A Matter Among Four (MFMM)

A Matter Among Cowboys 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,743
226 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

In Lewisburg, Tennessee, Kimbrell and Darlene are well known among the locals. They're the poor little rich girls who inherited a large family farm with oil flowing rampant under their piece of ground. When Darlene leaves on her honeymoon, Kimbrell isn't ready to manage a working ranch but she isn't opposed to supervising a few good cowboys. And they're ready for any man's job, especially those tasks most important to a promiscuous woman.

When the Carlisle brothers show up at Kimbrell's farm willing to use their working hands, it only takes Kimbrell a few hours to realize her guests have ulterior motives. With a lot to accomplish in due time, these men make every second count. Before Kimbrell can pull back on the reins, they've roped her in using the strength of three men and no one, not even past lovers, will tear her away from them.

"This book was a hoot to write. Kimbrell, the promiscuous sister of Darlene from A Matter Among Four, has a tough time keeping her pants up. While she's a heroine most will love, she's a woman few females would trust because of her sexual conquests and the notches she adds to the willing cowboy's belt. Kimbrell meets her match in A Matter Among Four and it takes three good men to keep her satisfied." ~Destiny Blaine ~ Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. A Siren Erotic Romance

A Matter Among Four (MFMM)
226 Ratings (3.9)

A Matter Among Four (MFMM)

A Matter Among Cowboys 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,743
226 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was a good book.
As always another 5 star ebook. You can always depend on Destiny Blaine for a good read. Enjoyed it from the start. More please!
Professional Reviews

"I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves hot hunky cowboys, and a great story line. I do have to include that the sex scenes in this book include F/M/M/M...I PROMISE you, it will be a book that you will not soon forget. It has become a favorite of mine and Destiny Blaine is certainly an author that I have come to adore. Her writing really draws the reader in and by the end of the book, you feel like [the characters] belong to you." -- Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

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I took a deep breath and pushed the door wider and there in front of me stood the best looking men I ever saw in my sweet southern life. I swallowed hard and then curled my fist to instinctively rub the leftover sleep from my eyes. Perhaps they weren’t as handsome as I first thought. After one blink and then another, sure enough, they projected everything I first pictured, and more. It presented an unavoidable problem too.I didn’t know which one to stare at first.

“Hello.” I yawned. It was a fake one and far too obvious. I was anything but sleepy or bored now regardless of the time.

“Mornin’ sunshine.” One of them, the one with the turquoise eyes, extended his arm and more or less just grabbed my hand. He looked ready to snap me around the waist and just lay one on me. I tried to focus on those long eyelashes and his handsome face but there was something far too tempting lingering behind his denim duds. Call it instinct, a gut feeling, or just a woman’s right to peruse the one who woke the dead. So help me, I took in the whole man. All the way down to his boots and up again before I dared to speak.

I’d stared at their pictures enough to know. This man, covered in nothing more than pure sex appeal had a name—Rex.

“Uh, yes. Good morning to you too. Awful early this mornin’ for you boys.”  Awful stupid mentioning it too when a woman is trying to flirt. I glared at the clock on the wall like it was technology’s fault my tongue worked off of a zipline. Six-thirty never looked so good. Who the hell cared about time when the morning callers were this good looking? I narrowed my gaze on the handsome hunks in front of me.

The first one released my hand. “I suppose it is, sweetheart but we couldn’t wait to meet you. Kimbrell, I’m Rex.” And a southern gentleman no doubt. I sort of expected a pawing hug after months of conversation and written correspondence.

“Your pictures, like I heard, didn’t do you justice.”

I felt my skin heat immediately. Wow, cowboys like these could talk to me all night or just look at me like they wanted to eat me right up which is how one in particular stared at me now.

Since they’d ‘heard about me’ from my brother-in-law, I felt confident they received spicy rich details. I continued to rub my eyes because the contact lenses prevented moisture. It was hard to take a good look at a well meaning cowboy with blurred vision.

“I apologize for driving in so early but since we just got into town, we decided to head on out here. You said to stop by anytime.” He glanced over at the other two men standing next to him. “You know who these two handsome devils are too, no doubt.” 

Sure, they were handsome all right and the pictures they’d sent me of themselves didn’t do them justice. One thing about it, devils sure didn’t come to mind, more like gods, as in those found in Greek mythology or Lewisburg, Tennessee, for that matter. After all, they now stood on my piece of ground and our small town would never be the same after these three men graced us with their hunktified-beauty. Yeah, they were worthy of makin’ up new words to describe them. Sexy never held a truer definition than right now. 

Before I stopped to think about it, my hand flew forward in mid-air. Some might say I’m one on those gals who can do all sorts of things with body parts and then claim those limbs in question have a mind of their own. I waited for the next cowboy to properly introduce himself. 

“This here is Corbin.” Rex politely introduced his brother, the one he should have simply introduced as sex covered in denim thanks to a very obvious bulge in the front.

“Kimbrell, it’s finally my pleasure.” He tilted his hat and his midnight blues locked in at my chest. Incredulously, he held me in a complete stare and since gawking will lead a man, or a woman, everywhere, I saw no reason to keep my gape in one place. Yeah, I even opened my mouth wide and added the wow-factor, without the sound effects, of course. It was truly too early for those.

I kind of figured these kind gentlemen didn’t come calling with good intentions and nothing else. After all, they showed up before an overnight guest would’ve typically made off like a bandit. I knew better. The proof, and probably the power, stood out in those tight pants, front and center. Shew, every gal dreams of waking up like this in a dead-end town. I was beginning to think the future looked brighter and we were only two-thirds of the way through the more formal how-do-you-dos.

Rex turned to the other one standing on my front porch. “And this is Dallas.” Darlene once said he sounded downright orgasmic. I always agreed and every single time we spoke on the phone, I wanted to cup my ear and listen a little closer.

Dallas took my hand and brought it to his thick lips. “Ah, Rex, I think she’s already feeling me against her skin. Look at her, she’s running around here already marked as mine.”

“Oh stop!” Oh yeah. Stop it. I didn’t want to act all girly-girl now.

“We’ve talked about this, doll. I’m not a quitter, remember?”

Lord have mercy, I didn’t know how sweet seduction sounded until one sentence all but invited me to jump-start a stranger. Not that I hadn’t banged a few in my past but I committed myself to a goal and worked on my reputation in anticipation of the Carlisle men. I even tried to live a more sex-free lifestyle.

I wanted to try out the better kind of person, day-to-day normal kind of gig, someone my sister might like to call out as family. The type of woman who didn’t lay around on her back all day. Then again, I reminded myself, my sister’s new husband did the unthinkable. Jack dressed up temptation and called it cowboys. Then he led me straight to the Carlisles and God love his heart, he gave me three at one time.

Dallas tilted the rim of his hat and then with ease and mischief, he began rubbernecking, I mean there’s no other way to put it. His focus fell right to my breasts and oh yeah, I felt him in places a woman wants to feel a man like Dallas. I knew from the moment I talked to him on the phone several months before, he was the one to avoid at all costs because if I had a betting nickel, I’d bet on him and I’d bet on me.

I started to fan myself like a woman with a pint-size hot flash or perhaps just overactive sexual tendencies. The Carlisle boys most likely understood the impact they had on women and I don’t think they’d mistakenly believe I was having a woman moment, outside of fighting off female desires. They all stood there in front of me guilty of focusing on every curve. I rested my hand on my hip. I’d practiced the pose a few times.

“Great morning for a drive out here.” Dallas smirked. “I prefer a morning ride but hey, can’t complain about the views, or the mountains in Tennessee.” He licked his lips and stared harder at my breasts.

“Good Lord, keep that up and you may get a closer view,” I laughed. ‘Course Dallas and I had shared a few good times on the phone late at night. We even almost had phone sex one time. Actually, after I hung up on him, I did have sex…with my vibrator.

Sure enough, Darlene had this one pegged. I felt a climax waiting just from the man’s touch. My nipples came alive underneath the scratchy material. I looked down and saw them mark their place and press through the cotton. Great. Just great. I pulled my hand away from his because even after his mouth touched my knuckles, his grip didn’t relax.

“Why don’t you gentlemen come on inside and I’ll start some coffee.” I opened the door and moved against the wall, crossing my arms over my chest. I don’t know why I was suddenly so aware of how I looked. Besides, what woman thinks about a bra in the early morning hours? Half the time, I ran around the ranch without one anyway. There was little cause for confinement since all clothing always found a way to hit the floor when the right man came along. Several regulars, men friends of mine, often came to call and in Lewisburg, none of them looked like these fellas. 

Compliments of a great boob job, I didn’t have to worry about looking flabby if anyone happened to stop by the place unannounced. Today, though, especially at six-thirty in the morning, I wasn’t in the mood to have a man I’d just met face to face, staring at my breasts, let alone three of the sexiest creatures ever born. Actually, under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t have presented a problem.

One by one, the handsome Carlisle men passed by me and one pair of eyes after the next, stared down at my arms now folded over beaded, hard nipples. I quickly debated what I should do first, put on the coffee or a bra. Since I figured these cowboys craved a little caffeine, Folgers won out and I imagine it was the only time it trumped Victoria’s Secret.

They stood in the middle of my living room as if they wanted me to direct them from there. I pushed the front door back and left the screen behind it open. Cool and crisp, the wind shuffled around the leaves outside and the brisk signs of fall all but tumbled inside. Why not? The three handsome dudes who allowed for the first morning taste of it symbolized a breath of fresh air, one I certainly welcomed.

“Well, if you’d like to follow me into the kitchen, I’ll get some breakfast started for you boys.” Darlene would’ve done the same thing and well, since they’d driven all the way from Texas, I imagined they were expecting something for their efforts. Southern folk typically tried to make good on hospitality regardless of the time of day.

I reached into the cabinet and pulled out the coffee. I heard the chairs scoot across the tile floor as the cowboys grabbed their respective seats. Turning, I noticed how they tossed their hats aside almost in time. One thing about it, these boys had someone in their past who brought them up right. Another explicit thought arrived as assuredly as the last. These kind of men probably didn’t screw in their boots.  I quickly turned toward the cabinets to hide a big smile.  

“So I take it you’ve been driving all night?” I questioned over my shoulder as I glanced outside, beyond the kitchen window. There, the three matching Dodge trucks and gooseneck trailers showed off the new gloss and shine. “Nice rigs, by the way.”

“We’ve been driving all night long,” Dallas said before adding, “Yeah, we like the same things in life—cattle, oil, women…” His voice trailed off and my imagination ran wild. After I reeled it back in a little, I took a deep breath, ignored the snickers behind me and returned my focus to their transportation.

Parked right next to their collective show of wealth, my beat-up truck appeared plumb tacky. Not that I couldn’t have one of those fifty-five thousand dollar little jobs too, because I guess money wasn’t an object for us. I found out, after Darlene and Jack started tying up loose ends and settling up momma and daddy’s estate, money was pretty much a luxury spent at will. Maybe I’d start spending some of it. Nay, probably not, I wasn’t the type to go spending money like I had plenty of it. I guess Darlene and I owned a lot of assets and we might keep them awhile if we didn’t go around flaunting everything for others to see. Well, actually I tossed around a couple of my own but those were on my person. A woman had the right.

I curiously stared at the large boy toys in front of me taking care to notice their ‘Three for One’ license plates. Yeah, maybe I’d buy a truck like that sometime. Since the money was sitting there waiting for us to spend it.

Glancing over my shoulder, I checked out the new meat in town and the one closest to me extended his legs. Corbin’s erection flexed into a nicely packaged bulge and all sorts of images came to mind. I glared back at the trucks. Three for one. What a delicious idea.

Rex joined me at the sink. “I told the guys you’d like our…” he looked over at Corbin and tilted his head before he turned back with a smile. “trucks.”

Dallas quickly added. “Your brother-in-law told us, you need some new equipment around here.” The other two chuckled at the underlying message in comic relief. “And while we’re here, we’re going to make sure you have everything you need.”

I snapped back to reality realizing he remained somewhat focused on the conversation about their trucks rather than led my perverse fantasies. I cleared my throat and started to speak but I stopped short of saying something dumb.

“You’ll want for nothing by the time we’re through.” Rex winked.

”That’s what I’m real worried about.”

They all watched me curiously as if they waited for more insight then.  See, what I needed and what I wanted often was confused by the men in my life. I certainly didn’t need one, two, or even three of them around to help complicate the differences, and I sure didn’t want to let them know it all at once.

Dallas spoke up right then. “You can count on it, little lady. It’s going to be our pleasure helping you out.” He bit down on his lower lip and stared at my chest again. “I imagine you’ll find some satisfaction in what we can do here too.”

With the suggestive hints I found in the man’s eyes, I couldn’t stop the tremor in my hand and of all times, I dropped the coffee pot. Shards of glass slid across the floor in bits and pieces as three strong men shuffled around determined to help. 

“Damn!” I immediately stooped over the glass and nervously began to pick up the shiny fragments of splintered glass. I tried to make excuses, like a woman has one, much less a few, when she’s an outright klutz. “I’m not much of a morning person.” Truth be told, I forever remained a night person because of what went on behind closed doors. I was quite fond of those things and beginning to discover, quite good at them too.

I reminded myself of a promise. I told Darlene I’d turn over a new leaf. Yeah, right. Prior to the arrival of Studs in Duds.


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