Backup: Menage A Cop

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 6,200
0 Ratings (0.0)

From Bestselling Erotica & Erotic Romance Author Erika Masten

Backup: Ménage A Cop An Explicit Erotic Short Story

Natalie has been wet for hunky Officers Rowe and Palmer ever since they responded to a burglary at her home. Tonight she is dressed in sexy lingerie, calling in a report of a prowler in hopes of tempting one or both of the hot cops into wild sex. When they slap the cuffs on her, will it be for making a false report or so they can do whatever they want to her body without her resistance?

Bonus Material: Includes excerpts from Satyrs: Supernatural Ménage A Quatre and Dominated By Brothers: Hot Hard Menage #1 by Erika Masten.

Warning: Explicit sexual content. Intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature.

Backup: Menage A Cop
0 Ratings (0.0)

Backup: Menage A Cop

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 6,200
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The hulking blond officer lifts his head again and pins me with a hard stare. “Ma’am, you know it’s a crime to make false police reports, right?”

“Oh my god,” I gasp. “No, really, that was never my intention. I’ve just been so nervous since… I mean, I just…”

I’m about to swear I’ll never call again when Rowe strides away from me, around to the back of the couch. “Step over here if you would, ma’am,” he says. I comply, ready to cry, shoulders sagging. “Put your hands on the table,” Rowe instructs me, and I do so automatically, despite my confusion.

“What are you doing?” I ask as Rowe steps behind me. I jump and whimper when he grabs the back of my neck with one gloved hand. The leather is cold against my skin, sending a hard shiver down my spine.

“I’m taking you in for booking. Maybe a night in jail will teach you not to play games with the police.”

“No, please,” I whine and start to squirm, until Rowe pushes me against the sharp wooden edge of the table with his hips.

“Resisting arrest will only make it worse, ma’am,” he tells me and uses his hold on my neck to shove me forward until my cheek is resting on the polished wood.

“I didn’t mean—”

“Stay still,” Rowe snarls, and I freeze at the force in his voice. When he shifts behind me, I could swear I feel a distinct bulge pressing between my legs. If I weren’t so terrified now, I’d wonder if… “I’m going to search you,” he says, cutting off my thoughts.

I’ve fantasized about this before, about Rowe or Palmer running their hands over my body before a sinfully naughty version of a cavity search. I know, in reality, a pat down is nothing like that. Biting my lip, I whimper and wait out the humiliation.

Rowe’s gloved hands pat at my arms, my waist, my hips. Only when I feel him lifting the back of my robe do I realize something more is going on. Two of his leather-clad fingers trace the crotch of my black panties, under the teddy. I cannot repress an excited gasp.
“What exactly are you wearing?” Rowe yanks me up from the table by the hair, still keeping me bent slightly forward, off-balance. One hand reaches around to jerk my robe open and down one shoulder. With his lips right at my ear, Rowe asks, “You dress like this when you are home alone?”

I shudder at his rough handling and firm tone, at his hot breath at my ear. Twisting my head as much as his grasp will allow, I strain to catch a glimpse of his expression from the corner of my eye. “No, I don’t. I mean…tonight…”

Palmer has finished the sweep of the bedrooms and stops still just inside the living room, as soon as he catches sight of Rowe and me.

Still holding a fistful of my black hair, the blond officer steps to one side. He grabs the back of my panties and jerks upward, so that the material cuts into my clit and rides up between the cheeks of my ass. My fingertips dig at the surface of the table before me.

“Look at this,” Rowe tells his partner. “Look at the way she’s dressed. And her crotch is soaking wet.”

My cheeks flame hot, and my mouth falls open. This situation has definitely turned sexual, faster than I would have imagined and with a rough edge that I find overwhelming…and frighteningly enticing.

Palmer ventures closer. I can see he’s staring at my upturned ass and damp panties. My pussy throbs at the thrill of his gaze, at my vulnerability.

“I think she’s just been calling us over here every week to play with us. She gets off on it,” Rowe tells him.

I’m shaking my head no, as best I can. I go still again when a soft smile breaks over Palmer’s boyish face.

“No,” he says as he moves to stand beside me.

Palmer gently untangles Rowe’s hand from my hair and turns me to stand straight and look at him. Every muscle in my body is trembling as I stare up into his green eyes from under my wet lashes. His gloved fingers trace the edge of my open robe, down to the sash tied at my waist.

He tugs at one of the loose ends as he tells Rowe, “I’m sure Natalie wouldn’t play games with us.” Hearing him use my first name makes me catch my breath. “I bet she just wanted to thank us for looking out for her. Isn’t that right?” I nod vigorously. “See, I knew it.” That warm smile is melting my insides, from my heart to my stomach to my cunt. “What did you have in mind, Natalie?”

I gape, speechless, my every dirty thought having fled from memory when faced with the nerve-wracking excitement of my fantasy coming true.

“Do you want me to help you?” Palmer suggests, pausing a moment to nudge my robe off the other shoulder, letting it fall to the carpet. His gaze fixes on the twin points of my rigid nipples, and his grin widens. “Why don’t you get down on your knees and open my pants?”

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