Angel of Wisdom

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 27,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

To love and protect always.

Uriel, the Archangel of Wisdom, is in Rome taking in the sights when he becomes embroiled in a battle with demons. He gets overpowered and out of nowhere a mysterious, red-haired woman suddenly appears and rescues him.

Aileen, a librarian who is also a Druid priestess, has the ability to astral travel. When she sees a man being beaten by demons on the banks of the Tiber River she travels there to save him. Somehow, she brings both of them back to Ireland, and now her quiet life is about to be turned upside down.

Unbeknownst to them, the demons have tracked them down, and they kidnap Aileen's niece. Time is running out, and as Aileen and Uriel work together to find the little girl, they start to fall for one another. However, it is forbidden for an Archangel to love a human. Will Uriel defy his Heavenly Father for this quiet, intelligent woman, and can they locate Aileen's niece in time to save her?

Content Warning: contains strong sexual content and violence

Angel of Wisdom
0 Ratings (0.0)

Angel of Wisdom

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 27,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Fantasia Frog Designs

Archangel Uriel walked the halls of the Vatican. He treaded among the bishops running around in their robes and carrying on with their duties. No one noticed him. As one of God's highest ordained warriors, he came and went as he pleased between the realms of Earth and Heaven, doing his Father's bidding.

As the leader of his archangel brothers and warriors, Uriel was a force to be reckoned with. Demons feared him and quaked at the mention of his name. None of them survived in his presence.

Just as Uriel was about to close his eyes and teleport back to the times of the gladiators, he heard a woman scream. Turning in the direction of the noise, he instantly sensed demonic presence. He teleported to the woman and saw three demons bent over her twitching body. He drew out his battle axe, and it gleamed a turquoise blue.

Uriel launched at the nearest demon and brought the axe down on its skull. He heard a satisfying crack, and the demon fell to the ground, his body lifeless. The other two demons ran away as soon as they saw their comrade dead on the ground.

Uriel went over to the woman and saw that her body was twitching in a seizure. Sometimes a demon would try to entrance or hypnotize a human into doing their will, and if the human resisted, it could cause seizures, heart attacks, or even death, depending on the strength of the demon doing the entrancement.

Taking a handkerchief out of his pocket, Uriel rolled it up, then gently pried the woman's mouth open to insert it. He stayed with her until her seizure passed. Then he took out his cellphone and dialed for an ambulance to come pick her up.

He took the handkerchief out of the woman's mouth, rolled her to her side, and made himself invisible to the human eye when he heard the sirens of an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, they quickly assessed the unconscious woman, then they placed her on a stretcher and put her in the ambulance. The moment the ambulance sped off, Uriel turned his attention to the demons.

Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the auras of the demons. He saw them convening by the banks of the Tiber River. They had grabbed more recruitments and were together in a circle. Uriel teleported there to join them.

He materialized soundlessly with his battle axe in hand, ready to kill the demons. He approached a demon kneeling down and was about to strike him when the sound of chants filled the air. Uriel looked around and realized the demons were all on their knees, chanting in unison.

"Oh, Goddess of the Waters, Queen of Darkness. Hear us as we call your name. Your children need you. Come and guide us."

To Uriel's surprise, a mist began to rise from the river. His psychic senses told him the chanting was encouraging a powerful force to rise from within the depths of the water. He needed to break the spell, so he swung his battle axe and took off the demon's head in front of him.

The rest of the demons jumped up and blasted him with a powerful psychic energy. He blocked it with his energy shield and then sent his own psychic energy back at them, which caused them to fly off. Some ran away and scattered after the blast. The bolder ones came back and engaged him in combat.

Uriel tried to hit the nearest demon, but the demon jumped back and drew out his daggers. He threw them at Uriel, but Uriel blocked them with his axe. The demon hissed in frustration, then another demon ran to engage Uriel in combat with a broken beer bottle. Uriel sliced off his hand, and the demon screamed in pain.

Another demon attacked him from behind, and Uriel swung around to defend himself. The demon who threw the daggers hit him with a powerful psychic blast, and Uriel crouched down in pain. The other demon kicked his axe out of his hand and began to punch and kick him.

Uriel drew out a dagger from his boot and threw it at the demon hitting him. It caught him in the shoulder and he stumbled back in pain. Unfortunately, three other demons took his place and continued the brutal beating.

Uriel used his psychic strength to bring his axe back into his hand and hacked off a few legs. He kneeled and tried to catch his breath. When he looked up he saw the head rising from the surface of the river. Instead of hair on the scalp of the water demon, there were serpents, wriggling every which way.

Her skin was a bluish-gray hue, and her eyes glowed a deep red. Uriel was frozen and unable to move. It surprised him since he rarely got entranced. Panic set in as the water demon smiled and bared her sharp teeth. She moved closer to the banks and opened her mouth. Her tongue was a serpent, and it swam toward him.

Uriel couldn't move to strike it no matter how hard he tried. The serpent was coming straight for him, and for the first time that he could remember, he felt fear. He prayed to his Holy Father to help him break the spell of this evil water demon.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared and a woman in a white robe with red hair walked toward him. She put her arms around him in a protective embrace. There was a buzzing noise around them and everything was spinning. Uriel closed his eyes to block out the whirling. He heard the water demon scream at him. When the buzzing noise stopped, he opened his eyes and found himself lying in a sunny, green field.

Uriel sat up and looked around. In front of him was a large, stone structure standing straight out of the earth. He recognized it as the Stone of Destiny, which was located at the Hill of Tara in the County of Meath in Ireland. How he got to Ireland, he had no idea.

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