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Wendy's Wild Wolves (MMF)

Shy River Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 27,267
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, shape-shifters, bondage, HEA]

“Love me, love my parrot.”

Wendy Roberts loves that silly bird—despite its rude and insulting comments. It’s been part of her family since before she was born, and these days it’s her closest companion. She’s never even questioned its ability to communicate. Parrots are intelligent creatures, right?

Donovan Taylor and Sogarn Stormmaker both hate that damn bird.

The lovers have been stuck on this mountain, in wolf form, protecting the feathered fraud for the past forty-four years. They’re almost relieved when trouble finally arrives.

Yet, when Wendy puts herself in the line of fire, they can’t ignore it. They’ve watched her grow into a beautiful, intelligent, determined woman and there’s no way they’re leaving her behind.

But now Wendy is about to learn to be careful what she wishes for. Royal fugitives? Deliciously sexy shifters? Wild conspiracies? Maybe, just maybe, that’s more excitement than she’d hoped for…or is it?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“I’m sorry, Brian,” she said, suddenly realizing just how vulnerable she was here alone, “but there’s nothing for us to talk about.”

“Of course there is,” he said in that cajoling tone of voice she’d once thought so cute. “Come on, baby doll. I don’t want to do this through the door.”

“Do what?” she asked in confusion.

“Ask you to marry me,” he said, standing close enough to the open window that she took a step back.

“Marry you?”

Stunned didn’t begin to describe her reaction. Fuck, was this guy for real? She’d left him because he was an abusive asshole. What the hell would make him think she’d marry him? Unfortunately, the answer was fairly obvious. Her latest book had just hit The New York Times Best Sellers list.

“Yes, baby doll, marry me.” He seemed confident that she would open the door now. He actually stepped close enough to try the handle. “Come on, Wendy. Open the door. Let your soon-to-be husband in.”

She was literally lost for words. Her hands were shaking so hard that she had to clasp them together just to be able to think. For a long time she’d dreamed of this man proposing to her. When she’d believed him to be a hard-working, decent kind of guy, he’d seemed like a good choice for a husband. Even his temper, while volatile on occasions, hadn’t really concerned her until that final day. She was still embarrassed by the fact that it had taken him getting physically violent for her to finally see the selfish, self-centered asshole underneath the false charm.

“Thank you, Brian,” she said, striving to keep her voice polite, “but I don’t think getting married would be a good choice for either of us. I’m sorry you came all this way.”

“Open. The fucking. Door.”

She took a step back, wishing now that the door had a deadlock or something a little stronger than the twist button lock that was part of the door handle. With her nearest neighbors over twelve miles of winding, treacherous roads away, she’d never considered the need for better locks. Her grandmother had never even used them. Thank goodness Wendy had lived in the city long enough for locking the door to be an ingrained habit.

She glanced over her shoulder, wondering where the hell she would go. The woodland surrounding her small home wasn’t exactly a death trap, but she usually avoided it when the wolves were hanging around.

The first loud crash against the door made her jump back, fear and adrenaline flooding her senses. She yelped in shock as the second thump splintered the doorframe. Terrified, she turned and ran. She got about five steps before Brian tackled her, landing hard on top of her as she fell.

“Look what you made me do!” he screamed at the back of her head as he pinned her to the ground. Wendy couldn’t help it. She cowered, memories of that day eight months ago flooding her mind. She was alone. Even if she could phone for help, it would literally be an hour or more before anyone got here. Fighting Brian would make things worse. Agreeing to marry him now wouldn’t even stop him. She was in serious trouble.

Polly was screeching at the top of his voice, dancing on the spot, the feathers on top of his head flaring with his agitation. “Leave her alone. Leave her alone. Leave her alone.”

Brian didn’t even seem to hear the bird, let alone do as it demanded.

“I’m sorry,” Wendy finally said to the bird as despair overtook all reason. Brian could literally do whatever he liked and she had no way to stop him. Who would look after Polly once she was gone?

“You will be sorry,” Brian said, gripping her jaw in a merciless grip, twisting her neck painfully as he forced her to look at him. “I came here to give you a second chance, and this is how you thank me? You’re going to learn to obey me, baby doll, even if it takes the rest of your life to teach you.”

“Leave her alone. Leave her alone. Leave her alone,” Polly kept saying over and over, but it was the low growl of a wolf that sent a strange feeling of hope through her. She didn’t even want to think about the fact that she found the idea of getting torn to shreds by wild wolves far preferable to spending another moment being frightened of this man.

“What the fuck?” Brian exclaimed as something pulled him backwards. He held onto her, taking her with him as two very large wolves dragged him away. Wendy almost smiled at the huge silver wolf that grabbed his arm, forcibly releasing Brian’s grip on her. And then she watched in stunned fascination as the wolves dragged him to his car, dumped him near the driver’s side, and growled menacingly until he climbed into the seat and slammed the door.

It looked like Brian might try to run them over on his way out of her driveway, but again the wolves proved they were far more intelligent than even she’d given them credit for by splitting up. The silver wolf moved into the shelter of the trees and the blond wolf turned back to the house, taking up a protective stance in front of her.

If she had a lick of sense, she probably would have closed the door and gone looking for something to barricade it shut, but instead she stood in her hallway, fascinated by the protective behavior of wolves she’d long considered hers.

Finally, as the dust from Brian’s car faded in the distance, the blond wolf turned to her, gazing at her face as if somehow it could read her emotions. Wendy smiled and nodded her thanks, even though she realized she was treating a wolf like it was a human.

Her knees wobbled when the wolf nodded in return, yipped once at its packmate, and then both disappeared back into the tree line.




“Please,” Wendy whispered in a hoarse, needy voice.

“Sweetheart,” Donovan said, surprised to realize that Sogarn was watching the two of them closely and smiling, “you’re not ready.”

“The fuck I’m not,” she said with a growl in her voice. But it was her own words that seemed to shake some sense into her. She stopped trying to get closer and instead relaxed in his hold. She shook her head as tears filled her eyes. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“It’s okay,” Donovan said, reaching out to touch her face because he simply couldn’t not touch her. “It’s been a confusing couple of days.”

She shivered, her nipples poking against her T-shirt, her arousal still very obvious. “I’m not sure I’m going to survive the next three minutes.” She breathed out heavily and then surprised him by laughing softly. “I don’t suppose anyone thought to grab my vibrator out of the top drawer beside my bed?”

She looked surprised that she’d said that out loud but bravely brazened out her embarrassment.

“Sorry, Wendy,” Sogarn said as he managed to lever himself into a sitting position. He looked exhausted but rather happy. “Neither of us gave your battery-operated boyfriend a thought, but maybe we could offer an alternative.”

Donovan gave Sogarn a hard look. Surely he realized she wasn’t ready for this type of play, but his lover just smiled at Donovan as he pulled Wendy into his arms and then indicated for Donovan to lean against the headboard of the bed. As soon as he was in position, Sogarn moved Wendy to sit in front of him, her back to Donovan’s front.

“My big friend there is going to hold you close while I remember how to do this.”

Wendy glanced over her shoulder, giving Donovan a confused look, but she was quickly distracted when Sogarn slid his hands under the hem of her skirt and pushed it to her waist. She moaned with excitement when he hooked his fingers into the sides of her underwear and dragged them down her legs. Wriggling with what was probably a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, Wendy gasped, reflexively trying to close her legs as Sogarn wedged his shoulders between her thighs.

Sogarn laughed softly. “I could use some help here,” he said as he looked up at Donovan. His eyebrow was raised in challenge. Apparently Donovan hadn’t been hiding his reactions to Wendy as well as he’d believed. It seemed their telepathic link had grown stronger over the years.

Unable to resist the invitation, Donovan slid his hands down Wendy’s thighs, curled his fingers around her knees and pulled her legs wider apart. She moaned, leaning more heavily against him as Sogarn gazed at her pussy.

“I might need some instructions,” he said to Donovan, winking as he slid further down the bed. “It’s been a long time.”

Wendy jolted slightly. “Sogarn,” she said, shaking her head quickly, “you don’t need to do this. I know you and Donovan are a couple. It’s okay. You don’t need to do this for me.”

Sogarn leaned forward and licked across her exposed pussy lips. “First,” he said, leaning back so that he could see both of their faces, “we’re bisexual. That means we enjoy having a woman in our bed.” He lifted his hand to her pussy, pushing a single finger inside her as Wendy shook harder in Donovan’s embrace. “And second, you’re the only woman I’ve ever wanted since Donovan and I became lovers, so with a few instructions from my bossy lover, I intend to give you the pleasure you deserve.”

Wendy couldn’t seem to form words. Whatever she was going to say seemed to have been whisked from her brain as Sogarn lowered his face to her pussy once more. He licked and laved over the swollen, shiny flesh of her pussy lips, his technique perhaps a little too enthusiastic.

Donovan leaned over to caress the top of his lover’s head.

“Slow down a little,” he said in a bossy tone of voice he hadn’t used in a long time. Perhaps it had been too long since they’d enjoyed their usual intense sex life, but he couldn’t deny how right it felt for them to be here with Wendy. Sogarn seemed to calm down in response to Donovan’s words. He slowed his movements, licking over Wendy’s pussy lovingly. “That’s it. Now, using only your tongue and your lips, move a little higher to her clit. See how swollen and shiny it is. It’s begging for your gentle attention.”

Donovan moved his hands back to Wendy’s knees, holding her open as the intense sensations began to overwhelm her.

“Please,” she whimpered breathlessly.

“Soon,” Donovan promised with a slight chuckle in his voice. He’d always enjoyed it when a lover begged, but with Wendy, the feeling seemed magnified. His cock was hard enough to drive nails. It didn’t help that with all of her wriggling she was caressing his erection accidently.

Although, judging by her suddenly deliberate shoulder movements, she wasn’t entirely oblivious to his predicament. Donovan needed this finished before he did something stupid like rolling her under him and fucking her violently.

“Suck her clit into your mouth,” he instructed Sogarn. “Suck hard.”



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