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Two Cowboys in Her Crosshairs (MFM)

Hellfire Ranch 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 77,345
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, food play, spanking, HEA]

Marine sniper Olivia Martinez returned from Afghanistan injured in body and heart. Though she lost her acting sniper status along with her left eye in an ambush, she’s still in the Corps and working for JAG.

Her heartbreaker, Jake Logan, retired to Freedom, Texas, and the ranch he named for their unit. With his best friend, Hudson Walker, at his side, he’s trying to forget that last mission gone so horribly wrong…and forget Olivia.

A mysterious package, coupled with the deaths of some of the squad, brings Olivia, Jake, and Hudson under fire.

There’s fire between them as well, fire that leads to Olivia, in bed between the two men.

In the end, it’s going to come down to Olivia’s ability to overcome her injuries, both physically and emotionally, to save the three of them. But once a Marine sniper has you in her crosshairs…say your prayers. She’s way more accurate—and sexy—than Cupid.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I can't wait for the rest of the books. Really good mystery and I'm eager to spend more time in the quirky town. I really appreciated the humor in the book - especially the absurdity of where the sm...

- Delvie Larken

What more you can expect from a book, a intrigue plot, funny dialogues and hot hot steamy sex. I can’t wait for this series to be continued

- Kerstin

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Jake slowly sank back into the leather chair. Hudson remained standing, and Jake leaned to the left to look around him. “I didn’t do anything to him, Livvie.”

Hudson started and whirled around. “Livvie? You call her Livvie?”

Jake scowled and waved him back to his own seat. “Later,” he muttered. He knew his friend was going to give him a large ration of shit for calling his horse by Olivia’s nickname. He just never figured anyone would have the opportunity to make the connection.

Hud wavered for a long, silent moment. “Damn skippy you’ll tell me later.”

“Tell you what?” Olivia asked.

“Not important. What else aren’t you saying?”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth—the same way she always did when her quick brain was madly thinking and sifting through information.

“No bullshit, Olivia. Shag was my friend. Where’s the connection that brought you here?”

“All right, Jake, I’m going to trust you.”

He flinched at the reluctance in her voice. Not that he blamed her. Trusting him had not only gotten her heart broken, but it cost her an eye. “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he rasped in a weary attempt to joke.

Her responding smile was strained at best. She dug into her purse and pulled out a wrinkled envelope. The outside was black with what he assumed to be fingerprint powder. With a stretch, she tossed it to the table between them. “That’s part of what he sent.”

Jake quickly read through the short missive and immediately understood why she’d come to the ranch. Shag pretty much drew her a map to his ranch.

“What’s he talking about showing me?”

“It’s a statue. About this high.” Her elegant fingers showed a distance of about six inches. “It seems to be the figure of a standing woman. Unfortunately it’s been smashed into bits, and several pieces are obviously missing.”

Sweat broke out on the back of his neck. “Do you have it here?”

“In my SUV.”

“Want to get it?”

She hesitated, and again he saw the contemplation in her eyes. She still wasn’t totally sure of him. Jake was surprised by the amount of pain he felt knowing she didn’t trust him.


She rose and strode from the room. The front door closed behind her seconds later.

“Livvie?” Hudson said immediately.

Jake waved a hand. “It’s nothing. Just a name.”

“Bullshit, Jake. You love that damn horse. Hell, when she caught West Nile and Dr. Marsalis suggested you put her down, you nearly had a conniption fit. I had to hide the guns for a week so you didn’t go after Doc.”

An embarrassed flush crawled over Jake’s cheeks, burning him from the inside out. “She’s a good horse. Why kill her when she’s fixable?”

Hudson’s eyes flickered to the front of the ranch house. “Is Olivia fixable? What’s the story with her?”

The embarrassment faded, and regret slipped in. “There’s no story. She was part of the Hellfire Battalion. She was with us the day of the ambush. Hell, if it hadn’t been for her, we probably all would have died.”

“What do you mean? And why the hell didn’t you tell me about her?” Hurt sounded in his old friend’s voice.

Jake rose and shoved his hands deep in the front pockets of his jeans. He stared down at the dusty and scuffed tips of his brown cowboy boots. They needed a polish. He should really take care of that. Letting equipment go to pot was not the way a marine did things.

It wasn’t the way Jake did things.

Hudson poked him in the back, and Jake spun, dropping into a crouch.

Hud’s palms immediately rose and flattened against the air. “Whoa, whoa. Damn, you haven’t done that in months. She’s got you riled up.”

“It’s not just her,” Jake admitted as he rose. He exhaled sharply and tried to quell the gallop in his chest. “I can’t believe Shag is dead.”

Sorrow shone in Hudson’s face, and he clapped Jake on the shoulder. “Me either. I’m sorry, man. He was a helluva guy.”

“Yeah, he was.” Jake frowned and looked toward the front of the house again. “What’s taking her so long?”

He started to head that way, but Hudson stilled him. “You didn’t tell me how she saved your ass.”

Jake heard the unspoken and in his voice. Hudson wanted to know why Jake never mentioned Olivia—Livvie—in all the times he talked about his tour and the events leading up to the ambush. Jake didn’t really have a good answer himself. He shrugged, and Hud’s hand fell away. “She’s a sniper.” He paused and grimaced. “Was a sniper. She held those insurgent bastards off long enough for us to get to safety.”


Another bout of tearing pain ripped through Jake. “Yeah,” he rasped. “She saved us but lost her left eye. Got hit by a shrapnel grenade.”

“Jesus,” Hudson whispered.

Jake nodded. “She was lying up on that ridge, totally unprotected and bleeding. I couldn’t leave her there, so I headed up to get her. I wasn’t in time. We got shelled by the grenades.” He wiped his forehead, surprised when his palm came away damp. “Boone or Tag took out whoever shot them off, but it was too late. She’d been hit in the face.”

“There’s where those scars came from.”

“Yeah.” He looked to the door then headed for it. Olivia had been gone too long. With the news of Shag’s death, nothing felt safe, not even his own ranch.




“Starting without us, sweetheart?” Jake asked.

Olivia’s eyes flew open. She levered up on one elbow but didn’t remove her other hand. “Maybe.”

“Impatient wench,” Hudson murmured.

Jake moved to her left and Hudson to her right. The bed swayed a little when Jake set something on it.

She turned her head and her eyes went wide. She threw a startled glance at him. “You’re not serious?”

He grinned. “Improvisation is the key to life, right? You’ve seen the ‘stop the vegetable abuse’ billboards on the freeway?”

She stifled a giggle. “Yep.”

He looked morose. “Well, since we don’t have time to contact that store for real toys, I’m afraid we’re going to have use what we have at hand.”

She looked back at the bed. “Why two?” Her ass clenched. Olivia rubbed her clit a little more. She gave just enough pressure to keep herself on the edge but not enough to go over.

Jake held up a carrot. “This is the beginner’s plug. It’ll help stretch you slowly. It’s not too big.”

She lifted a brow. “It’s not exactly small either.” The carrot had a wide blunt end. She figured it was at least an inch across.

Jake winked. “You’ll adjust. Which is the point, of course.” He dropped the carrot and picked up the cucumber. “This is pretty slender and narrow, but it will do the job of getting your tight ass open even more.”

“Oh my God,” she breathed. The cucumber had to have been at least two inches across. That will never fit in me. Despite her hesitation, Olivia could not stop the waves of lust that left her panting. It was doing the same thing to Hud and Jake from the looks of the two hard-ons they sported.

Hudson tapped her knee. “But first, we’re going to start with my fingers. Lift your legs onto the bed.”

“Guys,” she said then stopped. What was she going to say? No? She really didn’t want to say no.

Jake clambered onto the bed next to her head. He squeezed her tit and rolled the hard nipple in his fingers.

Olivia sighed in appreciation and lifted her chest as she obediently pulled her legs up.

A snap echoed in the bedroom, and she looked between her spread thighs in time to see him toss a white bottle to the side. “What’s that?”

He winked. “Lube.”

“You don’t have toys, but you have lube?” she asked.

Jake tweaked her nipple. “Stroking my dick without some kind of lubrication is a recipe for massive chafing.”

She giggled.

Hudson gave them a mock glare. “Ready?”

“Oh, boy,” she whispered then nodded. “Do it.”

He blew her a kiss then his hands were on her ass. One big palm spread her butt cheek while the finger of his other hand touched her sensitive hole. She recoiled with a loud gasp.

“Easy, sweetheart. Try to relax. Clenching only makes it hurts worse.”

“Feels damn good clamped down on your cock though,” Jake said.

Olivia undulated beneath their hands. Their words were making her hornier than she’d ever been. Hudson’s soft caress against her ass was in direct contrast to the tight pinch of Jake’s fingers on her nipple.

“Go ahead,” she said to Hudson.

He winked. “I’m trying. You’re pretty damn tight.”

Olivia forced her muscles to relax. She gasped as his slick finger slid in her ass. Warmth assaulted her butt, and she wiggled.

Jake scooted closer. He kissed her then trailed his lips along the column of her throat and down her shoulder until he closed around her nipple.

She arched into the hot warmth of his mouth.

Down below Hudson’s long and slender finger sawed hotly in and out of her ass. The slow, even motion served only to spike her desire higher. Her pussy contracted with each thrust as if he were embedded there instead.

“Jake, hand me the carrot,” Hud said.

Olivia cracked her eyes open as Jake’s mouth left her breast. She moaned in protest, but he was back before any words fully formed.

He winked at her as his teeth surrounded her turgid nipple. “Hold on,” he whispered.

“Ready, Livvie?” Hud asked.

She was so damn ready she was about to explode. An orgasm welled in her pussy that threatened to overflow the bed. “Yes,” she hissed. “Please, I need someone to fuck me.”

Hud’s dark chuckle sent another lustful wave crashing over her. She threaded her fingers in Jake’s hair and urged him closer to her tit. “Harder,” she rasped. “Harder, Jake.” She wanted to feel his mouth on her. Her body yearned to connect with him.

His teeth scraped the sensitive tip of her nipple just as the cold and blunt end of the carrot speared her ass.

She wailed as her hips lifted off the bed.

Hud’s strong hand pushed her back down as he pushed more of the carrot inside her. “Easy, Livvie. Don’t clamp down. Easy. Easy.”

The juxtaposition of Jake’s heated mouth and the chilled carrot sent her into a tailspin of sensory overload. Her clit pulsed and bulged as it begged for attention. Her nipple echoed the beat. She struggled to relax and allow her body to accept the intruder. She’d had anal sex before, but apparently it had been much too long.

She felt the chilled length of the vegetable travel deeper inside, and a new kind of moan escaped her.

Jake nibbled his way to up her chest and neck to plunder her mouth. “God, baby,” he whispered against her lips. “You look so fucking sexy between us. I bet your sweet pussy is dripping, isn’t it?”



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