Behind Closed Doors (LoveXtreme)

Fatefully Yours 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,543
52 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons, Consensual BDSM, spanking, public exhibition, sex toys]

Myst doesn’t know how to get the things he needs without pushing his lovers away. His darkest desires have driven a wedge between them, and he’s at a loss when it comes to bridging the gap. The irony that he’ll need to face his own inner demons isn’t lost on him, either. With so much discord in their home, it’s a wonder anyone even remembers they have one final challenge before the equinox. Things are spinning out of control, but Echo has no idea how to bring them all together again. When things finally come to a head, and Myst is forced to reveal his deepest secrets, it will take a combined effort to bring the demon back from the brink. Will they lose the warrior to his own hell? Or can their love rescue him in time to face their newest enemy?


NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. This is Book 8 of 9 in the Fatefully Yours collection. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the beta hero and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the beta hero and all his men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Gabrielle Evans is a Siren-exclusive author.

Behind Closed Doors (LoveXtreme)
52 Ratings (4.6)

Behind Closed Doors (LoveXtreme)

Fatefully Yours 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,543
52 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
OMG What an amazing series. Love every book. I made sure I had the ebooks on every device so I could read read read no matter were I was, as soon as one ended I got the next. This is not a series to miss. 100% Recommended
This series is great. For so many books it keeps getting better and you are always engaged in the characters.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "You dropped a bomb on me, Baby! Holy major reveal Batman!!! The things that are exposed in this 8th installment of the Fatefully Yours series had me reeling, but the things that have yet to be discovered promise to make the final installment explosive. Echo and his hellishly hot demon mates have one more test before the battle on the fall equinox that will determine if they get to live and love topside or be banished back to the underworld. All hell is about to break loose and the battle lines have been drawn. To say that tensions are running high would be a major understatement so the guys decide to head to the strip club they own for a little down time. What starts as a fun night out quickly turns into drama when Myst tries to make Echo jealous and just ends up hurting him and getting an innocent waiter fired in the process. Myst has self- esteem issues and pulls pranks to get reactions out of his men, unfortunately this time it backfires on him and causes problems in the house. Echo isn't sure he can give Myst the confidence boost he needs to complete his task when he is struggling with issues of his own. The pressure of what's to come and what is at stake are starting to take their toll on everyone in the house. Dealing with the stress is either going to make the bond they share stronger or it's going to tear them apart forever. The tension in this episode is palpable and makes for a great arc to the last story. There are some definite storyline shifts that add to the overall mystery and suspense. Ms. Evans has done a great job building the expectations for the final battle, while the series itself is about relationships, it has a very epic feel to it. If you are looking for some yummy goodness with a little larger-than-life flavor and a lot of hot loving then start at the beginning of this series and enjoy!" -- Tyra, The Romance Reviews

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With a dazed bob of his head, Echo took Syn’s wrist and dragged him through the crowd to the booth. They’d no more than sat down when Craze stepped up beside the table and jerked his head behind him. “Looks like someone has a little crush on your man.”

Echo didn’t bother to ask which man Craze was referring to, because it didn’t matter. If someone had designs on any of his mates, Echo needed to nip that in the bud immediately. Standing up on the padded bench seat, Echo looked out over the heads of the patrons toward the bar. What he saw made his blood boil and his hands clench into fists.

Some cute little blond was pressed up to Myst, rubbing against him like a bitch in heat. He wore an adoring smile on his face and little else. Dressed only in a pair of spandex boy shorts, he showed off his slim, though toned, physique to perfection.

Myst didn’t seem to be returning the attention, but he wasn’t doing anything to discourage it, either.

Jumping down from the booth, Echo plowed through the throng of people, not even bothering to offer an apology. His vision narrowed, his eyes locked on Myst, and nothing else mattered.

When he finally reached his mate, he crossed his arms over his chest and cleared his throat. “Am I interrupting something?”

Myst glanced at him but quickly returned his attention to the blond rubbing against him. “Hey, Echo.”

Echo? Not baby or sweetheart.

Echo gave up any pretense of civility and growled. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m talking to a friend,” Myst said offhandedly.

“It looks like you’re doing a hell of a lot more than talking.” Echo turned his glare to the twink. “Take a hike.”

The guy didn’t even spare him a look. “I like it right where I am, thank you.” His voice flowed smooth and sensual, almost a purr as his hand drifted down Myst’s chest toward his groin.

Myst did nothing to stop it.

Echo saw red, rage descending over him like a palpable force. “Myst,” he snarled. “If you like your little friend you will step away from him right now.”

Myst smirked and took a fractional step away from the man. “Better?”

What the hell had gotten into the demon? Had Echo done something to him? Why was Myst treating him this way? Hurt burrowed into his heart, pushing aside some of his jealous rage. Watching the asshole’s hand travel further down Myst’s torso, the anger quickly returned, though.

Until he took a good look in the direction of Myst’s zipper. There was no prominent bulge, no signs that he enjoyed the attention other than the fact that he wasn’t stopping it. Now Echo was pissed off, hurt, and confused.

He wracked his brain but couldn’t come up with anything he might have done for Myst to act so indifferently toward him.

Then the twerp’s hand descended past Myst’s belly button, and Echo lost it. He launched himself at the man, spittle flying from his mouth as he screamed in fury. “Mine!”

Myst caught him around the waist and jerked him back before he could reach the little waiter. Echo let his mate hold him, but he stared daggers at the bastard in front of him. “You’re fired. Get your shit and get the fuck out.”

The guy glanced quickly up at Myst then back to Echo and nodded quickly. “I’m sorry.”

Not half as sorry as he was going to be if he didn’t get moving. Echo growled again, and the guy jerked back, stumbling away a few steps before turning and practically sprinting around the mahogany bar.

Too wound up to notice at first, Echo’s eyebrows drew together when he felt Myst’s hands caressing down his stomach and soft lips kissing the side of his neck. “Gods, that was hot. Want you, baby.”

Understanding slammed into him, and Echo threw his elbow back into Myst’s stomach. The demon grunted in pain, releasing him immediately. Whipping around, Echo cocked his elbow back again and swung out at Myst.

Myst dodged out of his way, stumbling backward when his boot caught on the leg of the barstool. Overcorrecting, he lunged forward, tripping over the stupid barstool again and falling face-first into the wooden bar.

“You fucking bastard!” Echo spat. A part of him wanted to reach out to his lover when he saw the blood trickle from Myst’s nose, but his temper and sense of betrayal wouldn’t allow it. “You did that shit just to make me jealous? To get a rise out of me because you think it’s sexy?” He prowled toward Myst, his head pounding and his blood roaring in his ears.

Myst held a hand to his bleeding nose, and he seemed to be considering the wisdom of answering. Maybe he wasn’t a total idiot after all.




Echo’s small hands cradled Myst’s face and turned his head so they could look into each other’s eyes. “We’re going to argue. I’m probably going to get pissed off at you, or I’ll make you so mad you can’t see straight.” He leaned up and pressed their lips together. “I’m never going to leave you, though.”

There was so much vehemence in that one simple statement that Myst couldn’t help but smile. “What do you want, baby? Anything you want, it’s yours.”

“I want you to stop worrying about me and just do what feels right.”

Myst shook his head. He needed his mate to tell him what to do. Otherwise, he’d mess it up all over again, and they’d be right back to where they started. What he thought felt right was usually wrong. He wouldn’t risk it after Echo had finally forgiven him.

Echo stared at him for a long time, and then a small sigh fell from his parted lips. “Get the lube.”

Myst scrambled across the bed and retrieved the lube from the nightstand. He was back almost instantly, lying over Echo, eagerly waiting for his next directive like a hyperactive puppy. Gods, he was pathetic.

Pressing on his chest, Echo urged him to his back then climbed up his body to straddle his hips. “Myst, you have got to stop thinking so much. Why is it all of the sudden a problem now? We’ve done this a hundred times.”

Yes, but Myst had never been one-on-one with his mate before. There was always someone else there to take charge and lead the way. Now that it was all on Myst, he was floundering.

Echo bent over him, his hard cock sliding along Myst’s throbbing shaft. Well, that was a good sign, right? Echo couldn’t fake that, so he was obviously happy right where he was. The small bottle of slick pressed into his palm, and Echo curled Myst’s fingers around it. “Get me ready.”

Now they were getting somewhere. Myst flipped the cap open and drizzled the lube over his fingers before reaching around to skim his slippery fingers down Echo’s crease. Pulling one muscled globe to the side, he used his index finger to ring the fluttering muscles of Echo’s hole, feeling like a god when the little imp moaned and pushed back against his hand.

Their lips met in a heated kiss, and Echo’s tongue delved inside his mouth, licking and exploring, leaving nothing untouched. Myst mirrored his mate’s moan, fisting his free hand in Echo’s hair and holding him still as he attacked his mouth with fervor.

When Echo’s entrance began to loosen under his constant touch, Myst pushed just the tip of his finger in, wiggling it back and forth and pulling a strangled grunt from his partner.

“More,” Echo begged.

Myst had only thought he’d felt like a god before. He loved those soft, needy whimpers, the sweet way Echo pleaded for more of his touch. He pushed his finger in to the second knuckle, and Echo groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head.

In and out, Myst pumped his digit until Echo relaxed further, and he could add a second. By the time he had three fingers sawing into Echo’s snug hole, his mate’s cries had increased in volume, and he jerked his hips, rocking back and forth to fuck himself on Myst’s fingers.

“More,” he pleaded again.

Grabbing the lube and slicking his cock, Myst decided to forget kings and gods, and shoot straight for Supreme Ruler of the Universe. He held his cock straight, his other hand resting on Echo’s hip, and helped guide his lover over his straining shaft.

The crown popped through the first ring of tight muscle, and Myst groaned. Echo sank down further, his inner walls clamping around Myst’s cock and massaging him. Myst’s eyes almost crossed. When Echo finally bottomed out, and his pert ass brushed against the top of Myst’s thighs, he thought the top of his head would blow off.

Then Echo started moving, and Myst had no choice but to hang on for the ride. This felt different than the other times they’d come together. He couldn’t put his finger on it. Hell, he could barely remember his own name, but the feelings, the sensations, the emotions warring inside him, were more intense than he’d ever felt.

Up and down, Echo rode him hard, taking him to the root then rising above him until only the flared crown remained trapped inside his heated passage. His head fell back on his shoulders, and every quick drop impaled him further on Myst’s throbbing cock.

Time seemed to stand still as Myst watched Echo in his passion. He was beautiful, dazzling, and utterly breathtaking. His creamy skin glistened with sweat in the sunlight that filtered through the windows. His long golden hair cascaded down around his shoulders and back, damp from his exertion and sticking to his face. His long eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks. His plump, pink lips parted slightly, the most delectable sounds falling from them.

Whether in the throes of carnal desire or simply sleeping peacefully, Echo was glorious. There was one special look that Myst wanted to see on his lover’s face, though, and he knew just how to get it.

Palming Echo’s bouncing prick, Myst stroked him quickly, his eyes never leaving Echo’s face. “Come for me, baby. Cover me in your seed.”

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