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Alyx C. LaCroix is a single, solitary writer who prefers quiet evenings at home with her two cats to social events or activities. Favored haunts of the reclusive writer include local libraries, day spas, thrift stores and antique shops. Though writing is her self-professed favored of all artistic crafts, Alyx also dedicates herself to drawing, singing and dabbling in theater and painting.
     A quiet and reserved individual, Alyx is more than a little amazed that writing erotica comes so easily. Though very little of her writing comes from personal experience, Alyx would like to assure fans and critics alike that she is deeply passionate and highly enthusiastic about every aspect of her work.

Q: As a reader, who were the biggest influences to the development of your craft?

A: As far as the influence of other writers, I would have to say Anne Rice has been the biggest literary influence on me. I read my first Anne Rice book at a young age and was fascinated from chapter one. I had to sneak them into my room and read them late at night so that my mother wouldn't find out what I was doing! I never had much support as far as my writing goes with those close to me. None of my family approved and I was too timid to approach any of my friends with my work. Therefore, the biggest influences have been other writers, the successful individuals I idolize and want to be like.

Q: Is your writing at all influenced by your own experiences?

A: As stated in my bio, not much comes from my own life, sad to say. However, it is safe to admit that several of the situations the characters find themselves in are not far from my own imaginings and fantasies. I will leave it up to the reader to decide which are simple aspects of the craft and which are thoughts and desires of the writer herself.

Q: If you could choose to meet any of your characters in flesh and blood, as real people, who would be your preference?

A: All of my characters are created to be engaging and interesting, so that would certainly be a hard choice to come to! I must admit, however, that I modeled the Prince Aja after some of my more personal fancies for a male partner. The strong, dark-haired, loyal, mystical man with love for people and family has been a dream guy of mine for quite some time. Aja is phenomenally sexy and appealing-as much for his looks as for his deep passion and strong personality. If I had to meet anyone in flesh and blood, I suppose it would have to be the sexy, strong, green-eyed Prince.

Q: The Taming is obviously a highly adult novel with a fantasy-centered storyline. What did you imagine your audience being for this particular work?

A: While I, myself was a reader of most explicit material from a young age, I did not set out intending anyone other than adults to enjoy this particular work. What I did try to focus on, however, was appealing to those in the fantasy-driven field as well as those who enjoy erotica: My aim was to tie the erotica into the storyline but to mainly concern the book with the story. The magic, adventure and fantasy is the biggest part of this book-not the sex. However, without the physical aspect, the fantasy would not exist. I wanted to create a balance of sensual vision and magical happenings that would be enjoyable to anyone looking for a little something different. Drawing from two markets at once-the fantasy aspect and the erotica-I was hoping to cast a large net and catch many loyal readers who would be appreciative of all facets of this literary gem.

Q: It seems odd that a woman who prefers to be alone would write such fiery and sensual works. Why so reclusive and secretive if your writing is so experimental and outrageous?

A: Just for that reason, perhaps. I come from a strong Catholic background, for one thing. Can you imagine how my Mimi would react, knowing that I write about pre-marital sex, at the most tame? On top of that, I was always just kind of quiet. I never really cared much for making friends, though I do like people. I suppose it's a character failing of mine-I am and have always been shy and contained. Though I have had this story finished for years, I finally convinced myself to try to get it published no matter that it may garner some exposure. When it comes to my writing, I care more for my craft than my privacy.

Q: Speaking of your family, any information on them?

A: My family and I don't speak much. I moved away after a falling out with my mother and that pretty much cut communication. I have siblings, probably the people who matter most to me. We talk. Not as often as I'd like, but we do talk. I mostly keep contact with everyone via email. I'm so busy with everything else in my life; it keeps me pretty occupied.

Q: Sounds like you have a lot going on. What's a brief description of your daily schedule?

A: I usually wake up around 6:30, 7:00 am. On a lazy day, I may lay around until closer to 8:00 or 9:00. My cats usually end up waking me if I don't get out of bed immediately. They're more used to set schedules than I am. J I have two of them, as I've said. Phoebus and SanghA: Neither of them live up to their names. Phoebus is fat and lounges around all day, not fit for a Sun God (or maybe he actually does have the right ideA:) Sangha tries to live up to her namesake but she's too little to be any kind of true tiger. J They like their morning milk while I have my morning coffee. Usually that's followed by a workout, a small breakfast, shower and then off to work. My work schedule depends on my boss's mood of the day, I come and go whenever she prefers. My job is boring and keeps me from what I really want to be doing-writing. If I'm not working, I'm doing that. Rarely, I'll get an itch and want to go out and about. When I do, I'll head to the library to see if they have any new books in. I might hit up the antique shop or beauty parlor, as well. My days are pretty boring, but my cats keep good company. They usually fall asleep on the couch with me while I'm working on my laptop or watching a movie, which I do a lot. From there, it's off to bed and onto another day.

Q: So much for briefOnto the next question-what are your plans for your writing career? Do you intend to publish more novels?

A: Most certainly! I am currently working on continuing The Taming Trilogy with the next two books: Taming Moonlight and Forever Tamed. After those, who knows? I have some ideas for some more erotic novels and maybe even a drama or sci-fi thrown in for good measure. J The sky's the limit with crafts in the creative field and I intend to put that lack of boundaries to good use.

Q: Last question- What's your sign? No, I'm just kidding. Actually, I'm interested to know-anything out of the ordinary you'd be willing to share with the readers? Any 'character tidbits' we could know about the author that maybe many other people don't?

A: Sure, I'll share some 'tidbits'. Scorpio, by the way. My astrological sign is Scorpio. I'm actually a big fan of Astrology, along with Palmistry. I've studied Latin. I am terrified of spiders and seaweed, along with any insects with shells and swimming where I can't see the bottom. I've loved and lost and don't believe the old adage. I am a closet-case survivalist and have been following the news story of the 'Big Bang' device they've been working on for quite some time. I don't like to drive. My favorite music is country but my favorite singer is Katy Perry. Anything more and you'd know me better than my kin, so I guess I'll stop there. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the books!

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