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Becca Simone is an erotic romance writer. You know what that means, right? She has lots of hot sex with all sorts of hot men, at all times of the day and night, in all sorts of exotic places, and in all sorts of wild ways. And then she writes about it in her stories.

Did you happen to notice her initials? B.S.

Yeah. You figured it out.

Becca lives vicariously through the sexual adventures of her characters, because she lives a normal, nonfictional life with her husband of many years and two usually great teenagers.

And the hot sex? Nice girls don't kiss and tell. If you want the naughty stuff, you'll have to read her stories.

Q: Is Becca Simone your real name?

It depends how you define “real.” No, it’s not my real name. I live and work in a very conservative community. I’d rather my co-workers, neighbors (and my mom!!!!) not know about my sexy stories.


Q: What made you decide to write erotica?

I read my first erotic romance about ten years ago. One of my friends sold an erotic short story to a then obscure epublisher, so I bought it to support her. I have to admit I was at first shocked by the bold, no-holds-barred language and sex acts. I got over that fast. Now, reading erotic romance is almost an addiction. Writing it is the cure.


Q: Do you practice your kinky scenes on your husband?

Some. Not all. But he’s still hoping.


Q: Do you have to be “in the mood” to write a sex scene?

Ha ha. It’s hard to be “in the mood” when I have teenagers, dog, cat, etc. hanging around constantly. I’ve learned to write sex scenes wherever I am. The funniest time was recently in a Starbucks. I’m pretty sure the guy behind me was reading it over my shoulder.

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