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Winning Virgin Lust (MFM)

Winning Virgin 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 60,000
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Urban Vampire Ménage a Trois Romance, Fantasy]

It's the morning after a sexual romp and Constance Spenser wakes up with more than a headache. Since she doesn't seem to know who she is or where she belongs, Sebastian Sabbat buys into the old adage of finders keepers and that's just his first mistake.

The Sabbats and the Spensers aren't friends and when two of their own join for unconventional purposes, the families aren't exactly pleased. Add in a little brotherly love and a threesome guarantees Constance will soon be tied to more than just one Sabbat. Gabriel Sabbat will join his brother and Constance in a very accepted vampire ceremony, but when Darian Sabbat realizes Constance has her hooks in Sebastian and Gabriel, he makes a quick decision.

Darian knows he can't trust his brothers now that Constance wants their undivided attention. In a bold move, he takes the initiative to secure the future of his family and he has a little insurance to ensure the Spensers never get in his way.

NOTE: We recommended reading the Winning Virgin series in the order written.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Professional Reviews

5 PIXIES: "WINNING VIRGIN LUST is the third book in Destiny Blaine's Winning Virgin series. This book is my favorite of all three in this series...This was one of those books that sticks with you well after you finish reading it. Even though this was the third book in the series, the story line still seemed new and fresh. Destiny knows what she is doing when it comes to writing." -- Katie, Dark Angel Reviews

5 STARS: "ExcellentThe Spenser vampires are back in this third installment of Winning Virgin series...Constance has grown into a beautiful, hot-blooded young lady...I think this one is the best [of the series]." -- Debra Gaynor, ReviewYourBook

4.5 CHERRIES: "The Winning Virgin series just keeps getting better and better. Twelve year-old Constance from Winning Virgin Love is now all grown up and ready to tackle the Sabbats. One does not have to read the previous books in the series to enjoy Winning Virgin Lust but I recommend doing so in order to understand all the intricate details of all the stories that are interwoven in this book." -- Hibiscus, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 TOMBSTONES: "This is the third book in the Winning Virgin series. You first see Constance as a child when the series begins and watch her grow up. Now it is her turn for the spotlight. She knows what she wants and goes after it with a vengeance. Sebastian is a vampire with way too much sex appeal for his own good. The two of them together is explosive. The characters from the other books make an appearance, but instead of taking away from the story like some do, they enhance it instead. I enjoyed this book and am waiting on pins and needles hoping there is another installment in this series." -- Megan, Bitten by Books

4 STARS: "Winning Virgin Lust is a great read! I did not read the previous stories and so it took some time to get acquainted with the characters and the storyline. I would recommend reading these stories in order, but if the others are as good as this one you will not be disappointed."---Stefani Clayton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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She woke up in heat. She needed him and she didn’t know who the he represented. She wanted someone with an unexplainable why. She just missed the man and wanted to see him. He had been in her bed or rather, she spent some time in his and now she heard sounds from another room, but she didn’t know if she wanted to go and meet him face to face.

Her first instincts kicked in. She’d dress and run. Get the hell out of there. Run like hell—only she didn’t know where she wanted to run. She looked around the room, but nothing looked familiar to her. She had no earthly idea where she’d spent the night or how she ended up there.

She licked her lips and tasted the unfamiliar salty flavor. Bitter-sweet flavor. The sheets were tangled and the evidence of a sex party existed throughout the room. Did she like it rough? She looked around again. Apparently so with the weird gadgets everywhere. An obvious sex swing in one corner, a pole with ties and binds in another. Leather, lots of leather, draped around several pieces of furniture.

With deliberate caution, she stepped onto the hardwood floor and the dreaded creak announced to the person in the next room of her awakened state. She heard heavy footsteps and turned to see him in the doorway. Immediately, she hit the bed again and covered herself up.

“Baby, I’ve already seen that gorgeous ass of yours.” He chuckled and then turned his back to her. “I’m not much of a cook, but when you’re up and at it, I have breakfast ready. I usually eat dinner first, but I took a chance you might want breakfast.”

“Dinner first?” She questioned him without realizing it.

He turned back around and propped his hands on the doorframe showcasing perfect arms and glorious muscles. “Yes, what do Spensers typically do for their first meal of the day?” His eyes teased her further.

“Spensers?” She questioned him more.

“Yes, Miss Spenser, in case it slipped your mind last night, I do know you belong to the Spenser clan.” He shook his head. “I’ll let you get dressed. How do you take your coffee?”

“Do I drink coffee?” She called out to him and noticed when his footsteps stopped moving away from her. Somewhat hurriedly, he headed back to the room where he’d left her.

He slowly peered in on her this time. “Constance, knock it off.”

“Constance? This is my name?” A blank expression washed over her. “That’s my name, right?”

“Do you know where you are?” He approached her with what she viewed as forced restraint.

She shook her head. An emphatic “no” told him more than her head shaking.

He moved closer. “This isn’t a real good time for games.”

She looked around the room. “By the looks of things, we played enough of those last night.”

He moved closer to her and they studied one another for a few minutes more. “What do you mean? You really don’t know where you are?”

“No.” She pulled the blankets around her tighter.


* * * *


Tears threatened her and he saw them well at the corners of her dark brown eyes. Her little body seemed to shake from underneath the sheets and coverlet hiding her from him.

Damn it all. After Walt woke him earlier, he’d spoken to one of the elders and guaranteed her safety. Now, she couldn’t remember him or as it appeared—anything?

“Constance, if this is a game, I can tell you now, it’s going to backfire on you.” He went to her purse and pulled out her wallet. “See, here’s your passport.” He wondered why in the hell she had a passport, but maybe it would jar her memory. Someone did a phenomenal job painting her into the place a photographer’s lens would’ve never captured. The photo looked legit.

“What’s a damn passport mean to me?” She questioned. “Am I not in Edinburgh?” She glanced over to the window. Fortunately, in the far distance, she would be able to spot The Edinburgh Castle.

He nodded toward her identification. “Your name, it’s right here. Constance Spenser.” He rubbed his chin in deep thought. “If you don’t know your name, how do you know you belong in Edinburgh?”

The tears came fast then and she swiped them as quickly as they did. “I have no idea. I just know I live here.”

 “Damn it all!” He thought it first and said it loudly just to be sure she knew he wasn’t a bit amused. “Constance, listen to me. Your name is Constance Spenser. You’re a member of the Spenser clan. One of the most notorious vampire families in—”

“Vampires? What the hell? You think I’m part of some vampire clan? And you slept with me? Are you always this insane or do you have a sudden death wish?”

Both, no doubt. Before he seriously screwed up and did some damage, he caught the words he wanted to speak right in his chest. His cheeks swelled and he slowly blew out hot air. Why make matters worse? First things first. He didn’t really need to tell her in that precise moment that he, too happened to be a vampire. It wasn’t necessary. No, he’d wait before he shared the information, but maybe he should shed light on the sleeping-with-him factor. “We didn’t fuck.”

“Nice.” She really didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

He realized how it sounded and tried to regroup again. “Well, I mean, I would have if—”

“What’s your name?” She cut him off.


“Are we lovers or…”

A thousand answers would’ve been better than the one he was going to give her, but sometimes the way someone can make their dreams come true is to simply start by believing they are true. He decided the night before he wanted her and now, it appeared he might just get his chance. Sure, more conventional ways might have made things less complicated, but Constance didn’t quite fit the bill or make a strong case for uncomplicated.

“Yes, honey, we are.” He lied. Damn right, he lied. Damnation and hell fire, he made it up as he went along because he wanted to keep her. His hand went to her head and he stroked in the beauty he saw every time he looked at her. And yes, he made excuses for himself.

She smiled at him warmly. “Then looks like I didn’t do too badly for myself whoever the hell I am.”

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