Alien Transaction

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 15,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

In exchange for her body she'll be granted her heart's desire.

Flora Dale makes a deal with an alien. In exchange for her body she'll be granted her heart's desire—to become a famous movie actress. She's given three years to enjoy her success before the alien returns to claim her.

Held on board a spaceship in a small cage, Flora discovers she's been duped. Believing she had agreed to one night, she's shocked when she finds out the term is actually for ten years.

Surprisingly, the alien exchanges Flora for space crystals, and she finds herself in the hands of another extraterrestrial. Gator, the huge, handsome man Flora believes has rescued her, actually has another plan in mind. He intends to swap Flora for the woman he loves who has been kidnapped by a ruthless space gang.

Flora is determined to change her fate, especially when she discovers Gator's love is a robot. She will show Gator—using whatever means necessary—that the human touch can make him forget all about his glorified machine.

Content Warning: contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language

Alien Transaction
0 Ratings (0.0)

Alien Transaction

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 15,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Fantasia Frog Designs

The alien and I entered a room that contained a large table and many chairs. Seated at the head of the table was a giant of a man who appeared to be human. Our gazes met and held as the alien pulled out two chairs and we both sat down across from the giant.

I gulped as my eyes perused the man. His hair was short and blond. Bare arms covered with an array of tattoos and rippling with muscles rested on the table. Even though he was seated, I could tell he was tall. Probably well over six and a half feet. A black t-shirt and a black leather vest strained against his chest. Blue eyes like a clear, bright sky watched me intently. I suddenly felt self-conscious, sitting there wearing my smelly, short dress covered in sweat and God knew what else. How I longed for an outfit, any outfit, from my mammoth walk-in closet.

"This is she?" the man asked in a deep voice that made me shiver.

"Yes," the alien replied. "Pretty. From Earth, as you…request."

Though they both had a strange alien lilt to their voices, at least I could understand what they said. My eyes scanned the room, desperate for an escape route. The only door I could detect was directly behind me. The windows I faced were long and wide, offering up breathtaking views of outer space. Stars and planets whirled by at an alarming pace, which seemed strange, considering the floor beneath me was steady and still.

If I made a run for it, I could probably bolt into the hall. But then what? I refused to accept the fact I was out of options. Somehow, someway, I must make an attempt to flee; otherwise, I'd never forgive myself.

Just as I was about to make my move, the giant reached into his vest and pulled out a small sack. Intrigued, I watched as he pushed it across the table and the alien took it. I wondered how it was going to open it with those hands, but it managed to tug the string a smidgen and then proceeded to dump the contents out. I saw an assortment of colorful crystals that seemed to pulse with light.

"So we have a deal?" the giant asked.

The alien nodded.

"A deal? What deal?"

Both of them ignored me.

The giant rose to his full height. Closer to seven feet. He strode down the length of the table and came up behind my chair. "Let's go."

I twisted my head, staring at him until understanding dawned on me. "Wait. You're selling me?" I looked at the alien for some sign of refusal, but it was intently pawing its gems.

"Come," the giant said, his voice deep and unrelenting.

What choice did I have but to get to my feet? The giant put his hand on my arm and led me from the room. The alien never once even turned to see the look of confusion and despair I knew I wore on my face. My presence, it seemed, was inconsequential. It had bartered me away without a single thought or care, as though I were a pretty trinket, easily replaced. But then again, he had a cargo hold full of pretty trinkets. I could only hope and pray that my fate would be kinder than theirs.

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