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Uncommonly Brazen (MF)

Brazen Sisters 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 55,985
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Josephine Brazen is the best CPA around, but even she may not be able to help Cameron Elwood out of the mess he’s in. Reluctantly, she takes him on as a client. Cameron pushes her buttons, driving her to distraction. He makes her want to do things she’s never considered before, and having her sisters not believe her when she tells them he’s just a client forces her to realize they might be right.

Joey is so organized she scares him, but Cameron knows she’s just what he needs. The more he’s around her, the more he wants to get her to loosen up. He hates that she keeps him at a distance when all he wants is to get closer. When people around town start talking about them, he decides to play up that angle and see if she can still pretend the only thing between them is business.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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LOVE this series!!

- Anji

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Cameron opened the office door and froze. The young woman sitting behind the desk wasn’t what he had been expecting to find. Somehow Alec had given him the impression from the way he touted all of her qualifications and experience that she’d be much, much older. Her looks had never come into question, but Alec could have warned him that she was a looker. Then again, he should’ve known something was up when he told him to watch his step, because he and his cousins considered her family. She closed her lips over the forkful of spaghetti and just stared at him. Not wanting to push his luck, he took a seat and waited for her to say something.

The immaculate office smelled incredible, and his stomach groaned. She raised her chin and dabbed her lips with a napkin. He heard noises indicating someone had come into the outer office. It took everything in him not to say something before she kicked him out so she could deal with her next client.

“I take it you’re Cameron Elwood?” She ignored the noise and took another bite of her lunch.

“Yes.” He nodded and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “I’m sorry I’m late, Ms. Brazen. I don’t want you to think I’m taking this lightly. I had planned to be on time. Actually, I had planned to be a bit early.”

“But obviously something muddied up your plans.” She didn’t crack a smile, but the comment alone showed she potentially had a sense of humor.

“You could say that. Look, I know you have another client coming in, so I won’t take up too much of your time. You were doing Alec and me a huge favor by just squeezing me in for a consultation, but I would really appreciate it if you could reschedule my appointment.” He waited with baited breath for her response.

 She moved her bowl to the side, pulled a leather bound appointment book out of her drawer and dropped it on her desk. He watched her run her fingers of her left hand down the pages before flipping them. Her nails were painted a light pink shade, and he happened to notice she wasn’t wearing any rings. It shouldn’t have mattered, but for some reason it did. He told himself that it was just because he hadn’t been in such close proximity to a woman in six months, at least not one this pretty.

“I don’t have another opening for two weeks.” She sighed and shook her head. “Alec explained that your problem needed immediate attention, so leave me that folder with the information I asked you to bring and I’ll go over it. I’ll try to get back to you by the end of the day, but if I get hung up, it could be early tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, so I won’t toss and turn thinking about you. I mean, your decision.” He shot to his feet, and she followed a little slower.

She rounded the desk and leaned against the edge. It was impossible not to notice the way her tan skirt ended mid-thigh, showcasing how long her legs were. She sure in hell didn’t need the sexy high-heeled black boots she was wearing. It was even harder not gawk at the way her pink blouse stretched across her breasts. It came in at the waist, accentuating how curvy she was. She looked so tidy, he wondered how she’d look first thing in the morning after a wild night in his bed.

She wasn’t what most guys would consider hot, but she was doing a damn good job at warming him up. He knew his mind was veering off into dangerous territory. He needed Ms. Brazen professionally, which meant he couldn’t allow anything personal to happen between them. Not that a woman like her would ever give a guy like him a chance.

She held out her hand, and he gave her the thick folder. “Mr. Elwood, I need you to understand if I take you on, we’re going to be working very closely.”

That sounded like a good plan to him. “Call me Cameron. I don’t foresee that being a problem.”

“My time is too precious to waste, so if we have an appointment scheduled, I’ll expect you to make yourself available when I am. Are you sure this won’t cause any problems?” Her disbelief was perfectly conveyed in just one look.

It was going to take some doing, but he’d prove to her just how serious he was about getting this situation sorted out as soon as possible. “If you’ll help me, I’m willing to be at your beck and call.”

“I don’t think it’ll go that far.” She smiled, and he was struck by how the simple gesture created such a drastic change in her.




She fought a smile as she lifted her arms and braced her hands out to her sides on the door jamb. The move enhanced the fullness of her breasts and had them straining against the stretched material. Joey saw him swallow before he tried to smother a groan.

He’d been so proud of his ability to distract her, but the affect she had on him was much more noticeable. The bulge behind his zipper was hard to miss. She bit her lower lip and rocked her hips forward just a touch. The logical and age-old question popped into her head.Was he wearing boxers or briefs? Shit, he could be going commando.

“This isn’t going to change my mind.” He didn’t sound very convincing, but it didn’t matter since that wasn’t her goal.

She tipped her head to the side and narrowed her eyes. “You know, that’s twice tonight you’ve suggested I’m trying to manipulate you. I’m starting to get annoyed.”

“You have to admit,” He waved his hand up and down her body in a jerky move, “in that, it’s a damn good possibility.”

Joey took a deep breath and took a second to reexamine things from his point of view. She’d only been trying to think responsibly for both of them, but Cameron hadn’t seen things that way though. To have him suggest she was trying to control him pissed her off. In a way, his accusation wasn’t too far from the truth, yet at the same time it was. Still, it had been a big mistake. And now he thought she was using her body to coerce him.

She wanted to make sure he understood exactly what she was doing.

Joey walked over and laid her hand on his chest, feeling his heart race under her palm. “The only thing I want to manipulate is your body.”

“Have you taken the rules off the table?” His question sounded more like a plea.

“I suppose we can play things by ear for now.” She ran her hands down to his waist and started tugging up his shirt.

“For now,” he agreed, yanking the shirt over his head tossing it aside as he lowered his mouth to hers.

His kiss was urgent, yet tender. Instead of the devouring she’d been expecting, she got teasing gentleness that made her want more. Joey felt his muscles quiver under her fingers and felt emboldened. She moved her hands down his chest to his waist and fumbled with his belt. His hands covered hers, and she figured he was going to help her. Instead, Cameron made a tsking noise and removed her hands. Before she could ask why, he had her in his arms and was striding through the kitchen. He carried her up to his bedroom.

Once he put her down, he grabbed her hands and put them back on his belt. Joey laughed as she undid the button and zipper. Her fingers brushed against his cock, and he hissed. She tugged the jeans over his hips and let them fall to the floor. Hooking her fingers in the elastic of his boxers, she slid her body down with them. She reached up and took his shaft in her hand. Cam looked down at her as she stroked him with a firm pumping action. A drop of clear liquid crested the slit at head of his cock.

She leaned forward and licked the spot before closing her lips around the now glistening top. She kept moving her hand as she sucked with what she hoped was the right amount of pressure. She’d never done this before, or even wanted to, but now she really wanted to do it right. Cameron moaned, and his hand landed on her head, fisting in her hair. She took it as a good sign and increased the speed of her strokes.

“Fuck, Joey, you need to stop.” He pulled away and helped her up.

As he did, he managed to strip her bare. He eased them onto the bed, hovering over her. She opened her legs, and he settled himself between them. Using a trick she’d learned fighting with her sisters over the years, she twisted and rolled them so she was on top, straddling him. She grabbed his hands and held them to the bed. Joey raised up onto her knees, hovering over his cock. Slowly, she slid down onto it. She let go of his hands and used hers to brace herself on his chest.

His hands went to her hips, but he didn’t try to control her movements as she rocked herself against him. She could feel the tension in her building and suddenly Cam pushed his pelvis up, which sent him deeper. Joey cried out for him to do it again, so he did. This time, though, he reached up and grabbed onto her shoulders pulling her down at the same time. Her body trembled, and she fell against his chest. Cam held her there and kept pumping into her, setting off little aftershocks.

He rolled them over, never leaving her body. He built up the intense pressure in her again and, just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he pushed her over the edge. They came together, both of them shouting the other’s name. Joey closed her eyes, needing a few minutes to gather what was left of her mind.



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