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Amanda's Amorous Aliens (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 31,429
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, time travel, sex toys, HEA]


Forget the fact that it was supposed to be the most important day in her life, ignore the evidence that someone sabotaged her test flight and years of hard work, and don’t even mention that it’s her goddamn birthday…

Aliens? Seriously?

But…hmmm… Ripped, gorgeous, deliciously sexy aliens…yumm-oh.

Karriak-Sektannen wanted to be alone. He didn’t want, need, or welcome a female intruder, and with his time of telkobar close he didn’t need the distraction. And, if he had the choice over again, he’d buy a less sarcastic computer. Stupid pretend-personality programs…

Amanda Hasbro has no choice—she’s stuck here until the rift in time reopens. Karriak-Sektannen is an interesting time-filling distraction, and things just get more fun when his brothers arrive.

With a smart-ass computer that seems determined to undermine their resistance, can four alien brothers resist the adventurous and sexy human long enough to send her home?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
OMG What an amazing book. I made sure I had the ebook on every device so I could read it no matter were I was. This is not a book to miss. 100% Recommended

- redd1881

Professional Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "Amanda has had to work hard to get to where she is just because she is a woman in a man’s world. After all of her hard work it is finally coming true. That is until the man who doesn’t want her to get any where calls off her project when she is in her space craft and she can’t eject. It gets even more weird when she finds out that she is sucked into a rift in time. Karriak-Sektannen is in space by himself waiting for the person that he has been sent to check out. He only has a computer for company. When you listen to these two you can’t help but laugh at them. Everything seems to be working out until Amanda lands and he has to find a way to get her back to her time and Earth before his brothers come. That is when he won’t be able to think straight and his hormones will get the best of him. I really want to say more but if I do I will be giving the story away. I am glad that I didn’t read any reviews on this book or the surprise I got wouldn’t have been all that great. I will just have to say that the way you meet his brother’s is one that I would love to see. I wish it would happen in real life. This is one book that you need to read and yes there is some toys and M/F/M/M." -- Crystal, Smile Somebody Loves You




Amanda couldn’t even begin to hide the smirk covering her face. She was almost certain now that she’d crashed her test craft somewhere and was having delusions. No way in hell was she standing in the middle of an alien spacecraft, listening to a giant of a man—a Kobarian man at that—argue with a computer program. Obviously she’d broken her brain.

He gave her an exasperated look before gripping her hand harder and practically dragging her from what seemed to be the cargo bay and into the ship proper.

“Wow, cool place,” she said, laughing hysterically as she looked around. The interior of the ship even looked like some of her more outrageous imaginings. Nearly every wall was covered in screens and blinking lights and flashing messages. There was a chair that seemed to be big enough for several humans, or perhaps one giant Kobarian, sort of floating in the middle of the room.

“Slightly bigger than the bridge on your ship, huh?” Karriak-Sektannen asked, not slowing down, but apparently just passing through the area to get somewhere else.

“Most definitely,” she said, wondering how badly injured she must be to have such elaborate delusions. “But we called it a cockp—” She cut off the word, not certain she should have touched that subject, but realizing too late that she’d just made things worse. “We call it a cockpit,” she said, quickly trying to hide her gaffe. It’s not like the word had anything to do with sex. It was just the place where the pilot sat as he…or she…hey, hang on a second! Was it the pit where they placed the man and his cock? Damn, aviation really was geared to the male psyche. So not fair!

Karriak-Sektannen was looking at her strangely. “Are you all right?” he asked, sounding concerned.

“Fucking fabulous.”

His eyes widened momentarily at her sarcastic comment, but then he breathed out on a half laugh and grinned happily. “I suppose as unexpected visitors go, at least you’re not boring.”


* * * *


Boring didn’t begin to describe the long, long list of tests her own personal Kobarian helper told her he was about to do. She’d been half expecting to be here for several days, so the donut-shaped X-ray-looking machine that slid over her from head to toe and back again wasn’t all that surprising. What did surprise her, though, was Karriak-Sektannen shaking his head almost sadly, as he told her everything seemed to be fine.

“So why are you disappointed?” she asked, feeling an unreasonable annoyance. He’d just run every scan and blood test known to man, and some she was fairly certain humans had never considered, so she should probably be grateful.

“I’m not disappointed,” he said defensively. “I’m relieved that you are undamaged and will be able to go home as soon as you fix your little ship.”

“Sir, sorry to interrupt,” the computer said, sounding somehow like a stereotypical English butler now, “but I thought you might like to know that the fracture has closed.”

“It what? No, that can’t be right. Check again!”

“Are you that desperate to get rid of me?” Amanda asked, despite the fact that she was eager to get home. What the hell was wrong with her? She was acting like a scorned lover. Hadn’t she decided barely twenty minutes ago that this was all just a delusion?

“What?” Karriak-Sektannen asked, looking annoyed as hell. “No, I’m not desperate to get rid of you.”

“Yes, he is,” the computer added helpfully.

“No. I. Am. Not!” Karriak-Sektannen said, seeming to grind out every word through a tightly clenched jaw.

“So I can stay then?” she asked sweetly.

“It would appear,” Karriak-Sektannen said, his eyes never leaving the screen in front of him, “that at this stage you have nowhere to go.”

“Oh how dreadfully terrible,” the computer said. “You know of course that the increased oxygen will hasten—”

Karriak-Sektannen cut off the computer voice, laughing in triumph when the display screens in the room flashed a rude, human-style gesture over and over.

“It’s better than listening to your constant prattle,” Karriak-Sektannen said to the computer as if it were a real person.

I can still type flashed up onto the screen.

“And if you type one word I find offensive I will definitely be reprogramming your sorry excuse for an artificial intelligence.”

The screen image that flashed up was supposed to be more offensive than the first, but this time it involved a full-grown male monkey. Amanda bit her lip, trying not to giggle at the image. Flinging waste products at one’s opponents seemed very much symbolic of the current argument between man and machine.

“Please excuse my computer. It obviously has no manners programmed into it.”

Amanda was even smiling at him until she realized the computer had likely been trying to tell her something that Karriak-Sektannen didn’t want her to know.

“What will the increased oxygen hasten?”

Karriak-Sektannen dropped his head forward, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. “Nothing that should concern you,” he said quietly. “Just a personal matter.”

“Oh,” she said, swallowing the urge to demand details. She couldn’t be certain, with him being an alien and all, but she would have sworn he was blushing. Perhaps “personal matter” really meant personal matter.




“This looks very beautiful on you,” Karriak said, lifting the soft lace away from her skin, “but it needs to come off.” She nodded, groaning when Karriak moved to lift the material over her head and Sektannen dropped his hands lower, brushing over the sensitive flesh of her mound.

Karriak dipped his head, sucking her hard nipple into the warm cavern of his mouth, as Sektannen hooked his fingers into the sides of her G-string and worked the scrap of material down her legs. Amanda had never been more grateful for her kooky, slightly superstitious preflight habit of shaving everywhere but her head. Considering how long the hairs on her legs had been yesterday, she was suddenly very grateful for the OCD-ish type behavior. But it didn’t stop her knees from wobbling uncontrollably. Only Karriak’s firm grip on her hips stopped her from falling to the floor.

“Bed,” Sektannen growled as he lifted her into his arms and actually threw her onto the mattress. Thank heavens it was a big bed, or she might have bounced off the other side. Both men climbed onto the bed, stalking toward her, their expressions wicked, their lust for her obvious.

“Karriak?” she asked as one of them crawled right over the top of her, caging her between his strong arms and thighs. He shook his head, tilted it toward the man beside him, and winked. “H–How do I tell you apart?”

Maybe not the most important question considering the long, hard, thick—oh, wow—cock pressing between her legs, but one she felt the need to ask. Call her old fashioned, but she did like to know the name of the man she was about to fuck.

“Mark,” Sektannen said as he slid down her body and wedged his shoulders between her thighs.

“Huh?” The answer, though cryptic, suddenly seemed unimportant. Sektannen’s fingers caressed the swollen folds of her pussy, his tongue laving over the soft flesh, his strong arms holding her still as he began to explore her intimately.

“This mark,” Karriak said, showing her the tattoo-like mark on the inside of his wrist. She’d noticed it on Karriak-Sektannen earlier, except that then it had looked something like a very fancy version of the four points on a compass. Karriak’s mark looked like only two arrows, one pointing up, one pointing down. “Sektannen’s points left and right.”

“Oh,” she said, barely comprehending the words as Sektannen did something to her pussy that set her nerves ablaze. She was beginning to shake all over.

Holy shit.

Karriak grinned, leaned over, and pressed his lips to hers. His tongue snaked inside, exploring her mouth as thoroughly as Sektannen explored her pussy. She moaned as Sektannen shifted, and the bed dipped slightly as he moved. Karriak broke away, placed a wide hand on his brother’s shoulder, and shoved. Sektannen fell sideways, laughing as Karriak slid down the bed and pressed his mouth to her pussy.

“Apparently,” Sektannen said with a laugh, “Karriak needs to taste you before I’m allowed to fuck you.”

She might have giggled if Karriak hadn’t chosen that moment to wrap his hands under her ass, lift her pussy to his mouth, and thrust his tongue into her over and over and over.

“You’re very beautiful like this,” Sektannen said, sweeping the hair out of her eyes. “I think you would be even more beautiful in release.”

“What?” His mouth was moving, but she wasn’t really sure she understood the words. Release? What the hell was that? “Oh, fuck,” she gasped out as everything inside her pulled tight. Karriak kept tormenting her, holding her still against the urge to move away.

Too much. Too soon. Oh, wow. Too late.

Her body exploded into movement, shivering, shaking, her breath catching, her fingers tingling, her toes curling. Every cell vibrated, the sensations so intense, so overwhelming, so incredible that she could barely comprehend what was going on. She closed her eyes, undulating against the mattress, a soft keening moan escaping her lips as she slowly came down from the heavens.

She panted hard, trying to relax, trying to catch her breath, trying and failing to understand what had just happened.

Seriously. What the fuck was that?

“I knew you’d be beautiful in release,” Sektannen said, soothing her with long sweeping motions of his hands along her thigh. Karriak moved to lay on her other side. His lips were shiny with her juices, his grin purely masculine and most definitely smug.

“Release?” she asked again, trying to slow her breathing. She felt like she’d just run the fifty-yard dash at record speed.

“What is it that humans call it?” Sektannen asked, looking at his brother.

“Perhaps ‘climax’ is the word more commonly used,” Karriak offered. Both turned their gazes on her.

“Climax? As in orgasm?” She shook her head. She’d never had an orgasm like that one. That was something else. That was…something incredible, alien, definitely not human. Granted, she wasn’t the most experienced woman, but no man had ever made her feel like that. Correction, no human man.

“Ah, orgasm,” Sektannen said with a broad grin. “Would you like another?”

She giggled, nearly as hysterically as she’d done earlier when Karriak-Sektannen had divided in two. But it didn’t stop her from nodding her head and whispering the word “yes.”


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