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Ashley Brooke is very analytical and poetic, especially when it comes to studying the attraction between men and women. She finds great pleasure in writing and reading romantic fiction as well as, studying the psychology of attraction (in that order). Ashley also enjoys dancing, shopping, going to the beach when the sun is setting, and spending quality time with her family. She is a firm believer in possibility, even when the odds are against it. Ashley is a critical thinker who believes that even the stillest of waters run deep.

Q: What is your favorite motto?

A: Never a failure always a lesson.

Q: Do you think your book could be used to help relationships?

A: Absolutely. The most common mistake a lot of people make when going into relationships is assuming that their significant other is incapable of crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. In my stories, I do my best to remind my readers that we are all human, and because of that, we are all capable of causing harm, whether it is intentional or not. If you think you’ve found the perfect one, you’re only kidding yourself. Even the greenest of grass has turned brown at some point in time.

Q: With your schedule, when is the best time for you to write?

A: It varies, but the bottom line is, I find the time.

Q: Who or what was your inspiration?

A: (Smiles) The Twilight Saga. I began writing my first book the day after I saw the first movie.

Q: When writing romantic fiction, what is your primary goal? What message are you trying to convey to the reader?

A: Before I began writing novels, I read a lot. One of the things I often did when reading, was place myself in the story and pretend that I was the heroine. I try to make the situations expressed in my books as relatable as possible because I want for my readers to be able to connect with my characters on the most personal level. And if, for whatever reason, the person reading my story happens to be going through the same situation, or a similar one to that of my characters, my goal is to bring hope to that person. I am a firm believer in happily ever after, that is if the one who’s suffering is willing to fight for it.

Q: Are all of your characters made up or depictions of real people?

A: My characters are made up however they all possess at least one personality trait or mannerism of mine.

Q: Of all the characters, written in your novels, whom would you say you are the most like?

A: There are two. I’m very much like Alicia and Carrington. They’re two characters in my Beautiful Liars Series.

Q : Out of all the genres to write about, what made you choose this genre specifically?

A: (Smiles) Wow, this seems to be a question everyone wants to know. Well, I’ve always been fascinated with the psychology behind a man and a woman’s attraction to one another, whether the attraction is simply physical or emotional. With that said, I write from my heart. Anything and everything I write about is of some truth, even if the facts have been manipulated or exaggerated. I’ve always been one to believe that attraction knows no boundaries. Love, sex, body language, those three components are the key factors to our hidden desires, or as other’s might say, “guilty pleasures.” What better method is there to express our most intimate thoughts, other than jotting them down on paper and embracing them? I strongly believe that writing erotic romance is the perfect way to do that.

Q: Did you feel awkward writing a book to this magnitude at your age?

A: In the beginning, I did, but that wasn’t until after I made the transition from writing contemporary romance to erotic romance. My entire life, I was pretty much taught to believe that sex, before marriage and especially during the years of adolescence, is a huge No No, needless to say my parents were very stern about what was going into my head and what was coming out. So, you can imagine the awkwardness I felt when writing those juicy love scenes.




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