Mad for the Billionaire

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 24,514
0 Ratings (0.0)

*Formerly released as "An Unwanted Obsession."*

Alexander Monroe Draven II had been my everything. My first love, my first man, my first heartbreak...

My first taste of madness.

Certain we were doomed to fail, I walked out on the love of my life nine years before and painstakingly constructed another persona. One who was poised, even-tempered, and outwardly bore no resemblance to the broken girl forever pining for a love that wasn't meant to be.

It had become my shell for so long I could almost believe it, despite the long nights of searching out Alexander's electronic footprint as he became one of the most wealthiest men in tech. However, my facade shattered when he'd bought out the company I worked for just as it was on the brink of collapse. Alexander didn't let me avoid him, easily capturing me in plain sight and maneuvering it so I would have lunch with him. I let my guard down, thinking I could control myself around him.

I was wrong. Now the man I still loved with frightening intensity wanted me back, but that wasn't all he wanted.

"I want you on the floor, kneeling at my feet."

Alexander wanted total control over me or nothing at all. And I only had one minute to make my decision...

NOTE: This is a 24,400 word novella (approximately 88 pages.)

Mad for the Billionaire
0 Ratings (0.0)

Mad for the Billionaire

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 24,514
0 Ratings (0.0)
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A killing-soft smile landed at the corners of his lips. He waited, patient and watchful. Where was he going with this? What was he trying to prove that he hadn’t already proved a million times before? There was only one way to find out.

“Fine.” I walked over to him, fixated on the beacon of his arm. Chin up and defiance oozing with every rigid step until I stood at his knee. “Happy now?” I snapped, doing little to be gracious over my capitulation.

“Not by a long shot, baby.” Alexander appraised me, doing nothing to disguise it. “I never cared for your anger before. I saw it as something to be eliminated and subdued. Now I know the great potential it has for us both.”

Warmth drizzled, softening my insolence. My belly clenched. My nipples tightened to twin points, vividly remembering the hot tug of Alexander’s lips. The urge to cross my arms and cover my chest tangled with the urge to rip off my shirt.

Push, pull, want, deny. Seductive madness could only lie this way.

“Sophia, I want you to do something for me.”

I coughed, trying to disguise my body’s response as an aberration. “Yes?”

“I want you to sit down.”

“Okay.” I turned to find the nearest chair.

“Stop.” Alexander waited silently until I looked back at him, eyebrow raised quizzically. “Not there.”

“Then where?”

Alexander pointed to the floor. I followed his finger, seeing his polished, leather shoes and the empty space before them.

I shook my head and backed away. “On the floor?”

“Yes. I want you on the floor, kneeling at my feet.”

I reached out to steady myself. My fingertips dug into the side of the desk. “You want me at your feet.”



Alexander tilted his head. “Because it would please me.”

Jesus fucking Christ!

Violent lust ricocheted through my body, instantly piercing my core. I tightened my thighs, finding perverse, thrilling pleasure in the idea of obeying him. My mind whirled into overdrive, looking for any reason to drown out the instinct demanding I obey.

“Are you serious, Alexander? You’re not joking with me?”

He stared me down, mouth tight and eyes blazing with implacable domination. “On your knees. Now.”

My knees buckled. Still keeping hold of the desk, I sank down, down, down, until my legs folded beneath me. My heart hammered, beating so hard against my chest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to scream in fear or delight.

“Breathe, Sophia.”

“I…I…am.” Fear gripped me strong. My panicked gaze jumped around. I couldn’t believe what I had done. Worse, how come it felt so right?

Alexander’s warm hand cupped my chin. “You’re doing beautifully, Sophia. Look at me. I said look at me. Now just breathe for me. In and out. That’s it. Good girl.”

I patterned my breathing after his. Lost in his black gaze, I watched the world fall away. Nothing existed but him.

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