[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romantic Suspense, M/M, spanking, HEA]
Murray and Apollo have silently loved each other since the day they met. When they go to the lands below to find the stolen scrolls needed to release Zeus from prison, Apollo and Murray discover they are mates. Murray is blissfully happy until he is kidnapped. 
Taken to an old mining cave, Murray is scared. He knows that Apollo is doing everything he can to find him. However, Murray also knows that Hera and Aries will be there soon to take him and the scrolls away. Not wanting Apollo hurt, Murray tries to escape, only to find he is not alone in the cave. 
Traipsing through the Mountains of New Mexico, looking for his mate, is not what he had envisioned on his Honeymoon phase. Finding out who took his mate not only angers him but also hurts because trust is not something he gives freely. However, Apollo will find his mate before it is too late or die trying.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Apollo (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Murray watched as adults and children sat on a tube of some sort and flew down from the mountain, laughing and splashing in the water. All of these people were so happy. They were not scared of what was to come. Murray was amazed at what he could see and what could be lost.

Sadness overtook him suddenly and he felt tears come to his eyes. As they slowly leaked out, all he could do was whisper to them all, “I am so sorry. I am just so sorry.”

Apollo heard Murray’s soft words. When he looked down to his little man, he saw tears coming down his cheek. Kneeling he took him into his arms. “Hey, sweet thing, what is wrong? I thought you would love the view. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

Murray just cried harder. “I do love the view.”

Apollo pushed Murray back a bit and wiped at his tears. “Then what is it? Why are you crying?”

Murray tried to get himself under control, but the tears kept falling. “They are all so happy, Apollo. Everyone is laughing and smiling and look, there is a couple on the lift kissing and planning on how they want to spend their lives together, and because of me their lives could all be ruined.”

The tears fell faster as his breath hitched. “I should have said no to Hera and Aries. I should have let them kill me or at least said something to Poseidon. I should have done something to stop what was going to happen. I was stupid! I was—”

Apollo shook Murray and when he looked up he could see Apollo was pissed. “Now stop that this instant! You are not to blame for any of this dammit! You are the keeper of the scrolls, Murray. When one of us comes to you for an answer you are to give it! You are not the reason that Hera and Aries put Zeus in Icarus! The blame goes to them. This is their greed and their doing, not yours!”

Murray was shocked at Apollo’s anger. “But, Apollo, I gave them the way to do it and then I lost the scrolls!”

Apollo shook his head. “No, sweet thing. You gave them the answer they were seeking and they stole the scroll.” Then Apollo did something that he would never be able to explain. He leaned down and kissed his little man.

The kiss was gentle and so sweet. The taste of his man was everything he thought it would be. Murray tasted of cinnamon and peaches mixed together. Like tasting warm peach cobbler, and he wanted more.

Apollo nipped at Murray’s lower lip and Murray opened for him with a moan. Apollo took that and went in for more. He took his tongue in and began to dance with Murray’s. Hugging the man closer to him, he rubbed his hands up and down Murray's arms and felt Murray run his fingers through his hair. It was one of the most pleasurable kisses he had ever experienced. The fact that they needed air was the only reason he slowly released Murray from the lip-lock bliss he was in. “You could not have predicted that they would take it. No one could.”

Murray was in awe of what had just happened. Apollo had kissed him. Not a peck on the cheek either. This was a mind-blowing, fry-your-brain cells, damn-I-want-more kind of kiss. He had actually been able to run his fingers through Apollo’s hair like he had always dreamed of.

 Murray had no idea what to think about it. He had no idea why Apollo had kissed him, and he really didn’t care, because he wanted to do it again. Just as he went to try and coax one out of him, Apollo’s words registered.

Taking a step back and missing the closeness and the warmth that came with it, Murray shook his head. “That is not true. I know why they took that scroll, Apollo. I should have thought about it but I was so absorbed with my own thoughts that I never considered it would have been taken and I should have. Keeping the scrolls safe is my responsibility and I did not do my job. I am just surprised that Poseidon did not punish me because of how bad I failed. This could destroy everything for your quest to free Zeus and the only one to blame in this is me.”

Apollo stood up straight. “Murray, there is no way you could have predicted that someone would take the scroll. Why would they take it? How can this destroy our quest to free Zeus? You are making no sense.”

Murray looked to Apollo, surprised. “Well, Apollo, that is simple enough. If you do not have the scrolls to present with the keys at the fall equinox then it makes your petition to relieve Hera and Aries null and void. That is the rules set forth so there are no misunderstandings during the proceedings. Hera and Aries can argue you missed something and therefore your request for reconsideration will not even be heard. That is why it was decided many centuries ago that any person making a request, that has been written on a scroll, must have that specific scroll present. This way the people making the decisions can use it to defer to. Therefore, no scroll, no petition. We have to get that scroll back or it won’t matter if you all find your mates. You cannot proceed without it.”




Murray looked at Apollo, wondering what would come next. He was still kind of dizzy from that mind-blowing kiss, but he was anxious, and even a little nervous. However, the look of love and need he saw in his mate’s eyes helped relax him.

Apollo went to the bedside drawer and took out a brand-new bottle of lube. He had known there was no way he was going to be able to keep his hands off of his little man and he’d wanted to make sure he was prepared. How awesome was it knowing, that after this moment, they would have each other for the rest of eternity. “You and I are going to take this nice and slow.”

 Leaning over, Apollo took his tongue, and, using just the tip, began to circle his mate’s nipple. “I’m going to prepare you to take every inch of my hard cock.” Running his tongue along the line to the next nipple, he slowly circled that one as well. “And when you think you can’t handle anymore and you’re begging me nicely, I’m going to take my cock and slowly insert it into your sweet ass, until I am balls-deep.”

urray got goose bumps from the sensations Apollo was causing with his tongue as well as the words coming out of his mouth. His dick was getting so hard it almost hurt and he so wanted to relieve the pressure. He tried pumping into Apollo’s chest, but Apollo took Murray’s hips and held them so he could not move. “Apollo,” Murray whined.

Apollo pushed up a bit. “You will remain still, little man. I am in control here, at least for our first time. I will not risk hurting you. Now just lay back and feel. I promise to do my best to make this the most enjoyable experience in your life.”

Murray took a deep breath and let it out slowly. If the pleasures he already experienced were anything to go by, Apollo had nothing to worry about. He moaned as Apollo made a kissing trail down toward his groin and he gasped when he felt his mate’s tongue slowly circle the head of his cock. The moans got louder as he felt that tongue slowly trail down his leg and back up again. “By the Gods, Apollo… Oh yeah… More please.”

Apollo was motivated by the sounds coming from Murray. He planned on making his little man senseless with passion. He would have his mate screaming his name before the end of this night. He just hoped he didn’t embarrass himself before he got the chance to actually feel his man’s ass grasping his rock-hard cock. Apolo loved the sounds his mate was making and he wanted to hear more. Taking the lube and putting a generous amount on his fingers, Apollo pushed in with one finger as he took his mouth to his mate’s balls. Slowly pumping in and out, he began the process of stretching Murray as he rolled his tongue around one and then the other of his man’s balls. When he felt he could slide in and out with little resistance, he added a second finger. Continuing to pump in and out of his mate’s tight ass, he looked up and saw his mate’s head moving from side to side as Murray moaned in pleasure.

Smiling Apollo groaned, “I love the sounds you make.  It tells me how much I am pleasing you.  I need to here more Murray.”

HApollo knew his mate was close to coming and he wanted that taste of peaches and cinnamon, so he took both his mate’s balls into his mouth as he inserted the third finger and pumped faster.

Murray writhed around on the bed. “Oh! Oh! Yes! Uhh!” He could hear himself getting louder but couldn’t stop it from happening. However, after hearing what Apollo just said he didn’t want to either.

Apollo  took his mouth and brought it to the tip of Murray’s cock and swallowed him all the way down as he added the third finger.There was no controlling the scream as Murray immediately came down his mate’s throat. “Ahhh!”

Apollo swallowed all his mate had to offer and licked around to make sure he did miss one drop, as he continued to prepare his mate. “Oh yeah! You are my own personal peach cobbler.” Apollo added a fourth finger. “Your ass is going to feel so good wrapped around my cock.”

Murray could feel his length stirring again. He didn’t know if it was Apollo’s words turning him on or just the sound of his voice and quite frankly he didn’t care. All he knew was he wanted to feel what it was like to have his mate pumping in and out of his virgin ass. “Apollo, please, no more teasing.  Make me your mate. Please!”

Apollo pulled his fingers out and aligned his cock to his little man’s hole. “Murray, you are my mate. Consummated or not, you are my mate.”

Murray looked into Apollo’s eyes and saw the honesty of his statement. “Yes, I am. I am Murray, keeper of the scrolls, and mate to Apollo.”

Apollo almost came right then and there by the words Murray had spoken. He continued to look in his mate’s eyes, seeing the tears as he felt his own sliding down his cheek. Apollo slowly pushed into his mate for the first time. “Push out as I push in. It will help ease the way.”

As he began to enter his mate, he felt the tip of his length push past the first muscle barrier.

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