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Alone by Choice

Real Women, True Love

Mojocastle Press

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 5,305
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Laverne has no interest in a man. After her ex-husband hurt her, she decided not to let another man get under her skin. She is happy with her life just the way it is. She has her business, her two sons, and her small group of friends. But every woman has needs.

Laverne made it clear in her profile online that she is just interested in sex and not a relationship. Known as Sassysexkitten, Laverne has been communicating online with someone she hopes is a man with the ID of LongtallTexan. She has put off meeting him even though he has asked her for a face-to-face confrontation on more than one occasion.

Finally, Laverne decides to take the bull by the horns and offers him a chance to meet her in person. Will Laverne get more than she bargained for?

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The week came and went and by Friday, Laverne was so tired she looked forward to being alone. When seven rolled around and the deadbeat ex hadn't showed up, she got on the phone and chewed his ass out. Thirty minutes later, he was on her doorstep.
Laverne hugged and kissed the boys. “I'll see ya'll on Sunday.”
They ran and jumped in the truck while the ex stood in her doorway. “Don't you ever think about me?”
Laverne wrapped her arms around herself. “Well, you know, the other night I had a wet dream about you.” She winked at him. “I dreamed your dumb ass drowned. Now get the hell out off my porch.”
Rushing to her room, she flopped in her chair at the computer. Before turning on the instant messenger, she popped open a Dr. Pepper and shoved a Pecan Sandie in her mouth.
LongtallTexan: [7:42] Where ya been, Sweetie? I was just about to get off here.
Sassysexkitten: [7:43] Well, don't let me keep you, go do what ya gotta do.
LongtallTexan: [7:44] Hey baby, give me your phone number, I wanna hear your voice.
Sassysexkitten: [7:44] Better yet, why don't you meet me somewhere?
LongtallTexan: [7:45] Are you serious? Don't be jacking around with me.
Sassysexkitten: [7:45] Look, I know you live around here, so meet me at Cowboys. If you can figure out who I am, then I will go anywhere with you. If you can't, then you're shit out of luck.
She quickly hit the X, closing down the program, and left her computer to stand in front of the dresser. She looked in the mirror. “What the hell did you just do?

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