At His Mercy: His #3 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

From Bestselling Erotica Author Erika Masten The Third Title In An 8-Part Erotic Romance Serial

At His Mercy: His #3 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

Stealing beautiful, accomplished lawyer Chloe Bloom right out from under the nose of his worst rival isn’t turning out to be as easy as playboy Adrian Knight had hoped, even with the advantage of having her all to himself at his resort on his own tropical island. She may be spreading her legs for him, but the rest of her remains closed.

Chloe’s plan to soothe the wounds of her lover’s infidelity by learning the art of separating lust from love, while enjoying the physical delights of her purely sexual submission to Adrian, hits a snag when the arrival of one of his former submissives has her feeling something distressingly like jealousy. Once riled, Chloe can’t help letting her defiance get the better of her.

With his hands already full trying to tame his Miss Bloom, even Adrian is ill-prepared to meet the challenge as an insistent broker intent on buying Ilha de Flor and an investigator from the Brazilian environmental police arrive to complicate his life. Both men are after much more than Adrian is willing to give, and one won’t take no for an answer, even from Chloe.

Punishment and pleasure lay ahead for Chloe Bloom as she angers, entices, and finally throws herself upon the mercy of Adrian Knight.

Length: 14,500 words

Bonus Material: Includes excerpts from erotica shorts Valentine’s Dom and Satyrs: Supernatural Ménage A Quatre by Erika Masten.

Warning: Explicit sexual content, including elements of light domination. Intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature.

At His Mercy: His #3 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)
0 Ratings (0.0)

At His Mercy: His #3 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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I didn’t think he’d noticed me until he asked, “Do you know the difference between correction and punishment, Miss Bloom?” Under other circumstances, the question might have made me shiver—with anticipation and anxiety. But the flatness to his tone made me frown instead.

“No,” I said, still taking shelter in the distance between us.

“Come here.”

Even in the dimness of the room, cream leathers and linens dyed gold by shadows and dark wood gleaming like black lacquer, I could tell Adrian’s gaze followed me. It was the brief glint I caught as I glanced into his eyes, the palpable weight of his attention. When I stood before him, a little more than arm’s length away, he straightened and came up to his full height, looming over me at six-foot-two.

“Earlier, when we were flirting and playing over your intentional mischief of putting on panties when I had forbidden it, the spanking I intended to give you would have been correction. But punishment…” He paused to vent, most carefully, a thick breath that suggested complete infuriation. “Punishment is for…”

I watched his hands hanging at his sides, his fingers twitching and closing into loose fists. It was a shock even to me when I felt a pronounced defensiveness stiffen my back and shoulders. Was it because of what that Talbot woman had shared, about Adrian’s darker tastes? I didn’t precisely feel like he was about to strike me, but a distinct current of anger pulsed between us. Both ways.

“For not coming back to dinner when instructed?” I finished for him, and he nodded very slowly. But I wasn’t finished. “For getting chatty with your other submissive? For checking the ferry schedule and wondering if I had time to pack?” The caustic barrage tumbled out of my mouth in a swell I hadn’t seen coming, but it felt really good. I didn’t ask myself how much of my wrath had been simmering under the surface for a good month or more, long before I’d met Adrian Knight.

I flinched away when Adrian’s hand came up to grasp my chin, and his body went rigid when I did. Pursing my lips, I avoided his gaze, aware that nothing he’d done to me so far warranted that. It was unfair of me.

If anything, Adrian’s fingers slid more gently than usual along my cheek. He stepped up flush with my tensed body and brought his face down over mine, so close. “For not coming directly to me with whatever Nina said to you. And for being a jealous… possessive… little brat.”

My mouth dropped open at his last statement, and a sarcastic barb rose up the back of my throat… But I held it in and shifted my shoulders back, steeling myself with controlled poise. “You’re right, sir. Being…territorial is not appropriate to the sort of arrangement we have.”

After a breathless moment, Adrian’s eyes held narrowed at me, he let out a pensive, “Hm.” His grip on my face grew firmer, and he tilted my head back until I met his gaze. “What is the nature of our arrangement again, Miss Bloom?”

“I am your submissive, for three months.”

One corner of Adrian’s mouth twitched downward when I mentioned the expiration of our agreement. I restrained myself from smiling at his reaction, the one I’d been aiming for, quite intentionally. In the back of my mind, I cringed and told myself I was being petty, playing on his possessiveness. In the pit of my stomach, though, it felt satisfying to prod his ire. Distantly, I wondered if I’d see that more violent side of Adrian if I kept winding him up, if I pushed him far enough. The heat spreading over my cheeks, usually the flush of desire and self-consciousness, was a surge of adrenaline from my own passive aggression.

Abruptly, Adrian released me and clasped his hands behind his back. His tone was cool and businesslike, though the lines of his face remained taut and hard, as he asked, “What it is I get out of this, Miss Bloom? What do you do for me?”

Lowering my face now that I was able, and staring up—almost glaring up—at Adrian, I said, “I maintain the villa according to your tastes and make myself available for your pleasure.”

“My sexual pleasure,” he corrected. “You keep yourself wet and ready to present your pussy to me for my use at my discretion. You open your mouth when I want to come inside it. You remain naked…” Without warning, Knight brought his arms up and around me. One hand jerked down the zipper of my pink silk dress while the other yanked the strap from my shoulder. My skin tingled at the warmth of his fingers and ached dully at the force of his grip. In another second, the dress lay pooled at my feet, and I wore nothing but panties, heels, and the blush of anger. “For my appreciation and amusement,” he finished with a definite growl.

“Yes, sir,” I shot back, just as firmly. I didn’t embarrass when I was mad, as he’d soon discover. And it had never been a secret to me that wealthy men considered everyone toys for their amusement, so I wouldn’t be goaded by that remark. If anything, I was exhilarated by challenging Knight, even if it meant I was damaging our tenuous power balance to the point of being sent back to the States tomorrow. Or even tonight. The heaviness of Adrian’s breathing and the ridge in the front of his trousers didn’t suggest that throwing me out was the first task on his agenda.

Making a fist of my hair at my nape, Adrian hauled me up against him. “And what was it you get out of this, Chloe?”

He knew what it did to me when he breathed my name instead of calling me Miss Bloom, I was certain. But I knew what Adrian expected me to say, that I was cutting loose, exploring my sexuality, my wild side. The pat answer didn’t appeal just then.

“I’m learning to give myself to the experience of sexual abandon,” I admitted, and Adrian’s mouth softened. This was what he wanted from me, even saying as much, and it was true enough. But it was not the whole truth. “Without the attachment of emotion getting in the way.”

As much as Adrian Knight was using me for his sexual amusement, I was using him to empower myself, to build my future resistance to men like him, men like Penn Ellison, even men like my father. I was learning I could just enjoy the feeling of Adrian taking me with possessive hunger, of him driving his thick cock into me, of him sighing out my name as he released himself into my mouth or against the pale skin of my thigh, without caring about a phone call the next day or who else he might be with the next night. If my reaction to finding the blonde naked in his bedroom was more than my aversion to being the other woman, if there was a hint of real jealousy in the mix, then that was just an indication I needed more practice.

For a few seconds, I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I didn’t notice the frozen, almost stunned look on Knight’s face. When I focused enough to stop and study his expression, I had only a moment to recognize the twitch in his jaw, the almost snarl-like purse of his full lips.

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