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Y's Punishment (MF)

Randy's Diner 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 29,510
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, consensual BDSM, infidelity, HFN]

Amber Cooper has the chance to make the man responsible for her recent demotion pay in an intimate way—sexy humiliation in a diner filled with customers.

Randy's Diner is where people go to receive “service with little more than a smile.” It's certainly not a place Amber would go if her best friend hadn't given precise instructions, a one hundred dollar bill for “Y's tip,” and a gift certificate for a free meal. She is shocked to find Chris Young, the man responsible for her demotion, working as a waiter. And that his name tag carries the initial Y. Upon learning her waiter has to do virtually anything she asks, Amber seizes the chance to humiliate him.

Chris needs an outlet for his masochism without cheating on his prim fiancée. The job at Randy's is the perfect answer. Until the designer that tempted him appears. And vengeance is on her menu.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I loved this book. It is steaming hot without being vulgar. Wonderfully written.

- Austenite78

This story had the most unique setting and was very creative. I believe the term "delicious" describes it best. I recommend this book 100%. Now, I just wish a place like in the story really existed!

- Hennessee Andrews

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Story Excerpt


“I want you to kneel on the table,” Amber announced.

“I’m sorry, what?” Chris blurted out.

Amber turned her head to fix her narrowed eyes at him. “Kneel,” she repeated. “On the table.”

“I don’t think it will hold my weight.”

“What do you weigh?” She heard herself snapping. “Can’t be much more than a hundred and seventy pounds.” 

With a derisive wave, she added, “I’m sure the table can handle it.”

“A hundred and seventy-five,” he corrected her with the haughty tone she’d recalled him using once or twice in their meeting together. But he pressed his palms to the surface as if he might actually vault atop it. Y paused to shoot her a mutinous look. “I can’t do it with these shorts like this.”

What was it with him and the shorts? She resisted the urge to shake her head in disgust.

Between clenched teeth, she replied, “Then fix your shorts so you can.”

The waiter stood upright again. His fingers lifted from the edge of the table to set at the waistband of his poplin shorts. Amber knew his eyes were on her. She could feel the heavy weight of them. But she wasn’t watching. Instead, she settled her fingers around the bun for the excuse it gave her to ignore his presence.

Again she heard what she thought was a groan from him as she lifted the burger off the plate. The sounds of shuffling of fabric soon tickled her ears. Y bent for a moment, and then his palms reappeared atop the table to her right. Seconds later he leapt into the air like a monkey then settled down atop the table in front of her.

Now she was forced to look at him in his pose knelt on the table before her. His white shirt was wide open, the edges stuffed in his armpits. A long, lean chest stretched above her. The sprinkling of dark hair arrowed down it to disappear within a white mesh G-string that left little to the imagination. The crowning detail was the clump of poplin clinging to his ankles. She supposed the shirt and shorts were both technically on.

Without the heavy, constricting fabric, Amber could easily see the bulge of pastel violet skin, Pantone 5145, pressing at the thin mesh covering it. Despite the soda bath and trip to the floor, Y was hopelessly erect. That little unrepentant smirk on his lips made Amber’s teeth mash within her mouth.

She carefully set the burger down on its plate. With a deliberate motion, she reached aside to the original glass of ice water that still sat near the middle of the booth. Slowly she brought it in front of her, making certain he saw it this time. And then she took her time pouring the entire contents over Y’s erection.

His breath immediately caught. A low groan escaped him as the liquid pooled at his knees. But the important note was that he was no longer smirking.


Adult Excerpt


Amber couldn’t look him in the eye. The cheeseburger gave her the excuse not to. This was evil what she was doing to him. But she couldn’t make herself stop.

No, she was getting off on this. 

She had to admit that now. Especially given the state of her panties. They were drenched straight through. Why, her slacks probably had a stain as well. Never had she thought she’d be this aroused simply by eating a hamburger. 

Her waiter reached down to grab hold of himself over the thin mesh. Above the hamburger bun, she could see his hand stroking down the length of his erect cock. He let out a low groan like the ones she’d been hearing from him all along. But he said nothing.

“Proclaim it, Y! Shout that you’re stroking yourself because I won’t,” she hissed.

“I’m stroking myself because she won’t,” he called out in a hoarse voice.

“Again,” she prompted.

“I’m stroking myself because she won’t.” This time the emphasis was on the reflexive pronoun. Amber didn’t care which part he emphasized so long as he said it.

“Tell them why, Y.”

“I’m stroking myself because she won’t because she knows I want her to.”

Amber’s lips lifted into a wicked smile. “Very good, Y.”

This time his answering groan was twice as loud and three times as long. His palm quickened its motion of the engorged length.

The waiter switched up his next exclamation. “I’m fucking myself because she won’t because she knows I want her to.”

Her face heated at the implication. He wanted her to fuck him? Had he recognized her?

“I’m going to make myself come,” he shouted, “because she won’t help me.”

One of the women in the diner shouted back, “I’ll help you, Y!”

Amber’s eyes narrowed angrily. Her eyes lifted from the hamburger she’d been watching. To her surprise, his pecan-brown irises were fixed on her rather than the shouting woman.

Very quietly, she asked, “Do you want her to help you?”

“No,” he quickly replied.

As calmly as she could manage, Amber said, “You don’t have to lie to me.”

“I’m not. I don’t want her to help me.” The force of his words seemed to say he meant them. And then he confirmed it by adding, “I just want to do what you want me to.”

Her lips spread with a startled breath when she realized he believed that as he continued stroking his cock through the mesh fabric. He really did want to do what she wanted. That sort of power over him heated her from the inside. More cream flowed over her panties, and the small throbbing she’d been feeling in her pussy for the past half hour was now uncomfortable.

She wanted him to touch her.

But no. She’d vowed he wouldn’t be allowed that.

And he couldn’t know how aroused she was by this. It would be too mortifying.

Adopting her sharpest of voices, Amber snapped, “Then finish already. I want a refill of soda but not until you’re done.”

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