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Big Girls Do Cry

Real Women, True Love

Mojocastle Press

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 5,279
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Candace's marriage is over, and she relies on the one thing she has found to ease the pain: food. Growing up with an abusive stepfather and having to mother her mother, she has always used food to deal with stress.

Now Candace's best friend, Laverne has seen something in the tarot cards that says Candace's life is going to change. Laverne talks Candace into a double date...and she meets handsome, friendly Troy.

Can Troy make Candace believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

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Laverne barged into the cabin that night, dressed in a tight beige sweater and black jeans. Her hair had been ironed and looked great. She immediately pointed to Candace's bedroom. “Get your ass in that room and change. Damnit, Candace, don't make me get hostile with you. We have two men waiting on us at The Outsiders, and we have one hour 'til we are supposed to be there. Now get your ass in there and get ready or so help me God, I will drag your butt in there myself and dress you.”
In her room, Candace opened her closet door and stared. Nothing looked right. She sat on the bed, disgusted with her wardrobe. Jake hadn't let her buy clothes. He'd told her housewives didn't need nice clothes because they didn't do anything worth looking nice for. He would often tease her, telling her that the only place she could get a dress was the tent shop, and wasn't it too bad the town didn't have one.
Laverne walked in before Candace could cry. “Okay, what are you going to wear?” She immediately began pawing through the closet, picking out a pair of black pants and a green button-up shirt. “Now get some hose and high heels and your wardrobe is complete.” Laverne walked out, leaving Candace to dress.
She put on some deodorant, then her shirt. Cursing the person who made queen-sized pantyhose, she fell on the bed. Why would they call them queen-sized? Anyone who had ever read a book about queens knew those women were petite, not five-foot-six and two-fifty. After she caught her breath, she stood up again and tried to work them over her wide hips. Finally, she accepted they weren't going any higher.
After she put on her pants, she grabbed some flats. Her fat ass wasn't walking across any dance floor in heels. Not only would she sink in the ground as she walked, she was sure to fall on the cornmeal-infested floor.
* * * * * *
When they walked into the small dive, people stopped to look. Laverne was always so damn self-confident. She wasn't a small girl, but she wasn't obese, either. The biggest thing about her-besides her mouth-were her huge knockers that all men stared at. Candace felt odd, as if everyone was staring at her as well.
Laverne stopped at a table with two men and Candace almost bumped into her. One of them stood up and kissed Laverne on the cheek. His hat fell to the floor, and he immediately bent over to pick it up. Talk about heaven in Wranglers. He was stacked in the back, and Lord, did he have the face of an angel.
“Candace, this is Cagle.”
Candace smiled. “Hi.”
The other guy at the table stood up. “Hey, Troy, this is Laverne and her friend, Candace,” Cagle said.
Candace moved in closer for a better look. Troy was taller than Cagle and stockier. He had dark brown hair and a five o'clock shadow. His eyes twinkled and Candace practically wet herself just looking at him.
Troy pulled out her chair. “It's nice to meet you, Candy.”
“I go by Candace, not Candy.”
“Well, why on Earth would someone with such a sweet name go by anything other than Candy?”
Candace couldn't tell if he was teasing her or just being plain mean. This wasn't the first time she'd been made to look like a fool.
“When I was about twelve, I told my mom that I wanted to be called Candy. My stepfather laughed and reminded me that you are what you eat, and it wasn't a great name for a little fat girl.”
“Darling, I hate to say it, but your stepfather's a real bastard, and I'm going to call you Candy.”
He turned to the waitress who had approached the table. “What do you want to drink, Candy?”
Laverne kicked her under the table. Candace quickly answered him while rubbing her leg. “I, um, will take a Coors Light longneck.”
Laverne smiled at Candace and winked. “We're going to dance, they're playing our song.” Cagle and Laverne walked out to the dance floor and began to slow dance to Ton of Love. Candace watched as his hands found their way to Laverne's ass and stayed there.
Laverne played with his hair as their hips ground together. A bit of envy flowed across her, but she quickly shook it off. Her friend's happiness meant more to her than anything.
“So, Candy, do you want to dance?”
“I really appreciate you asking, but I'm all right. I know you're here because your friend begged you. There are tons of girls looking at you. You don't have to baby-sit me. Go dance with one of those beautiful girls.”
Troy stood up. “Okay, if that's what you want.” He walked around the table and grabbed her hand. “Come on, beautiful.”

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