A-dork-able (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 12,728
3 Ratings (4.7)

Alister Redgrave knows he's a dork. He dresses in ill-fitting suits and trips over imaginary obstacles constantly; then there's his Star Trek underwear. Still, he hopes to find the love of his life one day. And when he meets Jaiden Greyson, the new Assistant CFO in the Finance department, Alister knows he's found his dream guy. Except, Alister makes a fool of himself repeatedly in front of Jaiden and decides he doesn't have a chance in hell.

Jaiden Greyson doesn't know what to make of Alister when he meets him. A more klutzy guy had never existed. But despite all that, there's something about the man that draws him in, and he's determined to find out what it is, no matter the antics of a jealous coworker intent on ruining everything.

Jaiden has Alister in his sights, and Alister won't know what hit him, in the best sense.

A-dork-able (MM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

A-dork-able (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 12,728
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Jaiden took a bite of his chicken salad sandwich and chewed. "Anyway, tell me about the project. Any problems so far?"

We spent our lunch discussing strategies and I made a few suggestions that he seemed to think were brilliant.

"You're made for this kind of work, Alister. I don't know why the hell you're in HR." I didn't kiss ass, for one thing.

I shrugged as I swallowed a bite of my Southwest BLT sandwich. "I started there as an intern and never left." I'd never thought of leaving, either. Figured, with my track record, socially speaking, I would remain where I was until they fired me, or something. It was the shiny, friendly people who didn't trip over their laces or spill coffee once a day that got ahead. Funnily enough, I hadn't done either of those this morning. Huh.

"Well, I think you're wasted where you are." He smiled at me and then cleared his throat. "So, one more week? We should do something to celebrate once this is over. I'm throwing a party at my house a week from Saturday. You should come. Bring a friend or two, if you like." As if I had more than one.

My eyes were probably as wide as saucers. "Me?" I squeaked. "You're inviting me to a party?" That had never happened to me before.

Jaiden frowned. "Yeah. Is that a problem?"

"No! I ... sorry, I'm just ... surprised is all. Sure, thanks, I'll come." And drag Anderson along with me so I wouldn't embarrass myself too much.

Jaiden smiled, seeming relieved, for some reason. "Great! I'll make sure you have my address closer to that date." He finished his sandwich and wiped his mouth with a napkin, which just drew my eyes to his lips and wishing I knew what they tasted like. Would his tongue curve around mine as we kissed hungrily, no breath to spare? Would he ...

"Alister?" I blinked and tried not to blush as I realized I was daydreaming again. I looked at Jaiden but realized he was staring at someone to my left, mouth slightly agape. When I turned my head, my stomach dropped to see Heather all dolled up, her hair a mass of perfection, and that outfit ... she hadn't been wearing that skirt this morning. And it was so ... short.

"Heather," I said, not sure what was going on. "You having lunch?"

"Duh," she replied with an eyeroll. "When I saw you here with Jaiden, I thought I'd come over and say hello." She cocked her hip and winked at him, leaning over slightly so her cleavage was very visible. Jaiden seemed decidedly uncomfortable.

"Well, we're, uh, having a lunch meeting, but it's nice to see you." Jaiden still hadn't said anything.

She looked a bit put out. "Oh, well I ... I was having lunch by myself and I thought it would be nice to have company. You don't mind, do you?" She batted her lashes at Jaiden, who, though he seemed annoyed, dutifully invited her to sit with them.

Smiling triumphantly, Heather scurried back to her table and brought the remains of her salad and an open can of soda to join them. I quickly put the documents we'd been discussing on the floor, and left Heather to take over the conversation and completely ignore my presence.

She also somehow managed to spill the can of soda all over my new suit, and her fake "sorry" didn't fool me for a minute. I sopped up the liquid as best I could, my temporary high for a morning without accidents now deflated and at its regular low.

Whenever Jaiden tried to include me in a conversation, Heather swooped in to make it all about her. I decided I'd had enough after a few minutes of this and excused myself from the table. I needed to go home and change, anyway.

Jaiden tried to catch my eye as I left, but I couldn't bear to see the pity or anything else in his gaze right then.

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