A Good Student

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 92,630
38 Ratings (4.2)


When passionate Professor Conner Devlin meets oversexed student Emma Fiore, the sparks ignite: he'll train her to be his classroom sex slave, carrying out his every desire, while she gets to experience the forbidden pleasure of submissive love before her marriage to a dull and unfeeling man. But Emma's sizzling and insatiable desires soon overwhelm Conner and he finds himself hopelessly in love with his young submissive. Emma accepts him as her sexual Master, but will she have him as her real-life lover?

Through the means of BDSM and the demands of extreme sex, Conner tries to break down the barriers between them and make Emma acknowledge her feelings, until one night things become too real and the games are forgotten. Conner takes Emma prisoner for real and their passions erupt in a cataclysm of raw emotion that rocks them both and fuses them in a transcendent love.

Told with intense honesty from the dominant's point of view, A Good Student gives a rare and searing look inside a man's heart as he's caught in the throes of a compelling and overwhelming love and passion, all his thoughts and feelings exposed. Listening to Conner's confessions is like having your own personal Master tell you everything he feels, with a poet's skill and a therapist's insight. You'll never look at the dynamics of D/s and a man's sexuality the same way again.

A Good Student
38 Ratings (4.2)

A Good Student

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 92,630
38 Ratings (4.2)
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Dr. Mabeuse is my hero! My husband thanks you as well. Holy cow, Batman! Hot. Hot. Hot.
Professional Reviews

From Rose, Romance at Heart Reviews

"Sensual, sexy, totally erotic, his characters are always punchy, up front, and delightfully real. I got wrapped up in the affaire d'coeur Elliott tells between the covers. Here we learn from a man whose life has been lacking something he was not aware of, true love and caring. (I)t is one romance on the edgy side you won't want to miss!"

From Lila, Two Lips Reviews

"A good read, I had no trouble keeping up reading this one waiting to see what naughty adventure Connor and Emma were going to get into next. They re-enacted their fantasies with each other and left you breathless and hot. A Good Student will have you going back to college just hoping to get a professor like Connor!"

From Melissa C., Fallen Angel Reviews, 4/5 ANGELS

"A Good Student is my first experience with Elliott Mabeuse. I can't believe I was missing out on so much!...[I]f you can handle an intense, deeply emotional book, filled with titillation and eroticism, then I say you should pick this book up soon…I look forward to seeking out other works by this talented author. My only regret is that I did not discover him sooner."

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"Come here!" I pulled her over to the lectern and pushed her face down over it. "Here, on your elbows, ass up, legs straight. That's it. Now spread them. Keep your face down."

Emma did as she was told, leaning her forearms on the wooden lectern, keeping her knees straight so her trunk was almost parallel to the floor. Her blouse was still up under her armpits, her breasts hung beneath her heavy and free, distended by gravity. I undid her skirt and pulled down the zipper, then yanked it down over her hips and let it slide down her legs. She stepped out of it, giving a little mewl of embarrassment at appearing so naked and exposed in so public a place as the empty auditorium, but she didn't protest.

Her panties were thin, robin's egg blue, stretched across the firm globes of her buttocks and low enough so the top of her crack was visible, tight enough so the ripe bottoms of her cheeks emerged from beneath them as well. I ran my hand over her ass, feeling the warmth of her skin through the thin, slick fabric as she looked nervously back at me over her shoulder.

"Eyes front," I said as I caressed the humid pit of her sex between her legs. "So you weren't sure? You weren't sure you were going to give me this ass tonight?"

"Conner, I"

I drew my hand back and gave her a good hard slap on the underside of her right buttocka loud one, a slap that echoed in the empty auditorium like a gun shot and made her squeal and rise up on her toes in surprise.

"Owww! Conner! No! No! That's not what I meant!"

"Keep your hands on that lectern! Don't you dare take them off, Emma!"

Whapp! I slapped her on the left cheek, just as hard, hard enough to make her drop her head and gasp, digging her fingers into the edge of the lectern as if she had to hang on for dear life.

Smackk! Slappp!

Two more blows, one on either cheek, hard and sharp, and now my hand was starting to sting and her ass was jiggling and beginning to redden. The sting felt good and, as I spanked her again, Emma gasped and jerked her head up, her mouth open in shock and something elsesurprise maybe, but surprise at her own reaction, at finding she liked it, liked being spanked like this, treated like a naughty little high school slut.

I spanked her again. I was standing behind her and just to her left so I could swing my right hand back and land my blows squarely on the center of her ass, right on top of her innocent blue panties as her buttocks quaked and trembled and clenched together in reflexive avoidance.

Her hands were holding onto the top of the lectern and she lowered her face and rested her cheek against it, her brows knitted against the pain as she awaited the next blow, and how the emotions tore at me as I spanked her! Her fragile beauty and the way she offered herself up to my punishment brought out something both savage and tender in me, and I stopped the spanking, reached in front of her with my left hand and found her pussy and began to caress her, massaging and stroking her the way I knew she liked, washing away the pain with soothing tenderness. I caressed her ass as well, sliding my hand over her slick panties, feeling the heat from her beaten flesh through the fabric. The softness felt good, soothing against my tingling palm.

Emma began to grind herself against my hand, tentatively, as if checking to see whether the storm had passed. When she received no further spanks, she grew bolder. She began to search for pleasure, rolling her hips and ass as she pushed her pussy against my fingers, working herself off. She became hungrier, more desperate.

My fingers pressed the fabric of her panties up into her sticky slit and it felt as though she might somehow actually open up and take me inside, and at that point I realized she was about to seduce me with her need.

I drew my right hand back and started spanking her againSlapp! Whapp! Crackk!smacking her ass as I continued to massage her pussy, mixing pleasure and pain, sweetness and thunder, until Emma was clinging to the lectern and almost sobbing, humping and writhing like a bitch in heat, not sure which way to turn.

Now I was sweating too, my hand numb, my heart pounding in my ears. I stepped back and pulled off my necktie as Emma writhed and moaned against the lectern, swiveling her ass shamelessly. I grabbed her wrists and used the tie to bind them together behind her back. She didn't resist, just lay there with her face pressed against the hard wood as I roughly tied her wrists together while she panted with urgent impatience. Even as I pulled the knot tight, her ass continued to weave and undulate in lascivious invitation as if it had a mind of its own and was hungry now for more punishment, more pleasure, for whatever I wanted to give her

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