Sam and Marco deal with one crisis after another in this sexy, sinful chapter in the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series.

Sam Channing has enrolled at FLETC for the rigorous seventeen week training program for US Marshals. Though Marco visits him when he can, their snatched moments together are precious few. Sam begins to realize how much Marco means to him, especially when he learns that his lover is working on a crazy case with wacko, drugged out Canadian movie star, Ezra Winters.

Things turn violent when Ezra's female co-star is taken hostage but Marco has plenty of backup. Sam gets to see his new Marshal family in action firsthand. In spite of everything, at heart, it's all about love and the extraordinary lengths the men and women of law enforcement will go to in order to defend and protect it.

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Chapter One

I glanced at my face in the mirror and winced. I was seriously contemplating the idea of calling Marco and telling him not to come see me Sunday at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, otherwise known as FLETC, even if it would pain me to do it. There was no way in hell I wanted him to see me looking like this. And I wasn't allowed to leave the campus anyway, so we wouldn't get any alone time. The good news was, according to the doc, I'd no longer look like I'd been run over by a truck in a few weeks, and there wouldn't be any scarring. But all the drama around injuries was something I didn't really want to share with Marco, at least not now.

Marco had enough to worry about. He'd undergone a huge operation on his hip to remove a bullet buried so deep it didn't show up on X-ray. He'd almost died, not to mention the addiction to pain killers he'd recently had to kick.

He was so damn excited about my decision to join the U.S. Marshals. I couldn't rain on his parade just yet. No, I'd omit the details of my latest adventure in training.

As I examined my eye in the mirror, Veronica Salinger came up behind me and hugged me around the waist. She settled her chin on my shoulder and stared at our reflections. My eye was swollen shut, a mess of purple and red, a sharp contrast to her good looks.

"I think you're gorgeous in spite of the shiner, Samuel Channing." She released me after a hug. "Anyway, Lewinsky looks far worse than you do." She chuckled. "You really let him have it."

"Yeah, but Lewinski didn't get reprimanded." I groaned and moved away from the mirror. I didn't want to look at myself anymore. I'd promised to turn over a new leaf, hold my temper. I'd failed.

She threw herself on my bunk. "Personally, I think that shithead looks better now, less like a buck-toothed mule."

I couldn't help but smile. I sank down beside her on the bed.

Veronica shook her head. "Honey, you should have reported him."

"You know why I didn't. And I'm no rat. It's not in my nature."

"He was sucking Don Ferria's dick in the locker room, for Christ's sakes!"

"I'm not going to get him thrown out for sucking cock." I looked at her. "I'm surprised you'd say that."

"It wasn't what he was doing, honey. It's who he was doing it with. You know it. And Lewinsky tried to blackmail you into fucking him, Sam. Now, he's spread it all over about you being the former leader of the Evils and that you tried to come on to him in the bunkhouse. That's the story he's telling. It hasn't won you any friends."

"No one likes me here that much anyway."

Veronica hugged me again. "I do." She kissed my cheek. "I like you. And it's only because they're jealous. You're so good at everything, much better than most of them. You're gonna make one hell of a marshal, Sam."

I shoved her away playfully. She was good for my ego. It had taken quite a hit recently, especially after being chewed out in the office.

If Veronica hadn't been a lesbian in a committed relationship, one would have thought we were lovers. We'd just clicked from the moment we met. If it hadn't been for Veronica and the thought of what it would do to Marco, I would have dropped out already.

"Who are you doing this for, Samuel?" Veronica had demanded the night I packed my suitcase, preparing to tell them all where to shove their program. I'd discovered right away I wasn't very good at taking orders and I was irreverent to my superiors which didn't sit well with the commanding officers.

My response to her that night was honest. I said I didn't know. And to tell the truth, at that moment I didn't. Everything had happened so fast. I'd been working with the marshals to bring down a major drug cartel, betraying everything I'd ever known. And the next thing I knew, I was being urged to join the U.S. Marshal Service. From gang leader to law enforcer--they'd tried to tell me that it was a natural transition. I wasn't so sure of that. Some of these guys in training had never been shot at, or been in a knife fight, or watched shipments of guns or blow change hands. They were babies, innocents. I had nothing in common with them.

Marco was so happy. He'd been chomping at the bit for me to leave the gang since we'd reunited. I couldn't tell him how much like a fish out of water I felt. I wanted to live a normal life, to shed the heavy chains I'd been carrying around. I just thought it would be easier. I believed in destiny. I'd always gone with where the flow took me. I'd always imagined that my parents were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Normal, and when I was taken as an infant with my aunt to be brought up with the bikers, it was my fate, but not the way it was supposed to be. It made me feel better to think I came from "normal" folks. That dream went out the window when I was whisked to Colombia.

The drug lords wanted me and I never could figure out why they were so fixated on me personally until I met one of the bosses. He was my uncle, the brother of my biological father. Guess you could say that pedestal I'd put my dead parents on dismantled itself pretty fast. I never asked my uncle about my father or mother. I didn't want to know. I now suspected the car accident my parents had died in might not have been so accidental after all. Maybe I just might look into it one day, which led me back to more immediate problems--problems that made me wonder if I was going to get through this training.

That night when I almost quit, Veronica advised me not to be too hasty, to stop and think. But I wasn't used to thinking. It was rare in my life that I had the luxury to think too long about anything. As gunfire rained down on me out of the blue through the window or a car came out of nowhere and tried to run my bike off the road, I'd learned to react on the spot. I had lived my life on the edge, on the wrong side of the law. I'd lived in the filth and seen the worst of human nature, cruelty, greed, and vengeance. What was there to think about, except survival?

I'd decided to give it a few more days, forced myself to stick to the rules, be respectful, and follow protocol. It had been getting easier until Lewinsky started checking me out in the shower room. Granted, a lot of the guys were curious about the gang tattoo on my back. I'd contemplated having it removed but I hadn't done it yet. It was part of me. When asked what the tattoo was for, I was noncommittal. Eventually they didn't ask anymore.

Lewinsky, however, wasn't interested in my tattoo. He asked me about it in the shower but usually his gaze strayed. So, the guy thought I had a nice ass? No biggie. But then he began to wait for me to go to the showers. He would always shower right beside me, making a point of looking at my dick. And he made sure I knew he was looking at my dick. I didn't know if he had to guts to make a move or not. I was hoping he wouldn't. I decided to ignore him. Anyway, if he made a move, I was prepared to tell him thanks, but no thanks, in a nice way.

Then I discovered that Lewinsky was doing one of our training officers. A straight guy might not have picked up on it, but I noticed the exchanges between Lewinsky and Ferria. Personally, I couldn't have cared less, but I knew some of the recruits would have freaked if they'd known, thinking Lewinsky would get better grades. An "A" for a lay. I think that's how it went.

I didn't mention it to anyone, not even to Veronica, or Ronnie, as she liked to be called. Looking back now, I'd made a strategic mistake.

When I had downtime, I spent it with Ronnie. Her partner, Barbara Slate, was a cop in Houston. They'd been together three years. When Ronnie finished training, they were going to buy a house, maybe start a family. It was fun hearing their stories.

Then Lewinsky made his move on me in the barracks when everyone else was in the recreation hall. I was reading a book about existentialism when Lewinsky walked in. I looked up from where I lay on my bunk, nodded at him, then put my nose back in my book. When I sensed he was still standing there, I grew uneasy. I thought I'd ask him what he wanted. Never thought he was going to come right out and say it to me.

"You're so hot," he said softly. "Great muscle tone, nice eyes. And I know you have a really nice cock, thick and big. I like cocks like that."

I was speechless. This guy didn't pull any punches.

"I thought maybe we could spend some time this weekend. I know this place nearby that--"

I put up my hand. "No offense. Really. I'm sorry but I'm involved with someone."

I figured he'd just walk away. He didn't. Instead he said, "Lucky guy. Who is he?"

"No one you'd know." I just gave him a faint smile and settled down again with my book. He moved closer. I held my breath as he lowered himself down on my bunk. I put my book down and raised an eyebrow.

Don't overreact, Channing.

"You're an interesting guy," Lewinsky said. His hand landed on my thigh and squeezed. "Your boyfriend is a marshal, right?"

I wondered how he knew that. I nodded. "Yeah. And I'd really appreciate it if you removed your hand." I smiled faintly. "Please."

He slid his hand up my thigh. "Don't be like that, pretty boy. You like to tease, I see. I can make you feel real good."

I clenched my teeth. "If you don't remove your hand right now, you won't have one to remove. Is that clear?"

His face hardened and he took his hand off me. "You're fuckin' uppity, Channing, considering what you are and where you come from."

I just looked at him.

He stood. "Yeah--" He sneered. "Don't think we all haven't noticed your tattoo. Some here are too stupid to figure out it's a gang tattoo. Not me. I'd recognize a Born Evils tattoo anywhere. I bet that hurt like hell when you got it. How old were you when they did it to you?"

I stiffened. "It was a long time ago." But he was right. It had hurt like hell. I'd been sixteen.

"Yet, you still have it. I hear they burn those off of the traitors."

I got off the bunk. "What do you want from me, Lewinsky?"

"Thought I made that clear." He leaned against the wall. He looked relaxed, in control, as he eyed me and rubbed his crotch suggestively. "The leader of the Born Evils. Imagine that. Never got fucked by an outlaw biker before, especially not the leader of the pack. Bet you were involved in tons of gang bangs, Sam."

I didn't say anything. That was all behind me.

"It's been kind of a fantasy of mine to get fucked by a bad boy biker, and the leader, um...that's a bonus. Especially when he looks as good as you do."

"Well, guess you're going to need to go right on fantasizing," I muttered. "This bad boy ex-biker is not interested." I tried to brush by him.

He reached out and grabbed my arm. "Where you going, Sam? We're not finished. I expect you to get naked if you're gonna give me that big cock of yours."

I clamped my jaw together. "I'm not giving you anything. Let go of me."

He released me and smiled. "Either you spend a little quality time with me or I spread the word, tell the others who may not be so familiar with that skull you got on your back just what kind of dirty scum they're training with." He met my gaze. "So, baby, what's it gonna be?"

And that's when I lost it. I gave him something all right and it wasn't my cock. We fought like two animals, rolling around on the floor before someone came and broke us up. We were both pretty bloody. And, as luck would have it, the officer who intervened was none other than Don Ferria. Needless to say, he wasn't happy about me having danced on his boyfriend's face.

I was in shit. Immediately Ferria assumed I was the one who'd started it all. He barked at me to go and wait in his office. As I was leaving, I caught a glimpse of him fawning over Lewinsky. I was pretty well fucked.

"You do know fighting is against the regulations," Ferria announced, as he flew into his office and slammed the door. I heard that door slam in the bottom of my gut.

"Yes, sir," I muttered. "I know that. It wasn't entirely my--"

"I don't want to hear it. I never approved of you being here," he said, meeting my gaze.

That surprised me a little but I didn't say anything.

"You, the leader of a notorious bunch of hooligans, murderers, drug dealers, and rapists, aspiring to be one of us. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! To disgrace the U.S. Marshals the way you have...and you have the audacity to try and seduce a man like Lewinsky?"

"Me try to seduce...? I didn't try and--"

"Don't say a word." He pointed. "You're already in enough trouble. Even if he was inclined toward men, do you think Lewinsky would look twice at a piece of shit like you?"

I sighed. It would have been easy if all he wanted to do was look.

"You already have one black mark on your record. I won't go into too much detail and say it was time, I'll make sure you're out of here. Now, go clean up. And you're on KP duty for the next two weeks and no leaving this campus either."

There went my weekend with Marco, not to mention a black mark, plus peeling potatoes until my fingers bled.

I tried not to think of Lewinsky telling anyone who'd listen that I was formerly the leader of the Born Evils and that I'd put the moves on him in the barracks. Jesus.

If I wasn't an outsider before, I surely was now. Ronnie was also an outsider--the only woman who'd applied and been accepted this year in spite of the recruitment program aimed at women. A buxom five-foot-seven with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes, she'd been the target of unwanted male attention and sexist remarks since she'd set foot on campus. She looked more beauty queen than marshal material and she had to be two times better than the men to gain any respect.

The first day, after she'd practically slugged two guys in the cafeteria, she came over and sat down beside me. She pointed at me and declared, "Don't call me baby!" She practically growled at me.

I grinned. "Isn't that a song?"

Her eyes widened, then she laughed a little. "Yeah. It's a song."

"Okay, I won't call you baby. What do you want me to call you?"

"Ronnie would be nice," she told me.

"Okay, Ronnie. I'm Sam." I held out my hand.

She took it. "You're gay."

"What?" I was surprised. "Why would you say that?"

"Don't get paranoid. I couldn't tell by looking at you or anything. It's just that you're the only man who looks me in the eye. The others, when they speak to me, they ogle my chest."

"Oh. Bunch of perverts," I said half seriously.

She punched me. "So I'm right eh? Either you like cock or you're a priest. Which is it?" She grinned at me.

I laughed. "Well, I'm not a priest."

"I figured. It would be a shame to be that good looking and celibate."

"Are you flirting with me?"

"A little. Anyway, you're a queer and so am I. So, let's say we hang out?"

"Sure. I guess. We can't get into much trouble."

That made her laugh.

Ronnie and I had become fast friends. She talked to me at length about Barbara, and I told her about Marco. We showed each other pictures, and Ronnie explained about how, once she finished training, they wanted to start a family.

"We're looking for a sperm donor. Not sure who will carry it."

"Something to look forward to."

"What about you? You and Marco want kids?"

"Whoa." I laughed. "I don't think we're there yet."

"You like kids?"

"Sure, I guess. Not sure I'd make such a great father. Wouldn't know where to start."

"You'd make a great father."

"You don't really know me," I told her.

She took my hand. "On the outside you're this big, tough, macho man but inside, you're just a sweetheart."

I laughed and gave her a quick hug. "Right."

But at the moment, I didn't look so much like a sweetheart. Ronnie talked me into not cancelling my visit with Marco, but I did need to tell him I was restricted to the barracks.

"What do you mean?" Marco asked me on the phone the night before his visit. "Why can't you leave the campus?"

"I've been a bad boy," I told him.

I could almost see his smile. "What else is new? You didn't get kicked out, did you?"

"I really don't want to..." I trailed off.

"Tell me, Samuel."

"Oops, you're calling me Samuel. I'm in shit."

Marco laughed. "No. It's just that...come on, tell me."

"You won't like it."


"Yes, Mother." I laughed and lay on my bunk. I was tempted to move my hand down to my cock. I was hard just hearing his voice. "What is it, baby? You miss me?"

"Don' that, Sam. You know what you reduce me to when you do that, and it's a cheap attempt to distract me."

"You do miss me?"

"Oh yeah. I miss you."

"What do you miss most, my charming wit or my..."

"Samuel Channing! You are a bad boy, and you know the answer to that."

"No, I don't." I grinned. "I'm trying to get to the bottom of this. Is it love or is it lust?"

Marco laughed on the other end.

"Come on, boy. 'Fess up."

"You stop. Tell me why you got punished."

"Told you, I was a bad little boy, according to some."

"According to who?"

I sighed.

"Listen, I'm coming tomorrow."

"We can't be alone."

"I don't care. I need to see you."

"You won't be able to rip off my clothes and kiss me and stuff in the visiting room."

"You're confined to the room, too?"

"No, but...I can't go off campus."

"Okay, but you're going to tell me the details when I get there."


"Samuel, is this serious?"

"Yes and no. I didn't get kicked out. Don't worry."

"Then behave, please."

"That's not your usual line."

"Shut up, you. You know what I mean."

"I'll try." I laughed. I didn't want to tell him it really wasn't up to me. "How's Cassie?"

"She misses you. But she's doing great."

Cassie had been working in the porn industry, prostituting herself a while back. I took her under my wing, then sent her to travel agent school. She was now living with Trace, another U.S. Marshal, and his family. I couldn't wait to see her.

"She's graduating in three months. You need to be there."

"I will. I'll write to her in the meantime."

"She wanted to come with me tomorrow but she has an exam, and I said no, thinking we'd have time to...but then you...did you slug someone?"

I winced. "Kind of. Stop being a marshal, okay?"

"Sam!" He sounded so disappointed.

"It wasn't entirely my fault, Marco, and if you'd been there, you would have told me to sock him."

"Never an excuse for that."

"Oh, get down off your morality horse, boy," I teased.

"I'd like to get down on you, baby."

I smiled. "Um. That I'd be up for."

"Are you up, now?"

"Oh yeah," I said, rubbing my cock through my jeans. "I've never had a problem with that."

"No, I know. Christ, you're so hot. I can taste you, you know. I want you to fuck me on all fours until I scream."

Okay, that did it. I undid the zipper on my jeans. "Jesus, Marco," I grunted.

"Want me to keep going?"

"You started it."

"Are you alone?"

"Nope. Got about ten hot studs watching me beat off."


I laughed hard. "You are so jealous."

"Not jealous, possessive. No one watches you beat off except for me. Can you?"

"Can I what, boy?"

"Sam, damn it, you know that gets me."

"Everything gets you," I accused, laughing.

"Say ‘boy' again, like that, sexy like that."

I put on my sexiest voice, deep and sultry. "What do you want, boy?"

"Yes, that. Oh, Samuel, shit."

"You didn't just..."


"And you're going to leave me like this?"

"Use your hand. Those studs can't wait all night."

"I'm alone."

"I know, because I'd have to kill you otherwise."

"I heard that."

"Good, take heed Sam. Now, I'll get you off, although I'd prefer to straddle those muscular hips of yours and ride that big, hard cock. And then, you know what?"

"Tell me," I breathed, my cock in my hand.

"You'd grab my head and press me to my knees and lower that dripping cock into my mouth. God, you taste good."

"Um, Marco. Yeah." I was stroking fast. "Keep going, baby."

Marco chuckled softly. "Then you'd push me to the floor. Oh, you wanna fuck me, don't you? Don't you, Sam?"

"Yeah, yeah." I was gone, on the brink.

"On all fours, my head on the ground, you're going to pound my ass so fast and hard. I'm screaming, I'm coming...Sam...Sam!"

I let my head go back as my body trembled, warm come spilling into my fist. Yes. Yes. It seemed like such a long time.

"Sam? Baby? You still there?"

"Yes," I breathed.

"Did I do it for you?"

"You always do it for me. I miss you so much. I miss looking into your eyes and touching you, being inside you. Come tomorrow. I'll find a way to be with you, somewhere, if we have to do it on one of the top dog's desks."

"Aw, hon, given you're on probation, might not be the smartest of moves."

"But if I get to have that sweet little ass of yours, it's worth it."

"We'll see. I'll be there by ten. Sweet dreams, babe."

"Same here, boy."

"Stop that," Marco said and hung up.

I held the phone for a while, smiling. In fact, I couldn't stop smiling. Finally, I hung it up and went back to peeling potatoes. It was already past eight o'clock. I had quite a bit of peeling left to do before lights out. Damn.


"I'm glad you didn't cancel," Ronnie told me at breakfast. "And you told him the truth, right?"

"Not exactly," I said, biting into a muffin.

Ronnie grabbed my hand. "Your fingers are all scratched and you look tired. How many potatoes did you peel last night?"

"Hundreds." I groaned. "Got permission to stay up until I finished. I think I got to bed around midnight."

She laughed. "Anyway, it's Sunday. You can relax, at least see Marco. I can't wait to meet him."

I squeezed her arm. "Barb not coming?"

"She can't. Some case she's on. We'll talk on Skype later."

We lingered over coffee. Lewinsky walked by the table. His eye was swollen shut, his face bruised, and his mouth was puffy and split. In spite of it, he winked at Ronnie with his good eye.

She gave him the finger.

He met my gaze and smiled. "How's kitchen duty, babe?"

"I'm enjoying it," I replied, sitting back, arms folded. I refused to take his bait.

He came closer. "I can fix it."

"Really? And what would I need to do for it?"

"We'd think of something, wouldn't we?"

"Tempting," I replied, "but I think I'd rather peel potatoes for the next ten years than negotiate with you."

I heard Ronnie suck in some breath. She was trying to keep a straight face as Lewinsky's scowled. "Fuck you, Channing."

"Thanks, but no, and you have a nice day now."

He skulked off, and Ronnie burst into laughter. She punched my arm. "I like you. If I was straight, I'd jump you right here for that."

It was my turn to laugh. "What would Barbara say?"

"Consider Marco!" she mocked, and we started to laugh again.

Visitors were already arriving by the time Ronnie and I left the cafeteria. I went to the barracks to change my shirt. As I was leaving, I ran into Lewinsky with another recruit, a guy by the name of Anthony Tobin.

"Ah, Sam--" Lewinsky nudged me with his elbow. "Got visitors today?"

He didn't expect me to answer.

"Maybe his old pals from the biker gang will be here," Tobin kicked in with a smirk.

I didn't answer. I was prepared to leave when Lewinsky leaned into my shoulder and said softly, "One night, you will be mine, Channing. If you won't fuck me, I'll fuck you. And there won't be a damn thing you can do about it."

I reached out and grabbed his arm. I looked him in the eye. "You listen to me. Don't make a mistake and think I've left it all behind me just because I've changed sides. I'm still Sam Channing, former leader of the Born Evils. Try it if you dare, but I still have friends. Are we clear?"

He nodded dumbly and I released him. "And ah, Lewinsky, you might want to get those cuts on your face looked into, they seem infected." With that, I headed to the visitors' room. Sure, I'd scared him, but he'd scared me more, not because he was threatening to rape me. That wouldn't happen. But if he could threaten me with rape, what kind of a marshal was he going be? Not one I'd want to work with.

Marco was waiting for me in the room. He moved forward as I walked in, still with a slight limp. God, he looked so young and handsome and good enough to eat. He had a smile as large as Texas until he got closer and saw my eye.

He gasped. "Oh my fuckin' God!"

"Told you," I said, reaching out and hugging him briefly so as not to call too much attention to ourselves. "I've been a bad boy."

The expression on his face registered horror, outrage then sadness. "Why? Why would someone do that to your beautiful face?"

I sat down with him in a corner. "They thought it wasn't pretty enough, I guess."

"Samuel. I'm a U.S. Marshal."

"I know that," I whispered near his ear. "Makes me hot."

"Stop it." He grinned, then sobered. "You can tell me."

"No, I don't think I can. You'd go ballistic."

"I promise I won't."

I sighed. "Okay, promise not to freak out?"

"I won't. Go on."

"Some recruit in here propositioned me and when I turned him down, he threatened to turn everyone against me. We got into it."

For a minute Marco didn't say anything. His fists tightened. I didn't like the looks of that. "I'll kill him! Who is he?"

"Now, Marco, you promised." I met his gaze.

"Why in hell didn't you report him? Why are you in shit?"

I leaned closer. "He's fucking one of the commanding officers."

Marco's eyes widened. "You got to be kidding."

"Not kidding."

"Well, go to another commanding officer."


"What do you mean no? Why not?"

"I'm not a stoolie. I can handle this."

"Stop being such a macho man! You always think you can do everything alone. It's not a weakness to ask for help, you know?"

"Thank you, Doctor Freud."

"Cute. Did you mess up his face at least?"

"Oh yeah," I replied.

"Good." Marco smiled.

I laughed.

"He better not touch you."

"He won't because--" I leaned in again. "I'm yours."

He met my gaze and smiled.

"You like that, huh?"

"Oh yeah. And don't forget."

"I won't. How is everyone?"

"Nicolas and Sean are on vacation someplace warm in Mexico."

"Wow. Lucky."

"Trace is considering retirement."


Marco laughed. "That's what I said."

"And how are you feeling?"

"I'm okay. They've put me on a desk, which isn't so great, but I should be back on active duty soon. I miss you. Can we at least take a walk outside?" He lowered his voice. "I'm dying to kiss you."

I nodded. "Okay, and there's someone I want you to meet."

"Ronnie, right?"

I grinned. "Yeah." I'd told him enough about her.

We walked down the hallway to the library where I knew Ronnie would be, probably talking to Barbara on the computer. As soon as Ronnie saw us, she jumped up and came over.

"Marco!" She threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug. "You're gorgeous!"

Marco laughed. "Thanks, Ronnie. You, too."

She grinned. "Sam goes on and on about you."

"Do not," I protested.

She punched me in the arm. "You make such a good-looking couple. Sorry your boyfriend is confined to barracks."

"Wish I could be confined with him," Marco muttered.

Ronnie moved closer. "Maybe you can."

"What?" I looked at her.

"Women's barracks is deserted. Use my little room at the back. There's a door." She gave us a shrug. "Sam knows it. Take him there, stud," she told me. "Give it to him good, for me and Barb."

I think I blushed.

Marco laughed. "Come on, stud. Ronnie, we owe you, girl."

"It's okay. Sam will fill me in later."

"Will not!" I protested.

Marco dragged me out of the room. "Show me," he grunted, pressing his erection against my thigh. That's all the encouragement I needed.

Well, the Marshals Service loss in terms of recruiting women was my gain, given all the space and empty beds. We didn't talk. I opened the door on Ronnie's tiny room and Marco began to take off my clothes.

"Call me boy," he whispered. "Make me do anything you want."

I smiled, pressing Marco down to his knees as he undid my shirt, then my pants. "Suck my cock hard. Put some effort into it."

He laughed and took my cock into his hand, while pulling down my pants. I made short work of shrugging out of my shirt while Marco took my cock in his mouth. There was nothing like the real thing. And I needed this. I needed him.

I placed a hand on the wall to steady myself and let him take me away. "Um, yeah. Go. Go, boy." When I got to the brink, I urged him off my cock.

"You look like a pirate with that eye," he said as he looked up at me.

I laughed. "Aye, time to get fucked, boy, or walk the plank."

Marco laughed as I pulled him to his feet. He ran his hands over my chest, kissing and sucking each nipple into his mouth. "You have the greatest chest."

"Yeah, and you, young man, need to get naked." I pulled off the T-shirt he was wearing and threw it aside, then laid little kisses on his chest as I undid his pants.

"Oh, what do I find here?" I moved my fingers over the huge boner and pulled his briefs down over it. I watched it spring free, then lowered my head and kissed it. I pulled off his pants and underwear, pushed him onto the bed and took off his socks and shoes. I leaned back, parting his thighs.

"Lift your arms over your head for me."

He did, raising his hips some. I swallowed, tried to breathe. I let my tongue wet my lips.

"So beautiful. I love you so much."

Marco reached for me. "Come here. Let me hold you. I might die if I can't."

I went down into his arms, gently fondling his cock. We kissed, deep, long passionate kisses while he ran his thumb over one of my nipples. "I love the way it stiffens like that, just like your cock does for me," Marco whispered in my ear. "All those nights I lay in bed dreaming of touching you. And now you're mine. I sometimes find it hard to believe you're with me like this."

"Oh, baby," I groaned. "I want you. I want to fuck you."

"Call me boy, and maybe I'll let you."

I grinned down at him. "What is this ‘boy' stuff?"

"It's the way you say it, like I belong to you."

I took him gently by the shoulder. "Get on the floor on your knees and ask me nice."

Marco chuckled. He got onto his knees and glanced at me quite seductively. "If you can make me beg for it, you can have it."

I got down behind him. "I'll give it a good try."

Marco reached out and dragged his pants closer. "Lube and rubbers are in there."

"Rubbers, as in plural, huh?"

"I'm an optimist."

"I guess so." I gave him a firm slap on his fine ass. With the lube, I slicked my fingers. I was ready to take it slow, telling my cock to calm down a little. Soon it would end up exactly where it needed to be, but first, I was going make sure it was plenty welcome. One finger, two...hooked, finding the right spot, hearing my baby breathe hard, pant, mumble, then whimper, and finally cry out something, which didn't make sense but yet was clear as a bell.

"Say it," I insisted. He had better do it soon because say it or not, my cock was not to be denied.

"Oh, Sam, I love you!" Marco cried out. That was good enough. I took control of his hips and went in quite gently, remembering his hip. But I got complaints.

"Sam! What are you doing? Are you going to fuck me or what?"

"I didn't want to hurt you and--"

"Hurt me, baby! For God's sake, hurt me good! Fuck me like I know you can!"

So that was it. I let go. And we both ended up very happy men, crying out our pleasure as we rocked each other's world. I took him there on the floor and we ended up against the wall, on the bed, and back on the floor again. After allowing me to rest a few minutes, Marco was stroking my cock to erection and he lowered himself onto me, his hands on my chest. I didn't have to do anything except enjoy the ride.

Finally he fell beside me and lay there, gently playing with my cock until eventually it came back to attention a third time. Marco looked at me innocently.

"Again? You gotta be kidding."

"You shit!" I accused. "Stop playing with it."

He laughed. "Got to do something with my hands and, damn, it's so nice."

I rolled over on him and tickled him until he surrendered and we were kissing like two horny teenagers again. We'd lost complete track of time. A knock on the door caused us both to freeze like frozen statues.


It was Ronnie. "Yeah?"

"Visiting time is over."


Marco scrambled to get back into his clothes and I did the same. We managed to look quite normal as I walked Marco across campus to the parking lot with all the other visitors.

"So," Marco said, giving me his hand. "See you next time?"

I shook it quite stoically with a faint smile. I could still smell the sex.

"Of course."

He leaned into me. "Where is that guy you punched?"

"Never mind. Just go."

"I want to hurt him for even thinking of your cock."

"Too late. I did that already. Now, go on." I gave him a shove.

"Don't get into any more trouble, my bad boy," he said, unlocking his car door.

"Not until I see you again...boy."

Our gazes met. Marco mouthed, Love you, and I mouthed it back. I watched him leave, then turned to go back inside.

Ronnie met me in the hall. "Okay, so?"

"So, let's get a drink," I told her.

"Do I get details?" She nudged me.

"Are you buying?"

"If I get details," she insisted.

I laughed and threw my arm around her. "I'll have to bleep the dirty parts."

"What's the point?"

"Exactly." I nodded.

Chapter Two

I went back to Dallas from my trip to Georgia ready to kill somebody. Anybody. The wrong change or a flippant remark at Mustang Donuts was likely to land the cashier on the wrong end of my gun. My trigger finger could feel the itch, but Nicholas Fournier spared any bloodshed by reaching around me, twenty bucks in hand.

"This is on me, Marco," he said, springing for our mid-morning treats.

I felt a little less grumpy than I had. We took our coffee and bear claws over to a free table and Nicholas looked at me.

"Okay, Marco, what gives?"

I scowled at the grey and silver laminated tabletop and eyed my claw.

"Sam got into a fight with another recruit because he wouldn't fuck him."

Nicholas sat back, stunned. "Boy, things sure have changed since I went through training." He blinked, looked off into the distance, then bit into his gooey pastry. "I know it's hard," he said as he swallowed. "I've been there. It sucks. Sean and I went crazy when he was training. I felt like hell after I'd go visit him, but you gotta keep in mind it isn't forever."

I nodded. He was right. It wasn't the time factor so much. I knew it wasn't forever, but I was sick to death of things always ending up in a brutal, physical battle for Sam. There wasn't any aspect of his life that had been easy so far. I'd really hoped his move into the U.S. Marshals might come with more of a soft landing.

"Speak," Nicholas said, sipping coffee.

I voiced my thoughts.

"Marshals don't get soft landings. I bet he doesn't even get soft landings when you two fuck."

I couldn't help laughing.

"That's better." Nicholas grinned. "You'd better eat up your bear claw. There's a legend in this city that it raises your IQ ten points just eating one of those."

"Do you feel smarter?" I asked.

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