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Winning Virgin Devotion (MFM)

Winning Virgin 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 92,486
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, with M/M, and ménage elements, Shape-shifters, Vampires]

Arturo is a ghost from the past. His mother was a prostitute brought into a Spenser-Sabbat ménage situation, and the sensational scandal was more than anyone could handle. Hundreds of years later, Arturo stirs the very seas where his ashes were once scattered. And the Sabbats and Spensers prepare for his wrath.

Interested in a new generation of vampires, Arturo joins Constance and Gabriel for a supernatural ménage encounter. Waiting for a ripe time to join them, Arturo has one goal: to see Constance pregnant with the first of many children he wants to father. When the plan fails, a new idea with plenty of harrowing consequences develops. Will Darian Sabbat stop Arturo before he destroys his family, or will Samuel Spenser be the only force strong enough to deal with the ghost of Arturo Devries?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Darian’s lips covered her opening, and he struck at her pussy with a reverent tongue, taking long strokes, going deep and wide, trying his best to taste every drop of her orgasm.

“That’s it, vixen. Come to me,” he said, manipulating the little button sure to set her off and make her orgasm more delicious.

“I can’t,” she whimpered, thrashing under him. 

“Sure you can,” he said, slapping her bare pussy and immediately returning to the feverish slick heat her body supplied.

Her shaved mound drew his hand again, and he slid his tongue between her lips, licking as she twisted about, succumbing to the pleasure. Her orgasms were a superior force, and he grew drunk on her scent, on the simple taste of the woman he admittedly—if only to himself—loved.

When he glanced up, he noticed her eyes were closed and fell in love with the sight all over again, forcing himself to forget the vindictive nature he’d grown to recognize as a Spenser trait. For that stilled moment, he cherished their odd relationship one last time and wondered if he possessed the strength to leave her, if he had the power to seduce her now and destroy her later.

Bracing himself over her, he used his knees and spread her. She opened her eyes at once and said, “Regardless of what you believe, Darian, I do care for you.”

Empty words took his breath away and at the same time weakened him. He plunged into her sleek channel, feeling her body milk him. His mouth covered her breast, and he was unable to look at her again while sinking between her soft and oh so capable thighs.

“Please, Darian, please. Love me.”

The feel of her hands gripping his shoulders, the sounds of their bodies slapping together, the erotic sensation he always felt when her body enveloped his made for a closure he never expected. His gums swelled with the pain of resistance, and he defied his ambitions, rebuking the need to drop his fangs and join with her as a vampire wants to consummate with their mate.

Instead, he fucked.

Harder and harder, he plunged into her core, stroking out the resentment and finding nothing more than the same strong feelings he had for a woman who had taken the last remnants of a soul. The one treasure he thought he possessed only when he was with her crumbled, deteriorated before he could protect himself.

“Darian, come!” she cried out, raising her neck and flashing her beautiful little pointed teeth.

Thrusting higher inside her pussy, he waited until she was at the peak, ready to come down, ready to fall, ready to undulate right in his arms. Again, he pushed higher inside her until his balls slapped against her ass, and he sank further into her irresistible heat. “Constance.”

One push and then another followed. “I gave you everything.” Another hard stroke, then one more, and he plunged still deeper this time. Driving her straight to the edge, Darian pushed her to that intimate cliff, ready to watch her take the final surge.

And that’s when he stopped, withdrew, and quickly rolled her over.

Breathless, Constance repositioned herself and threw her hips back with expectancy. She wanted her spanking, something she always received when he was in her bed. She deserved one. He longed to issue many slaps across her perfectly shaped, round bottom, but instead he reached under her, using her juices to moisten her rear passage, the place he’d dreamt about taking her as he had told her.

She had to understand the message he was trying to send, but he needed to drive home the point. Her heat drew his fingers high, and he combined his sexual energy with his rage, making a point to let her know that he was angry and he had every reason to be bitter.

“You had no right to keep things from me,” Darian said, biting her hip while his fingers worked from her pussy to her rear.

“No, Darian. That’s where you’re wrong.”

Biting back the need to scold her, the burning desire to claim her at the highest level, sinking his teeth into her skin and letting bygones be bygones, Darian fisted his cock and plunged into her ass, horny as all hell long before she bucked against him.

Her globes parted. His cock locked in place. Then, he thrust inside her with a fit of lust, without the rage and minus the anger, but full of pure unadulterated lust.

His arm went back, and he brought down a loud smack against her ass.

“More, Darian! Give me more!”

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