A Sexual Revolution

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,923
0 Ratings (0.0)

Nicolas and Luca don’t like one another but they’re fated mates. Quentin swings both ways but he’s destined to find love in the opposite sex. Jagger isn’t the romantic type, yet he’ll receive a mating call. Dante Devonshire is waiting on a woman, a mortal female that William believes he’s already bedded. And Kaleo just sits back and takes it all in.

Kristen Lee’s imagination is working overtime. She’s hanging out with vampires and a black dragon is looking for her. Living out a paranormal catastrophe, Kristen saves her partner from blood sucking captors one minute and then offers her blood to fang bangers the very next!

What a mess.

As stories unfold, Kristen wonders if there are more facts in fiction. Has her life become a whirlwind of adventure or is she trapped in a dream and destined to wake up all alone?

A Sexual Revolution
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Sexual Revolution

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,923
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“You said I could have the mortal,” Luca complained, following him inside a warehouse. “I need his blood. I’m weak.”

“And you’ll have all you desire,” Nicolas promised, leading the way as he trekked up a flight of back steps.

“Where are we going?”

At the top landing, Nicolas turned. He flashed his incisors and his black eyes turned a light shade of purple. When his fangs rescinded once more, he said, “Do you want me to narrate?” He stepped into him, looping his arm around Luca’s waist. “I can give a play-by-play account, but I don’t think you need that. Do you?”

Luca gulped.

Nicolas’ entire expression, his whole being, was nothing more than hardened male. There wasn’t a question in Luca’s mind. Nicolas was ready to mate, claim him as his lover, mark him as his own.

Luca should have been excited by the possibilities. He’d overheard the immortals discuss the way vampire love made a blood sucker feel more human. He was also defiant. With many reasons to object, above all else, temerity drove his personality and turning away Nicolas’ advancements would show which vampire stood out as the stronger force.

Nicolas apparently understood what he was feeling. He narrowed his gaze and successfully bedazzled him once again.

“Ah, fuck,” Luca whispered, falling under Nicolas’ control.

“Yes, fuck,” Nicolas teased. “There’s a splendid idea.”

Luca wanted to knock the hell out of him, but he couldn’t find the strength to raise his arm. Mass confusion existed as he tried to manage his independent thoughts without assistance or manipulation. Properly mesmerized and under Nicolas’ command, Luca didn’t know if he would welcome Nicolas’ advances or fight him every step of the way

Adult Excerpt

Kaleo dropped his gaze and Kristen watched the way he responded to William. He’d left William for dead, but now appeared spellbound, mesmerized by the vampire he’d become.

While Kristen listened to William’s account of the night they’d spent together, Dante tilted his chin toward Quentin and he joined them. The back of her head was level with Quentin’s dick and he placed his hands on her shoulders, giving her a sensual massage as she rode Dante’s covered cock, dry humping him with a slow grind.

Dante allowed her the pleasure of his body, but not the whole experience. As she rode his rigid cock, she dipped her fingers inside his shirt, playing with the tiny hairs covering his chest.

“Who do I belong to?” she asked as William continued telling about their rendezvous.

“Who do you feel like you belong to?” Dante asked.

Quentin’s hands dropped over her shoulders, crossed her collarbone and slipped inside her top. He pushed his fingers under her brassiere, tweaking her nipples as she ground her pussy against Dante’s hard cock.

She steadied herself as she sat atop him, watching as his eyes turned colors. One minute they were lavender ice, the next they appeared to be as green as emeralds.

“Take her shirt off,” Dante said. Apparently, he didn’t think she could manage the task by herself.

“Who do I belong to?” she whispered against his chin, her mouth tracing the underside of his jaw.

“Who do you want to belong to you?” Dante asked, changing up the question.

“So anyway,” William continued in the background. “We were out on a stakeout. We were up all night. Remember, Kristen?”

“I remember,” she said, spreading her legs, placing her hands behind her head and trying her best to tempt the man under her. Why wouldn’t he fuck her?

“Then what happened?” Dante asked, glancing at William.

“We were delirious,” she said, interrupting William’s story. “We’d been up all night. He’d heard the rumors about my sister and her books, of course, so he asked me.”

“I said, ‘Where does your sister get her ideas’ and she said, ‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told you’.”

“So he said, ‘Try me’ and I told him she gets her ideas from me.” She swung her arm behind her, touching Quentin’s cock with her fingertips while squeezing Dante’s legs with her thighs.

“And you believed her?” Dante asked.

“Well, it’s true,” William said.

Dante narrowed his gaze. His nose twitched. His dimple widened. “No, it isn’t.”

“The hell it isn’t,” William said. “I’ve been in her bed.”

“And you let him believe that?” Dante asked, smirking.

She shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a tease.”

“I know that,” Dante said, sliding his hand up her outer thigh and playing with the string of her thong. “Want me to tell them how I know?”

Quentin lifted her away from him, forcing her to stand in front of him. “She’s a virgin.”

“What?” William asked.

“She’s a virgin,” Dante said.

“There’s no way,” William said. “I was in her bed.”

“She gave you a hell of a blowjob and you passed out afterward,” Dante said, knowing the truth after seeing William’s whole life pass in front of his eyes when he’d turned him.

William gaped at Kristen. “But you said—”

“I said you were wonderful,” she reminded him, easing away from Quentin’s arms. “I told you I had a great time. I said it was nice waking up in your arms, but I never said you were a good fucker.”

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