[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, light bondage, paddling, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Austin Stephens never anticipated meeting a gorgeous, fast-tongued auctioneer.  He will learn Cole Jacobsen is more than he seems with secrets to prove it.
As cattle buyer by trade, Austin learns many new valuable lessons in his quest to capture Cole’s heart. Buy low, sell high is not always the best plan. In Austin’s quest to earn the XYZ Ranch the most money for their stock he hurts Cole, not intentionally, but soon realizes the error of his ways.
A lot is going on at the XYZ with an upcoming rodeo they're gearing up for. Just as Austin kept his own secret concerning the sale of the ranch’s stock, Cole has his own secret, and it will prove to have much higher stakes.
Nationals are coming up while the ranch continues to grow. Somewhere out there someone is stirring up trouble for the ranch. The stakes are getting higher, threatening the world Zander created.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Austin's Story (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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“Fuck you, bird,” Cole mumbled, wishing he could feel so unburdened, so free. Since his injury to his back Cole had felt the weight of the world and life. The one pleasure that had given him reason to make the most of each day was riding by weekend on the top of a beast that made his heart shudder and created adrenaline that gave him a high better than any drug available. Closing his eyes, Cole remembered climbing over pipe railing and straddling a black bull that pawed at the earth below. 2300 pounds of muscle and brute strength flexed and thrust under him. The smell of his leather gloves and the feel of beads of sweat trickling down his temples assailed him. He felt his heart race and everything around him go to static. Nothing else existed outside of the small enclosure where the bull snorted, lurched, and banged against steel with annoyance.

Thump, thump.

The beating of his heart pounded in his ears.

Clank, clank. Clank, clank.

A cow bell on the bull’s neck chimed with deep reverence.

Cole sat in a stupor, recalling the glory days, reliving the emotion and the excitement. Deep breaths in and out. He stared forward, lost in his daydream, heart racing, fingers tingling. He clenched his hands into fists and nodded his head, giving the go ahead to the men manning the gate to unleash hell.

A whoosh and a feeling of weightlessness overtook him. Muscles protested and sweat slickened his palms. A hot summer day with a blazing sun set the mood, the location, hell on Earth, and it was fucking fabulous.

Blurred colors streaked through Cole’s peripheral vision, a backdrop to the darkened earth and rich scent of the soil. His body rocked back hard as the bull dipped, kicking his rear end high in the air. Lurching forward Cole felt his arm flail above his head. His neck snapped back, chest heaved forward as he rode a roller coaster of torment. He shuddered, knowing what was coming next. Rather than reliving the perfect ride, his mind conjured the fateful ride, the one that altered his life, and emotions forever.

Falling for what seemed like forever, Cole hit with a hard thud, his breath knocked out of him. He gasped for air and writhed with excruciating pain that traveled from his legs up his spine. Around him he could hears shouts and the announcer talking over the loud speaker. A rodeo clown dodged in front the bull, waving his arms, trying to get the bull to follow. Cole held his chest and gasped, blinking in and out of consciousness. And then nothing but darkness overcame him.

That nightmare had been relived so many times that Cole was becoming numb to the pain. He sat still, slowly blinking his eyes, wishing he could erase the event, change it somehow. If he had just one wish, Cole knew he’d wish for a do-over, just one more chance to defeat the opponent, come out victorious, and most importantly, come away with the ability to do it again.

With a sigh Cole knew he needed to stop living in the past, but couldn’t help himself from doing so. The present wasn’t so damn wonderful, full of daisies and happiness. His days were spent auctioning cattle, using his inherited gift of a fast tongue and sharp eyes. From the time he was a little boy Cole practiced his skills, learning from his father. At special event sales for charities Cole’s father always let him auction an item or two. The crowd loved it and more times than not, people paid more for an item than it was worth all because a cute little boy with the gift of auctioneering charisma stole their hearts. After those sales Cole’s father would always scrub the top of his head and call him a chip off the ol’ auction block.

Cole had two loves and one he could no longer enjoy.

With reluctance Cole stood up and reached into the cab of his truck for his phone. He’d already decided that his father wasn’t at the top of his list, and with regret, dialed Austin. Country music continued to play on the radio while he waited, worrying whether Austin would bother to help him or not.

“Cole,” Austin answered, forgoing a hello.

“Hey, yeah, sorry to call, but I’m sort of in a predicament.”

“Is everything all right?” Austin seemed genuinely worried. His tone made Cole’s stomach flutter and his heart beat a little faster.

“I broke the front axle on my truck and I’m pretty far out,” Cole admitted. Austin had enough to deal with, and coming to rescue his dumb ass wasn’t one of them. How he felt like a major asshole now.

“Where are you? Damn,” Austin said. “I’m in a tough spot myself. Maybe I can send one of the guys.”

After giving Austin directions, Cole thanked him, so much more he wanted to say, but didn’t bother. Leaving the ranch in a huff like he had surprised him now that Austin would bother to trouble himself with helping him at all.

George Straight belted out a lonesome tune on the radio. With nothing else to do but listen, Cole got back into the truck and waited, singing along in order to pass the time.




Foreplay was officially over. Austin allowed Cole to have his fun, but it was past time for Austin to do what he craved the most. From the first time he laid eyes on Cole earlier in the day he knew he had to have him, and have him he would. Some may see Austin as a simple country bumpkin, but he was more than that, more worldly than that. He was no stranger to various bedroom acts meant to bring about pleasure, in fact, he sort of adored being spanked and flogged. The cock ring was quite an added bonus, not that there wasn’t a pang of displeasure, but overwhelmingly, the device just kept his cock hard as steel, and a great asset in the bedroom.

With his arms released, Austin didn’t bother to assert his power physically. Instead, he used his voice and the arousal pinging between them to do the work. “Wrap it,” he demanded.

Cole shoved Austin back onto the bed and straddled his waist. “You better be more than a pretty face,” he said as he ripped open a condom.

Austin just grinned and skimmed his hands up Cole’s thighs. His ass was still tender, reminding him of the well-placed strikes of the paddle. Added to that was the tinge of pain at the end of his prick from the flogger. Mmm, good times.

While licking his perfectly shaped lips, Cole rolled the condom over Austin’s cock, eyes wide, needy in nature. Austin was getting ready to make his dreams come true. Patience and timing, sex was all about the surprise. Cole was willing, based on his expression that was part desire, part uncertainty.

“Lube it,” Austin demanded in a gentle tone, loving the compliance Cole gave.

Oil dribbled over Austin’s prick. He watched patiently, mesmerized by Cole’s body hovering above him. It was past time for dessert. Austin easily overpowered Cole and loomed above him. He held Cole by the wrists and grinned. “I meant what I said, you know.”

Cole audibly swallowed. The sound was so hot that Austin forgot to breathe. He pulled Cole’s legs up and pinned them down to his chest. “Hold on tight. A storm is coming your way.”

A glorious sight greeted Austin. Cole was into manscaping and his puckered hole was free of hair, as well as other parts of his anatomy. He leaned down and flicked his tongue over Cole’s bud, tracing up to his ball sack, where he stopped to suck each nut into his mouth. Cole writhed and wavered with his hold until Austin reminded him.

“I said hold your legs.”

Cole grabbed his legs tighter and sucked in a breath.

“That’s better.” Austin tongued Cole’s entrance. He gripped the backside of Cole’s thighs, holding him in place as he unleashed a fury of rapid lashes, making Cole cry out with pleasure.

He couldn’t wait to sink deep inside Cole, but dared to guess Cole harbored secret fantasies, and that was what Austin wanted to uncover. His tongue thrust against the tight ring of muscle. Cole groaned and shook. Reaching for the bottle of lube, Austin and held it up and allowed the slick substance to drizzle out, hitting the target below. “I bet you had a lot of fun in store for me,” Austin teased, rubbing Cole’s bud with his left thumb while rummaging through the box with his free hand.

Cole whimpered in protest and started to move. Austin smacked his ass so hard with the palm of his hand that the sound echoed though the large bedroom.

“Oh, god!” Cole cried out and his legs trembled.

“Ooo, what’s this?” Austin asked, excited with the stock Cole owned. “Yeah, this should do nicely.”

Using the restraints at the head of the bed, Austin chuckled as he leaned over Cole, and tied his arms back. “I’m so glad you have these.” He continued by teasing Cole, placing a soft kiss to his lips. “I sure hope you have another one of these rings. The pain is quite exhilarating.”

Cole blinked his eyes rapidly and inhaled a deep breath.

“Nervous?” Austin moved and began to secure Cole’s ankles up in the air. “Don’t worry, my little voyeur. I’ll be gentle…at first.”


The wooden paddle slapped Cole’s ass with just enough force to make him yelp and arch up from the bed. Austin groaned at the sight and the sound, and the two combined with his cock throbbing from the ring became difficult to ignore. He wanted to be thrusting into Cole more than anything, but realized Cole must need to feel out of control, or else he’d have never started this game.


“Mmm, we’re getting somewhere now, sexy.” Austin growled. “Your ass is a nice shade of red, like a cherry. He caressed Cole’s firm cheeks and rimmed his bud with his fingertip. Cole’s prick was hard again, balls drawn up, silky smooth.


“Oh, hell.” Cole gasped and writhed while Austin slowly inched inside him with his finger. Giving a little wiggle, Cole moaned and tensed around his digit.

Cole struck Austin as someone who generally was the top, but craved to be the bottom. He was nervous and rightfully so. Austin had plenty of devious plans. He did have to chuckle inside. Cole had more than met a worthy opponent. When Austin was done with him, Cole may rethink bringing home strange men and tying them up to his bed.

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