? Or will they have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Note: While Twice Bitten and Bewitched is a stand-alone title, it is suggested that this series be read in order for continuity.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
This is the third book in this series, but I was able to follow along. I love vampires and ice play so I had to read this. I wanted to cry for poor Selena. :( She definitely deserved her happy ending....


Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "The third book in the Vampires of Eternity series is an intriguing erotic paranormal world that leaves the reader wanting more. Diagnosed with lupus and told she only has a few months to live, Selena focuses on only one thing--helping her best friend Bree save her father. Max and Xander are vampires who have lived through their own hell and have searched for over a century for their mate. When they meet Selena they are positive she's the one, but it won't be easy convincing her and things get really complicated when evil forces threaten her life. This intriguing and erotic paranormal world captures the imagination with a steady to fast-paced plot, vivid imagery, enchanting characters, and lots of hot and steamy passionate encounters. There is lots of tension building suspense as the characters battle the evil gypsy and witch. The chemistry between Selena and her two vampires explode off the page and scorch the reader with red-hot intensity including m/f/m, some light bondage, ice play and mental sex play. The author conveys the emotions and the romantic journey with lots of juicy details, making the reader feel as if they are part of the story. I actually found tears in my eyes at Selena's strength in the face of adversity. All the characters are compelling with strong personalities that have the reader wanting to know more about this enticing world. I found this book to be a very entertaining read with lots of wonderful characters. This is the first book that I have read by this author and I will be reading more. While there were a couple of unexplained events, for the most part, I had no trouble following this story, but I do wish I had read the other two first, for continuity and a better understanding of the battle that these characters find themselves embroiled in, and I will be remedying this soon." -- Evampire, The Romance Reviews

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Gwen handed her a tissue that Selena gladly accepted. I must look like a mess. Her skin always got blotchy when she cried, and lately it had been worse. “I’m sorry I lost it. It has been a very traumatic few days.”

“No need to apologize, Selena. You are safe here with us for as long as you want to stay.”

Selena gave Gwen a teary-eyed smile and reached over to hug her. “You have been great. Thank you. But I really think I need to go back to Bree’s. Her cat is there, and I think I’ll be more comfortable staying there.”

“Sure that’s understandable. Do you want to drive Bree’s car? I’m sure we can find her keys around here somewhere.”

“Well, I would, but I have no idea how to get back to her house.”

Xander smiled. “No problem. We can take you back, if that’s okay with you.”

Selena looked over at Max who looked bored once again, but she had a feeling he hid behind a façade. “Thank you. That would be great. I have been safe with you so far, I guess that won’t change.”

“No, that won’t change,” Gwen answered for all of them. “I’ll let Bree know you went back to her place to get some rest.”

“Thanks again, Gwen. I don’t understand most of this, but I guess when I talk to Bree it will make more sense.”

“Yes, I’m sure it will. But in the meantime you look exhausted, so I hope you can get some rest.” Gwen gave Selena a tight hug. “Poor girl, she’s been through hell in the past few days.”

Max agreed with Gwen. “She does seem a bit overwhelmed.”

“I will. Are y’all sure you know where she lives?”

“Of course,” Max replied.

As they led her down to the underground parking lot, they explained the layout of the club. A large brownstone, Eternity’s main club sat on the first floor, with private rooms on the second, and all the residences were on the third and fourth floors, with the exception of Sebastian and Christian’s office and apartments. They had the fifth floor all to themselves. They reached the lot and brought her to Max’s black Mercedes E550 sedan. Xander opened the rear door for her while Max took the driver’s seat.

Selena slid into the backseat. It had that new car smell, and coupled with the scent of the leather seats it was heavenly. Nothing like riding in comfort. Obviously, money isn’t an issue.

“So how long have y’all been at Eternity?”

Xander answered. “Only for a few weeks. We came to help with the set up after we heard about the new club. News travels fast through the vampire world.”

“Yeah I guess so. Do you like it?”

Max grunted. “It’s been open for a less than a week, and we’ve had two huge catastrophes. I don’t know if like is the right word, but not boring would work.”

Selena nodded in the backseat. Bree explained had what happened on opening night at Eternity. It was the first time the gypsy had shown up. She killed Gwen’s ex-husband and seriously injured Gwen and one of her two vampire mates. That night started all of Bree’s problems, and she wondered if it would ever end. Bree still had the whole issue of her parents to deal with.

Before Selena could ask her next question, a sharp pain sliced through her. She gasped in agony and wrapped her arms tightly around her body to try to stem some of it.

Max instantly pulled the car over and they got in to the backseat with her.

“What’s wrong Selena?” Max asked, concern evident in his voice.

“Nothing really.” She tried to play it off, but even she could hear the pain in her voice.

“Bullshit. Don’t lie to us. First we heard you gasp, and second, we can feel the pain in your body.”

Xander reached for her hand and unclasped it from her side then gently lifted her into his lap.

Selena knew that sitting with her they would feel the spasms in her body as she tried to hold them off. It wasn’t easy, and being overdue for her meds it would only get worse. She didn’t have the strength to argue with them, but she wasn’t ready to share all of her secrets either.

“I’ll be fine. I’m just overdue for some meds. I hurt my back, and the pain meds have worn off. Really, I’ll be fine once I get some more in me.”

Max’s gold-flecked eyes bored into her. She knew he wanted to get into her mind and see the truth. She was happy that he’d kept his word, and hadn’t invaded her mind. He just got out of the car and climbed back in the front seat and continued the drive to Bree’s house. Xander stayed in the backseat and kept her on his lap. It was odd, but being in his lap seemed to take the edge off the pain that sliced through her. Still, she wanted to get back to Bree’s, pop her pills, and climb into bed. She had a feeling that these next few days were going to be even harder to deal with.

Finally the Mercedes pulled up in front of Bree’s house, and they escorted her to the front door. She could tell that they were waiting to be invited in, but she really needed to be alone.




She blinked her eyes to focus better in the dim light, and then she realized that they had removed the rest of their clothing. Oh my God. Naked gods—that’s what they are. She couldn’t help but stare at their naked bodies. She’d never seen a man naked before. She should be afraid of their jutting cocks, but instead she reached out. Both men moved closer, allowing her to touch them. As she caressed their throbbing dicks, learning how they felt, their fingers slid up and down her sides, leaving heat trails in their wake. Shocked, she noticed what had to be a brand on Xander’s chest, just above his heart. She hadn’t seen it earlier when he’d taken his shirt off but she figured it might have been the way he had been sitting on the bed and the dim light didn’t make it easy for her to see. It distracted her momentarily, and she looked up into his eyes. He had to know she’d seen it and would be curious. His eyes pleaded with her not to ask, and she silently acknowledged his request. Now wasn’t the time.

“Baby, I can’t hold off anymore. I need you. If you keep this up, I won’t be able to be gentle like you need for your first time,” Xander implored as her hand continued its exploration of his cock and balls.

Max moaned from the other side of the bed. “Xander’s right. You’re killing us.”

Selena couldn’t hold back the smile of satisfaction. She got them just as hot as they made her, and she didn’t even really know what to do. Not too shabby, girl. She released them, and Max moved to sit on the side of the bed, while Xander climbed up and between her legs.

Xander smiled at her in the dim light of the room. “My sweet, this will hurt but try to relax. I promise the pain will be quick.”

Selena never had a chance to answer. Xander rubbed his hard cock along her dripping pussy lips, and made sure he had plenty of lubrication before he eased inside. Gently and ever so slowly, he pushed his throbbing cock into her vagina. He stopped and glanced at Max. Just as she started to ask why he’d stopped, he pushed through her hymen.  A sharp pain signaled the end of her virginity.  Before the pain had a chance to sink in, Max took her nipple into his mouth and bit down.  The pain traveled through her and disappeared in less than a heartbeat.

The feel of Max’s mouth on her breast, and Xander’s big cock filling her up, erased all coherent thought. Sensations bombarded her—and for a few moments she thought he might tear her apart inside. Just when she couldn’t take it anymore, he started moving, slowly and gently. The fullness subsided. The more he moved, the better it felt. Like some ancient dance, her hips undulated matching him thrust for thrust. His cock rubbed against the inside of her vagina in a way that left her panting for more.

“Oh sweet Jesus…what did you just do? Do it again.” Still, she could feel his restraint. She knew he held back, but she wanted all of him in her quivering pussy. He took his time, and her pleasure built higher and higher. With every thrust of his cock he would rub against that spot. Tension steadily built inside her, unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Every muscle in her body was connected to her pussy and demanding release.

“Oh my God, Selena, you’re killing me. You’re so damn tight. Argghh. I’m not going to be able to hold off much longer.”

“Please, Xander, more please,” Selena begged, not even sure what she wanted, but knowing it seemed just out of reach.

He must have been waiting for those words, since they had no sooner left her mouth when he began thrusting harder and faster. Her pussy clenched around his dick the way it had around his finger only moments before. She felt full to the point of bursting. Just when she thought she wouldn’t be able to take anymore, Max’s lips took hers in a passionate kiss. Her arms entwined around his neck, and she kissed him back with all the passion that she’d been holding in her entire adult life. They had opened the floodgates. Emotions and feelings she’d never experienced rushed through her like water bursting through a dam.

Xander’s rhythm continued to build, and he pulled her legs up around his hips to get his cock deeper into her tight pussy. She writhed underneath him. The only things keeping her from coming off the bed were Max’s hands on her, titillating her breasts, and fucking her mouth with his tongue. The faster he pumped his hard dick into her the more passionate Max’s kisses became.

She matched each thrust, and then it hit. Her climax started deep in her belly, tightening up her muscles, and grasping onto his thrusting dick. She squeezed her legs tightly around his waist as her orgasm washed over her like a violent wave.

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