Beauty and the Brigadier

1Night Stand Series 57

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,000
1 Ratings (4.0)

When the Cold War meets apple pie, sparks fly. Brigadier General Eli Wells needs a date, but he’s not been out socially since his wife passed two years before. The lack of a personal life is making him unbearable to be around and the staff has even begun to call him the beast behind his back. When he asks his Aide-De Damp to find him a date for a special party, his best friend—and post commander overhears the conversation and sees an opening to help Eli out of his slump. Together, the lieutenant and major general enlist the help of Madam Eve in hopes that Eli will agree to the setup. Heaven knows, someone needs to get him to relax. Anya Volkov’s modeling days are over. At the suggestion of her former agent and only friend, she elects to try an internet dating service called 1Night Stand. The first time she meets General Eli Wells, she knows he’s everything she asked for and more, but he also seems to be holding back and testing her. Can she get him to loosen up and take a chance, or will the date be over before it starts?

Beauty and the Brigadier
1 Ratings (4.0)

Beauty and the Brigadier

1Night Stand Series 57

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,000
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Eli saluted back. “We have a special visitor today, Sergeant Major Danners. Would you put the troops at parade rest while I retrieve her?”

“My pleasure, sir.” He saluted again.

Eli returned it and headed for Anya.

Danners did another about face. “Parade rest!”

Off to the left, beside Lieutenant Winters, stood his date, dressed in gray shorts and a standard issue Army T-shirt. A size too small with the way it stretched over her breasts, but he wouldn’t complain. Her legs practically stretched to the sky. Anya wore her curves with confidence, demonstrating she couldn’t care less about looking like the typical, bag-of-bones model. She sported an hourglass figure, with softness where it belonged, and her face—her face could be an angel’s.

She didn’t appear the least out of place. He strode over to her, taking her hand. “Ms. Volkov.” He kissed her knuckles. “I’m General Eli Wells, your date.”

“Nice to meet you, Eli.”

He tucked her hand through the crook of his arm and walked her in front of the formation.

“Attention,” Danners commanded and did an about face. They exchanged salutes again and the sergeant major turned the formation over, taking his place on Eli’s left.

“This is Ms. Volkov, a celebrity. She is my guest for the day and will be running PT with us this morning.”

“Hu-ah,” the troops barked back. He smiled. They sure as hell were showing a lot of enthusiasm today, but who could blame them. Even at fifty, the woman was drop-dead beautiful and eye candy.

“Treat her with courtesy, but show her how we do this in the Army.”

“Yes, sir!”

He turned to the old non-com. “They’re all yours, Sergeant Major.” He saluted and Eli returned it one last time. While Danners began to lead the unit through stretches, Eli turned to Anya. “You ready to run four miles?”

“Excellent. I thought I’d miss out on it this morning.”

“You run?”

“You could say so, General Wells. Try to keep up.”

He raised a brow. “Why, Ms. Volkov, a challenge?”

“You bet your combat boots it was. Please, call me Anya.”

“Right face,” Danners called and the unit turned. “Forward—march! Your left, your left, your left right left.”

“You better be sure of yourself, Anya. Last chance to drop out before we set the pace for this unit.”

“I never back away when I want something.” She winked and gave him a hip bump. A freaking hip bump. God—not what he’d expected at all. Maybe he’d enjoy this date after all.

“Double time—march!”

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