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Unwrapping Miss Milky Way

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 93,300
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A lonely starfighter captain, Datron Mann, faces intrigue, adventure, and the dubious honor of judging galactic females in a beauty contest. He even faces certain death after accepting a mission to track down dangerous weapon smugglers—all in a day's work. When a beautiful mechanic stows away on his vessel, he's simultaneously furious and enchanted. Nothing in the universe has ever made him feel as alive as this one woman. But even if he manages to subdue the criminals and make it home, he faces ultimate heartache. His beloved is dying and there's no cure for the disease ravaging her brain.

Eager to teach the vaunted captain a lesson in decorum, Former beauty queen, Charlotte Grayson, devises a scheme to embarrass the unruly captain. Unfortunately, that plan lands her in the middle of an undercover operation fighting murderous smugglers alongside the detestable man. With their lives in danger, can they find a way to work together or is heartache the eventual outcome? Smugglers bearing mind-controlling drugs and advanced weaponry are just the beginning of their problems. For one of the intrepid heroes, being killed on the mission was never an issue.
For one of them...death is the only outcome.


“Well, my talent gets right to the heart of the problem of how to open them.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “You see, I put the melon between my thighs and squeeze really hard…instant melon cooler.” She merrily shrugged and leaned back in her chair again.

Datron sat back and stared at her in silence. Then, despite the ire he’d been so obviously displaying, her stupid comments actually had the opposite effect she’d been trying to achieve. The corners of his full, beautiful lips turned upward.

“And…does this melon-crushing technique always work?”

“Every…single…time. Back home, I’m considered the life of every party.” She deliberately let her gaze fall to his mouth, then stared into his dark eyes and sent him a come-hither look she’d been told was no less than simmering. “Besides melons, there are other things I can manipulate between my thighs.”

“That’s…quite a claim,” he softly told her as he openly smiled.

“If you’re interested, Captain Mann, we could meet somewhere and I could show you the specifics.”

“You know it’s against the rules for me to fraternize with contestants.”

“Not after the contest is over,” Charlie advised. “Once the winner is announced, I can show you anything I want.” With that, she slowly moved her brows up and down suggestively.

“But if you’re the winner, being seen with me would engender a lot of negative publicity. Some might think you coerced a judge to get your title,” he softly warned.

“Oh…don’t worry. I won’t win,” she assured him. “I’ll be totally free after the pageant is finished.”

He leaned forward again. Their noses were so close they almost touched.

“What makes you think you won’t win and who are you?” he insistently asked again.

She couldn’t ignore his practiced, smoldering stare. She was sure he’d used it on dozens if not hundreds of eager women. But she wasn’t falling for it or him.

“Go out with me after the new Miss Milky Way is announced, Captain. Surely you’re not afraid?”