Reader, author, wife, parent and grandmother, I fit it all in my busy life. I've moved over forty times, lived in six states, and worked in jobs as varied as fast food, warehousing, and executive secretary.

Now officially retired, I started writing in 2005 when I found myself at loose ends after yet another move. I am currently working on a new Celtic-based mystical series, Tuatha Treasures. Book One in that series is Shadows on Stone.

Q: When you started writing, why did you choose the erotic romance genre?

A: In 2005, there was little demand among the e-publishers for other genres. Since my primary aim was to have a book published, that's what I wrote. Now, of course, almost everything you could think of is published digitally.


Q: Why don't you write cross-genre books?

A: Actually, that is primarily what I write. My books are an eclectic mix of shape-shifters, vampires, angels, blue people, dragons, unicorns, and angels. I believe almost all types of character can tell me their stories.


Q: How much of your life experience is included in your stories?

A: Authors—regardless of genre—use their experiences in their stories. They may transform a terrible disaster from their life to a conflict for their characters. They may share a joyful occasion as a “happily ever after” for their hero/heroine. When writers need to know how to convey grief, they can draw on their own life experience. Does that mean I've participated in a ménage? Nope. But I can imagine how I would feel in such a situation.


Q: Why are some series unfinished? What happened?

A: Life. Authors are people. Just like everyone else in the world, we have spouses, children, elders, jobs, and sometimes illnesses to deal with. Most authors will try very hard to finish a serieseven if it takes a little longer than expected.


Q: Why do you write ménages?

A: Well, first of all, it's not really a choice. My characters tell me how they want their story to go. So sometimes, the story is an M/F sweet romance. And sometimes, the story is a hot, hot, hot M/M/F ménage. Every story shared with the readers is the story the characters whispered in my ear. I happen to enjoy writing ménages, regardless of setting. I've written ménages set in the future, on alien planets, with vampires, and involving shape-shifters. No matter the genre, I've found them fun to write.

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