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An Unusual Desconian Marriage (MMFF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 20,759
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/F/F, with M/M and F/F, voyeurism, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

The rules on Earth have changed.

Chosen to protect and find suitable marriages for a group of human women expelled from their planet, Katarnia takes her duty very seriously.

Jaegan and Luddeke love their wife. Katarnia is everything they’ve ever wanted and more. If that means no children for any of them, then that’s what their future will be. No regrets. No doubts. No worries.

But when Katarnia brings Deanna into their lives, determined to step back so that Jaegan and Luddeke can take a new mubella, they find themselves torn. Deanna is sweet and shy and innocently sexy, and very easy to love, but they refuse to set their wife aside.

Perhaps Earth is not the only planet that can change its rules.

Why can’t Desconians live in quad relationships?

Convincing the kings won’t be easy.

But convincing Katarnia and Deanna? Hell, that’s a whole lot of fun.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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I love this author and this series.

- Andi

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Jaegan was so happy to hear his wife’s voice that he didn’t even stop to wonder who she was talking to. He practically ran into the kitchen, gathered her in his arms, and kissed her the way he’d wanted to since their abandoned play-party plans.

She kissed him back for a few happy moments, but then patted his cheek and moved away. He kept his arm around her, so he didn’t let her go far. Katarnia turned to face the other woman in his kitchen.

“I’m assuming this is Jaegan,” the human said with a humorous glint in her eye.

“Yes, this is Jaegan.” Katarnia leaned up to press a kiss to the underside of his jaw. “Jaegan, this is Deanna.”

So this was the woman Katarnia had been telling them about. “It’s great to finally meet you,” he said honestly. He’d been very curious about the human who’d not only helped them to identify what was happening on that first transport months ago, but had also become a good friend to his wife.

“Why are you home early?” Katarnia asked curiously.

“The Gahbotian delegation was recalled to Gahbot for an urgent inquest into misappropriated funds. Considering the money they were splashing around I’m thinking it could be a good long while before we need to deal with their complaining asses again.”

“So you’ve got some time off?” Luddeke asked as he wandered into the kitchen.

“Several days, in fact.” Jaegan pulled his husband into his embrace, kissed him soundly, and only then wondered if his behavior was making Deanna uncomfortable. He’d taken his clothes off the moment he’d stepped foot into their apartment. His cock had risen at the sight of his wife’s delectable ass and had drawn to full salute when he’d held both his mubella and tredellabina in his arms. At least they were comfortable being naked with a human in the room. He peeked at Deanna, noticed she was dressed in the fairly simple style of most Desconians, and wondered what to do now.

He’d had visions of lifting Katarnia onto the bench and fucking her hard and fast before grabbing Luddeke and doing the same to him.

But then the problems they’d had the night before came back to him and he hesitated for more than just the one reason.

“It’s probably best if we postpone my visit,” Deanna said, giving him an apologetic smile. “I know that all three of you haven’t had time off together in quite a while. I can always visit next time.”

“Don’t be silly,” Luddeke said, leaning up to press a kiss to Jaegan’s mouth before moving away. “We have more than enough room, and we’ve always enjoyed having an audience.” Jaegan noticed his man was semihard as well, but unlike Jaegan, he wasn’t trying to hide it in front of their visitor.

“Audience?” he asked Katarnia when Luddeke’s words finally sank in.

Katarnia nodded. “Of course. Deanna has spent months learning about Desconian sexual behavior. It’s probably about time she got to see it firsthand.”

“Oh,” Jaegan said inanely. It seemed so strange to be arguing this point. They’d claimed their wife in front of hundreds of witnesses. Why was he going all “human” in reaction to a single human in his house?

“Jaegan, if me being here makes you uncomfortable, I don’t mind going back to the compound.”

“No,” Jaegan said quickly, trying to undo the damage he’d done by not simply being himself. “I’m actually really glad you’re here. Katarnia has told us so much about you. I already feel like I know you.” Luddeke still looked unconvinced and moved to place his arms around Deanna in an affectionate hug. “I’m sorry,” Jaegan said, smiling at his husband’s instinct to protect the woman’s feelings. “I’m overthinking things. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been around a new human.”

“It’s okay,” Deanna said with a confident smile. “I promise not to freak out, although I am liable to ask a million questions.”

Jaegan smiled. “That, I think I can live with.”




“Am I dreaming?” Deanna couldn’t stop herself from asking.

Jaegan gave her a warm smile. “No, you’re not dreaming, but I’d be happy to give you a spanking if you need convincing.”

“Hey,” Katarnia said with a laugh in her voice. “I thought you just promised to be gentle.”

“I also promised to make her part of our family,” he said as he lay down on the mattress beside her. “Nothing more clearly displays who you belong to than my handprint on your bottom.”

“True,” Katarnia said with a wide grin, “but how about we bring our mubellabina to screaming orgasm first?”

“I like that idea,” Luddeke said as he slid onto the other side of the mattress and watched as Katarnia moved onto the end of the bed. Both men grasped Deanna by one knee, pulling her legs open wide as Katarnia dipped her head toward Deanna’s pussy. Deanna could barely breathe as Katarnia ran her fingers through the soft curls that hid her clit.

“These are quite pretty,” she said as Deanna’s muscles clenched from the soft touch, “but you will look amazing with Lud’s and Jaegan’s family crests painted on your skin.” She traced a finger over Deanna’s mound. “Right here is where the two designs meet.” She rolled her finger over the slippery skin just above Deanna’s throbbing clit.

Deanna opened her mouth to say something, but only a soft moan escaped. She gasped even more loudly when Katarnia pried her pussy lips open with her thumbs and licked up the length of her slit. She writhed against the mattress, squirming against Jaegan’s and Luddeke’s holds before both men lowered their heads to her breasts and took her hard nipples in their mouths. Jaegan flicked his tongue over and over the sensitive nub, while Luddeke sucked hard against her other breast, the sensations so different but both ramping her arousal much, much higher.

She nearly shrieked when Katarnia pushed two fingers into her pussy, her mouth settling over Deanna’s clit, sucking and licking the amazingly sensitive spot that had Deanna fighting against her lovers’ embraces.

“Come for us,” Jaegan ordered and then bit down gently on her nipple.

Heat exploded through her, stealing her breath, her muscles shuddering with each new wave of sensation, the feelings so much more intense than she’d ever imagined. Her pussy pulsed, clamping down on Katarnia’s fingers as she slowly moved them inside her body. Katarnia continued to suckle her clit, laving her tongue over Deanna’s shivering nerves again and again as waves of heat flowed over her skin and the feeling of fizzy bubbles popping inside her went on and on and on.

Slowly, Deanna came back to herself, the sensation of sinking into the mattress both comforting and maybe a little weird. She smiled as Katarnia crawled up the bed, straddling her waist as she pressed a kiss to her lips.

“I love how you taste,” Katarnia said. She turned her head to kiss first Jaegan and then Luddeke.

“Mmmm, I love how you taste, too,” Luddeke said. He smiled wickedly and then slid down the bed. With Katarnia still braced over the top of her, Luddeke dipped his tongue into Deanna’s pussy. She bucked instinctively, the intense sensation too much for her oversensitive flesh. Luddeke placed a hand on each of her thighs, forcing her legs open and pinning her to the bed. She moaned, unable to control her spiral back toward orgasm.

Jaegan watched her closely, his smile widening a moment before she lost focus. She felt something brush against her lips. Confused, she tried to move back to see what it was.

“Open,” Jaegan said in that deep, resonating voice. Wow. She was quickly beginning to understand why Katarnia and Luddeke found the man impossible to resist. Deanna did as she was told, licking gently at the hard nub that pressed into her mouth. Katarnia shivered above her as Deanna sucked harder, drawing her lover’s breast deeper into her mouth.

Just as she was about to explode in orgasm once more, everything stopped.

She cried out at the sudden loss and opened her eyes to find Luddeke above her. “I’m going to make love to you now. Is that okay?” She could feel his hard cock pressed against her pussy, but he didn’t move, his arms shaking slightly as he waited for her answer.

“More than okay,” she said, leaning up to kiss him with all the emotion in her heart. For weeks now, she’d been building a friendship with these three people. Only in her wildest imaginings had things taken such a beautiful turn.

He entered her gently, his thick cock filling her long-unused channel slowly, her muscles fluttering around him, caressing his length lovingly as she welcomed him into her body, and into her heart. As if he understood the importance of the moment, he locked gazes with her, watching her as he began to move.

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