Alex (MF)

Big Sky County 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 19,550
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sheriff Alex Davis would rather do anything than go for his annual physical. However, his brother died of cancer and his mother is insisting he get checked out to put her mind at ease.

Dr. Eva McQuire is in town just for the summer while she fills in for the regular doctor. She’s been warned that some guys can be picky about having a female doctor, but Alex Davis is acting like a chauvinist. Once he gets a clean bill of health, his next goal is pursuing Eva.

Problem is Eva’s got her dream job waiting for her in Denver. Can their summer fling turn into something permanent or are the doctor and lawman destined only to be long distance lovers?

Alex (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Alex (MF)

Big Sky County 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 19,550
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

It was her.

The waitress.

Maybe he was so stressed worrying about the physical that he’d conjured her up in his mind to take away the fear. She looked so real. And how strange that he’d imagined her dressed in a doctor’s lab coat and not the waitress’ outfit. He hadn’t realized his mouth was partially open until he saw a reflection of himself in the shiny metal cabinet on the opposite wall.

“Hi Alex, I’m Doctor McQuire, and I think we met this morning at the café.”

McQuire. Now he realized why she looked familiar. She had similar eyes and jawline to Mike McQuire. The two were probably related.

“Doctor McQuire? You’re not a waitress?”

She pulled out a stool from under the desk and sat in front of him. Her hair was still tied up but much more neatly and professionally with no loose tendrils. She crossed her legs and the lab coat parted showing a black shirt and very shapely legs, the calf muscles so well defined that he guessed she worked out a lot.

“I’m Mike McQuire’s sister, and I volunteered to help out this morning.”

“So where’s Dr. Jackson?”

“He’s on sabbatical for a few months and I’m filling in while he’s gone.”

He should have asked, should have checked before he made the appointment, but how was he to know the doctor who’d been in this practice longer than Noah had built his ark would be away when he decided to get checked out. Bottom line was he didn’t want any female doctor checking out his bits and pieces, but especially not Dr. McQuire who he found downright gorgeous. How awkward would that get?

“I wasn’t aware he was out of town. In fact, I think I’ll wait until he comes back.”

Alex stood, suddenly realizing by the cool breeze around his butt that the robe had fallen away from his ass. He put his hands behind his back and grabbed it.

“I’m quite capable of giving you a physical. I mean I have my license. I’ll even let you see it if you want.”

Had he detected sarcasm in her comment? Surely she must hear this sort of thing all the time. Although he guessed, she was probably fresh out of her residency.

He shook his head. “Nothing against you, but I prefer a man to check me over.”

She stood. She bit her lip and then glared at him. “They warned me at medical school that this might happen.”

“What might happen?”

“Some male patients would be chauvinistic about female doctors.”

“What a minute, that’s not what I said or what I meant. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m anything but a chauvinist. I believe in women’s rights.”

“Just not women doctors examining men?”

“It’s not because I’m biased or anything like that.”

“Really? Because it looks like that to me.”

She crossed her arms like she was ready to pick a fight with him. She probably was and who could blame her. He’d be pretty pissed if a woman told him she’d rather wait for a female cop to come along and help her out or to take her statement. He had to assure her this wasn’t about her or her ability to do her job. He was confident that she was a great physician. The only way he could put her at ease was to be completely honest about why he didn’t want her examining him.

“Would you want some guy checking out your pussy?”

He swallowed, sensing he’d gone red by the familiar creep of warmth now traveling up his neck and into his jaw line. Damn, he’d meant to say that but not quite as bluntly and definitely not using that sort of slang. Too late to take it back and now she was looking like steam was about to erupt from both her ears. She was red in the face, and her lips downturned.

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