Alice Brown

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Alice is a retired military wife and homeschool mom. She started writing several years ago at her daughter’s insistence.

“You have a great imagination for storytelling.” She said. If only it was that easy. The first three books she wrote have been rewritten at least twenty times. “I am probably my own worst enemy when it comes to editing!” And it is her daughter and husband she turns to when she runs into a road block. “My daughter is great about giving me initial story ideas; and my husband has a wonderful imagination when it comes to the supernatural and sci-fi.”

When not writing, she loves reading, playing board games and cards with her family. “Friday night is family game night. I make homemade pizza and we play cards, board games, or Wii tennis and bowling. I have broken at least ten Wii tennis rackets from hitting the ceiling fan or furniture. I’ve even come close to hitting my own daughter!” Her daughter didn’t think it was very amusing, but still loves to sit on the couch and watch mom and dad at war.

“We are both very competitive, so we both play to win.” She and her husband have such an ongoing competition on the Wii tennis that she ended up having surgery on her elbow in February. The doctors got a good chuckle when they diagnosed it as tennis elbow and she explained the only tennis she plays is on the Wii!

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Q: What is your workspace like?

A: I have the most awesome desk set up anyone could ever have. We were given this HUGE “L” shaped desk with hutch a few years ago. It is big enough not only for me, but my daughter quite often uses the other end for her own writing. It is my little haven.

Q: Sum up yourself in 5 words.

A: Introverted, shy, stubborn, quiet, reserved.

Q: How do you juggle family, writing, etc.

A: I am still working on finding that perfect balance; but I have a wonderful husband and daughter that stand behind me. They can often be found pitching in with housework, cooking, research, etc. I couldn’t do what I do without them!

Q: What started you on writing paranormal?

A: I got hooked on a TV show that unfortunately only lasted one season; Moonlight. One look at Alex O’Loughlin and I was hooked! When the show was cancelled, I was upset. That is when my daughter started hounding me to write, giving me the idea of writing my own vampire story.

Q: What is your typical day like?

A: Much has changed in our household over the past year with my daughter graduating high school last spring and my husband retiring from the military earlier this year.

While there is still much adjusting to be done, I typically keep my mornings open for house chores, errands, socializing (facebook, website, etc.). My afternoons are devoted to my writing cave. I try to put everything away in the evenings in order to spend time with the family.

Q: What is your favorite piece of technology?

A: My IPhone, I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

Q: What things help with or distract from your writing?

A: Everything distracts! I am one of those writers that I have to have peace and quiet. My husband set up a man cave out in the garage so he could watch TV without disturbing me! My daughter will often come in and join me while I write, but she is well aware she has to keep quiet; and that’s okay with her because that’s how she gets her writing done also!

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