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You Don't Know Jack (MF)

Denim & Spurs

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 11,260
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Needing the money, single mom Gwen Franco accepts a job at a masquerade party at a riding competition. On a break, she succumbs to a heated encounter with a masked man that leaves her breathless.

Widowed rancher Jack Martin is in town to compete, but all he can think about is the masked woman who’d been under him the night of the masquerade. Once he finds her, he’s relentless in his desire to make her his own.

Can he break down her walls and entice her and her daughter back with him to Branchwater, Texas?

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Jack slid his hand along her nape, skin soft beneath his palm. “You bewitched me from the word go.” He kissed her, gently. She didn’t stiffen. In fact, she stepped closer, her own arms coming around his tuxedo jacket.

To have a woman pressed against him after such time nearly made him lightheaded. Backing away enough to remove the plastic of his mask, he slanted his mouth back over hers. Her full lips parted and welcomed his tongue.

She gripped the lapels of his coat and he groaned. Who cared about when it happened so long as it did. He palmed her ass, bringing her against his cock. They continued kissing as their steps took them to the barn. Jack got them to the tack room and set her on the office desk.

I wish there was a bed.

“Light,” he rasped.

“No. This is anonymous. Masks stay on. May as well stay in the dark.”

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