Be My Everything

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,000
8 Ratings (4.4)

Lucas and Katherine enter into the perfect arrangement to fulfill their sexual needs, but what happens when their hearts get in the way?

Shy, awkward receptionist Katherine Sierra wants to explore her sexually submissive side. Although new to the BDSM world, she's eager to learn. When she attends a play party and submits an application to one of the most experienced Doms in the room, she has no idea what she's gotten herself into.

Successful businessman and hardcore Dominant Lucas Cain knows his way around a playroom and doesn't normally take on brand new subs. He's apprehensive about training someone so innocent, but the more time he spends with Katherine the more intrigued he becomes. She may be everything he's been searching for.

But when Lucas requests that Colin, his friend and mentor, join them in the playroom for an evening of fun, it just might change everything.

Has Lucas broken his own rule and fallen in love with his sub?

Content Warning: strong language, graphic sex, BDSM themes

Be My Everything
8 Ratings (4.4)

Be My Everything

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,000
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Could not put it down...excellent story.
This is a really nice love story.
Luke is a Dom who doesn't ever want love in his life, along comes Kat who desires to become a submissive under his tutelage but he is not interested in a new trainee.
Kat ends up persuading Luke to take her on.
This story isn't into the BDSM play quite as much as the mind set and falling in love.
Written well and covers the emotions each will go through.
Also good sex scenes.
Professional Reviews

*A Reviewers Top Pick Award from Risque Reviews!* "I absolutely loved this book."

"Ms. Jade reels you in, and delivers with plenty of heat and spice." Lototy at Coffee Time Romance

"Be My Everything by Ella Jade is a true winner." Lace at Blackraven's Reviews

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Mr. Cain asked, "Did you go over the contract and the checklist?"

"Yes, it's all very straightforward," Katherine said.

"And we're in agreement that this is consensual?" He stood and walked around the desk, stopping directly in front of her.

"Of course."

"You'll submit to the background check, blood work, and physical?" All of those were required if she was going to be his sub. It said so in the contract.

"I've been tested, and I've brought the results. I'm also on the pill."

"I see," he said. "You don't have an issue with the gym I've recommended?" The agreement also stated she was to join the gym of his choice where he'd take care of the membership.

"No, I like to work out."

He glanced down at her body, lingering at her legs for a few seconds before making eye contact with her. "You understand that the checklist is for your benefit. It outlines both hard and soft limits. You need to think it through and decide which acts you'll try and those you won't consider. You should also keep in mind that limits can change over time."

Katherine had no idea this whole set-up would be so involved. She thought she would just go to his house and have sex the way he wanted her to. She was under the notion that was what it meant to submit. She realized she had so much to learn.

"Any questions, Ms. Sierra?" Mr. Cain asked in that sexy southern drawl of his.

Katherine had learned he was originally from Texas but had relocated to New York when his company took off. He was impeccable. Not a hair out of place or a crease in his suit that wasn't supposed to be there. He stood over Katherine for most of their conversation, and she found it unsettling. He was an extremely intimidating man.

"What happens next? I mean, do we have sex?" She was so out of her element.

"Would you like to have sex right here in my office?" His mouth formed a hard line, causing his jaw to tighten. "Shall I take you on my desk with an office full of people on the other side of my door?"

His words made her realize how innocent she was when it came to his lifestyle.

"Umm, no, of course not," she answered as she cracked her knuckles. Her face was flush, and her throat was dry. She wondered what she was doing there.

"But as your Dom, I'd be well within my rights to take you fast and hard on my desk," he informed her. He never raised his voice. It was soft but firm, and he got his point across very effectively. "Is that what you came here for?"

That was precisely what she wanted. Her stomach flipped as the moisture gathered inside her panties, just like it had the first night she'd seen him. This man oozed sex and he knew it.

"Katherine." He sighed. "What are you doing here?" He looked frustrated, but she didn't understand why.

"Applying to be your sub," she said. "And please, call me Kat."

"As much as I'd like you to be my pet, sweetie, I'll stick with Katherine." He smirked and that relaxed her. "Why do you want to be my sub?"

"I want to be dominated." She hoped that was what he wanted to hear.

"Well, why not have your boyfriend tie you to the bed?" he asked. "It would be much easier than going through all of this."

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