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Unforeseen Lover (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 57,919
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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance]

Ann finds herself falling for Jake, the one man that she knows will be her greatest heartbreak, but is unable to stop what her heart is telling her. He is the lover that she craved but much more. He is her soul mate. Whenever they are together, their chemistry flows so hot that it scorches, and yet, there is an underlying forever-kind-of-passion and connection that she has never felt before.

But when a blonde bombshell from Jake’s past comes into the picture and Ann finds them in an intimate embrace, all of her insecurities take the lead. Not long after she ends their relationship, she finds out that she is pregnant with Jake’s child. She needs to tell him that he is to be a father without giving away her feelings for him. Can she do it without revealing the truth of her heart?

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Unforeseen Lover by Christina Watson was an unbelievable book. It brought me to tears. Watson brought so much love to the characters in this love story. Ann Ethridge, a single mom of three children, has to support her family and do what a parent will do for their children. Ann is an exceptional independent woman that after everything that she has gone through in life, she keeps looking forward with her head held high. Then you have Jake Collins, a business owner of a construction company that he received from his father. He has had his own battles in life but he is one that has really put up his guard in accepting that he could truly find love with someone. Ann and Jake have both endured heartaches in their past relationships and if they are not true to each other they may never know what it could truly mean to have found their true soul mate. Always communicate between each other and trust your partner if you truly believe they are the one, secrets or reasons why old relationships failed can break a new relationship apart and then you will truly not know if you were meant to be. Will it be too late for Ann to realize that not all men are the same? What about Jake—will it take him to lose everything to finally realize that he has found true love? Watson described the love Jake had for Ann and it is up to him to find a way to be truthful and no longer hide the past if there is a future together. Christina Watson did a wonderful job in writing this love story and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that loves to just enjoy a true love story from beginning to end, because this one will have you on the edge of your seat and will leave you in tears." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

4 BOOKS: "Ann Ethridge’s insecurities due to her ex-husband’s chronic infidelity make her feel undesirable, flawed in some innate way. She longs to be wanted, cherished, truly loved, but nobody in her hometown comes close to meeting her needs. With three children to support and nurture, Ann works at a dead-end factory job, makes a good, clean, and loving home, and is active in her community. She embraces life but is skittish about men. However, her brother Tom and sister Hope never give up on encouraging her to find a man to share her life. Jake Collins, a friend and employer of Hope’s husband, doesn’t shy away from women. He just makes sure they know he is a “no-commitment” man. He appreciates women, but learned his lesson about “love” a few years ago from his ex-fiancé Julie, a socialite always looking for a mark. He is rich, handsome, hardworking, and not “highfalutin”, according to Hope who does some sisterly manipulating to set in motion a relationship between Jake and Ann that heats up the pages of Unforseen Lover. Christina Watson creates some love scenes that raise the heart rate with sizzling, sensual, shattering sex. She balances these scenes with companionship, caring, and friendship as Ann struggles to overcome her insecurities and Jake inches into a new way of life with trepidation. But the “Ann Factor” outweighs all else when push comes to shove. Ann and Jake are soul mates who “kiss a lot of frogs” before they find their prince and princess. Ms. Watson uses language that is a little coarse at times, but it fits the characters she develops who seem so real. Her descriptions stir emotions and pull the reader into the settings that fit the actions taking place. The humor, earthiness, and vibrancy make Unforseen Lover captivating—a super way to end the day." -- Camellia, Long and Short Reviews


He was wearing a white T-shirt, which seemed to mold to his wide shoulders and implored any viewer to take in the deep, rich tan of his skin—a tan that could only come from being outdoors on a regular basis. The cotton only emphasized the thick band of his muscular arms, which sported barbed-wire tattoos, winding their way up both arms in black ink, and a well-defined chest. Further appraisal, which only added to her overactive heartbeat, showed flat abs and a trim waistline. The pair of well-worn, faded jeans only added to the total package, and with each step the material clung to a pair of muscular looking thighs.

Ann could feel the heat in her cheeks and the dampness between her legs, but there was nothing she could do about it and definitely nowhere to run. She couldn’t believe that just looking at this man, a total stranger whom she had no prior meeting with, made her feel things unlike she had ever felt before. There was no way to delicately describe what she was experiencing in a lady-like fashion because what she was experiencing was anything but lady-like. The term or phrase of words to describe it would be to say, “Hot and bothered,” and very aroused. There were other nameless things that her body was signaling to her brain at that moment, but Ann couldn’t quite understand and was desperately trying to tune out. Surely somewhere in the past, there had been other men whom she’d looked at who were just as good-looking as he was, but for the life of her, Ann couldn’t remember ever having this kind of physical reaction to the opposite sex before.

 At the table, Phillip made the introductions. “Jake, you know Hope, this is Hope’s sister, Ann Ethridge. Ann, this is Jake Collins. He’s not only my boss but a good friend of mine.”

Jake nodded his head as Phillip spoke and leaned down toward Hope and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Hope, it’s good to see you again. I hope this old man is treating you good. If he isn’t, just let me know, and I’ll take care of him.”

“Jake, you don’t have to worry about me being mistreated by Phillip. He treats me like a queen.” Hope smiled at Phillip

Jake held out his large, callused hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, Ann.” His green eyes held an electric intensity that held her captive, and just the sound of his rough, deep voice sent a shiver up her spine.

Her long, slender-fingered hand rose, as if by its own accord, and was immediately engulfed in his. It would have been no different had she touched an exposed live-wire with her bare hands. A shock much like that of a high wattage electric devise went off inside her at the mere touch of her hand in his.

“Umm, it’s nice to meet you, too.” Her voice was husky due to the physical reaction she was having toward him, and only emphasized her Southern accent.

Ann swallowed the large lump that was lodged in her throat as he slowly released her hand, and the unexplained shock continued to course through her body even after that mere contact was relinquished. Phillip took the chair next to Hope, which left Jake sitting down beside Ann. She was beginning to believe that if her heart rate didn’t slow down, she could possibly go into cardiac arrest, and wouldn’t that leave a great first impression. It would be a statement that was so obvious like, “Here is a woman in her thirties, a single mother of three who is overweight and goes into cardiac arrest due to some good looking guy shaking her hand.”

Now that is pathetic!

Quietly and consciously aware of those around her, Ann took slow even breathes to slow down her heart rate and breathing so that no one would notice the effect that Jake had on her. Ann’s heart rate just picked up even more just as Jake sat down in the chair beside hers, and the breathing exercise she was performing just a few seconds ago was for not. It was as if the sheer size of the man consumed what room there was on their side of the table. As Jake pulled his chair closer to the table, his leg brushed hers, sending all of her senses that were already alert into overdrive, and a liquid heat seemed to flow south inside of her, making her readjust her position in the chair. Jake gave Ann a knowing look that spoke volumes and suggested that he already knew what she was experiencing due to him, and gave her a devilish smile. He was so unlike any man she had come in contact with. He made her feel totally off balance and off-kilter. The smell of expensive cologne and the true male essence of him drifted over to her as he leaned into the table. He smelled and most definitely looked good enough to make a full meal out of. Ann blew out a long, shaky, quiet gush of air. If there had been a cold glass sitting in front of her, she would have been tempted to pick it up and roll it across her heated forehead and cheeks to help cool her off. She was becoming so sexually charged just by being near this man, and that in its self made Ann nervous of what he could get her to do against her better judgment without putting forth any effort. She would bet a week’s paycheck, if she were the gambling type, that here was the type of man who only had to walk into a room and the opposite sex would flock to where he was without him having to put forth any invitation on his own behalf. Just as that thought crossed Ann’s mind, it was as if fate or some undefined force was there to drive it home.

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