Bill Newman

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     For me writing is a retirement hobby, a pleasant change from my former, high stress life in high-tech.
     I was born in London, England and later immigrated to Canada, where I now live.
     While living in England, I studied engineering at the City University in London and at the University of Essex, neither of which enhanced my literary abilities.
     My qualifications for writing romance novels are: two marriages (two sons from the second one), two fiances, both of whom I somehow managed to lose before getting them down the aisle, and numerous other intimate relationships.
     Currently I'm working on a full length adventure/romance and an erotic romance novella.

Q: Do you feel you are at a disadvantage being a man in a woman's world?

A: It's more difficult to be accepted because a lot of women readers think guys can't write romantic stories. On the other hand, men see a side of women that perhaps is invisible to the female author.

Q: What characterizes your typical heroine?

A: Intelligent, independent, determined, sexy. In other words, a bit like most of the women I've known.

Q: Do you draw on your experiences for your stories?

A: Yes, and the characters, too. It helps to have a clear picture of someone real in one's mind. The fictional characters turn out to be composites, of course.

Q: What do you do when you hit writer's block?

A: I read somewhere that the brain continues to solve problems while you are asleep. I've definitely found this to be the case, so I keep a notebook handy by my bed.

Q: How much time do you spend writing?

A: Between four and eight hours a day, six days a week. I try to tackle multiple projects concurrently. So if I bog down in one (see previous question), I can skip to one of the other projects.

Q: What type of story do you like writing best?

A: Romantic adventures. Ones in which the heroine gets herself into a fix, partly because of a guy, and has to extricate herself. The bottom line is that one gets most satisfaction from a book that readers love.

Bill also writes erotic fiction as Billie Jaines

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