All About the Cowboy Box Set (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 38,541
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love sexy cowboys? No one does them better than multi-published M/M author J.D. Walker! Collected together in this box set for the first time are 5 hot and heavy western tales sure to knock off your boots! Contains the stories:

A Cowboy For Keeps: Slim Montagne stumbles over a bruised cowboy on his way out of town. Daniel "Danny" Crane is a world-weary drifter who has stopped believing in humanity. When Slim offers Danny a place to stay, he figures there's nothing left to lose. Back at the ranch, Slim introduces Danny to Ret and Roscoe, his lovers. And if he's willing, these three men would be happy to make Danny their cowboy, for keeps.

Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues: Lester 'Les' McCoy loves his country music. He's also in lust with Damien Ridley -- the 'metal boy' who lives downstairs -- despite his very loud music tastes which drive Les crazy! He's an old prairie bachelor, and thinks Damien is too young for him. But, a gay-bashing and some friendly advice lead Les to use Patsy Cline and canary yellow underpants to get the stud he's always wanted.

Save a Horse: Lanice Boudreaux has searched for the perfect cowboy since he turned twenty-one. But at age forty, he's yet to find him. Little does Lanice know that the love he craves has been right under his nose all along. It takes a randy Sheriff and a wakeup call from Ernie Trevine for Lanice to realize that love can find you, even when you're oblivious. Time to save a horse and ... well, you know.

Ride a Stud: Bo Clack has been in unrequited love with sheriff Bulldog McMurtry for years. And then one day, he catches the eye of Sam Kinsey, a regular guest at one of the sheriff's weekend orgies. But Sam can't seem to say the right thing, and the bumbling efforts of Bo's friends to get them together make things worse. Everyone is trying to help Bo move on and find happiness with Sam. Should he let them?

Tame the Sheriff: What does a lonely sheriff do when all his friends are no longer single? Nicholas "Bulldog" McMurtry might prefer being footloose, but underneath it all, he longs for companionship in a way he can understand. When Russ Soames gives Bulldog a night to remember, the sheriff isn't sure if his fancy-free notions are worth the loss of someone who could become special.

All About the Cowboy Box Set (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

All About the Cowboy Box Set (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 38,541
0 Ratings (0.0)
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EXCERPT FROM "Ride a Stud"

In the middle of the week, while I was eating lunch and checking my personal email, a message popped up from an unknown address. The subject line read, KenKen tournament. Okay ...

I opened it and learned I’d been invited to participate in a competition to be held at a library in the city. It was open to everyone, any age and would be held on Memorial Day, a little over a month from now. Who the hell knew I played KenKen in my spare time? I was in a few online clubs and participated in forums, but ... Then I saw the signature line. Oh no. Please tell me Bulldog hadn’t given Sam my personal information. What, were they besties now? Shit!

I immediately picked up the office phone and dialed the sheriff’s office. Bulldog answered, so I guess his deputy was on break.

“How could you?” I asked, not even bothering with a greeting.

“How could I what, Bo? And good afternoon to you, too, fussy britches.”

“You know what, you little turd. I didn’t ask you to give Sam Kinsey my email address. You’re messing with things that don’t concern you.”

“All I’m trying to do is give you an opportunity--” he stressed that word deliberately--“to spend some time with the man. He’d be good for you. Heaven knows I never will be, and you need to get that out of your head already, for the love of God.”

I sucked in a breath, but before I could give a scathing reply, Bulldog said, “Just give the guy a chance, would you? I know for a fact that he’s pretty damn hot in bed, and I think he would suit you to a ‘T.’”

“I really didn’t need to hear that part, Bulldog,” though it was ... intriguing.

“Just trying to help. You know I’d screw your tight ass in a heartbeat, but that’s all it would ever be. I bet you’re super tight, too. Ooh, I wonder if we could do a three-way. That would be hotter than hell, I bet.” I heard his chuckle over the phone and bristled.

“Fuck you, you unrepentant bastard, and stay the hell out of my business, damn it,” I yelled and hung up on him.

Jesus, it was like dealing with matchmaking old biddies, no disrespect meant to the little purple-haired old ladies I adored in town.

It was as if the universe was underlining my decision to move the hell on, already, and I was even getting help from my unrequited crush. What the fuck?

I looked at that message again, trying to decide if I really wanted to open that particular door. What do you have to lose? a voice whispered inside my head. Everything.

I waited until closer to bedtime when I was propped up against the pillows with my laptop. I replied to the message: I’ll participate in the competition, but don’t expect anything else. I hit send and brought up one of my favorite videos so I could apply Nature’s best sleeping pill.

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