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Bisexual Blues (MMFF)


Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 20,960
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Being a cop isn’t easy. Being a gay -- or even bisexual -- cop can sometimes add fuel to the fire.

For best friends Dino Parelli and Norris Bander, friendship quickly morphs into much more. But things are more complicated than either man wants to admit. Dino must contend with his bisexual desires while acknowledging he loves Norris. For Norris, coming out is something he eventually wants, though even he finds himself wondering if maybe he’s really bi, as well.

Both men soon discover they aren’t alone on the force. When they learn two female officers are just as sexually adventurous, Norris and Dino must learn to navigate the relationship waters ... with the women as well as with each other.

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Dino finished his first beer. Bander brought another and settled at the far end of the couch slipping his shoes off. Their eyes met again.

Dino sucked a breath in. “I promised not to tell anyone, but I have to. You’re my best friend.”

Bander slid closer. “Are you in trouble? Pregnant?”

He shook his head. “When I found Larson and Sanders last night there was nothing wrong with the car battery. They were tucked back in an orchard.” He guzzled his beer. “And were locked in the back seat together, and totally naked. All their gear was in the front seat.”


“They said they’re not gay, and both are married. It was awkward. I promised not to tell and made up the story about the car battery.”

“Well, we’d heard rumors about them.” Norris drank more. “You know what, who cares. Society is so fucked up on sexuality. Who cares if someone is gay, lesbian, or bisexual or purple?”

Dino’s eyes drifted off to focus on nothing. Ha, maybe Norris is right. Why am I so upset over it? “Why do they have to do it on duty? What if a crook found ‘em and killed them?”

“Yeah, good point.”

Dino emptied the beer and stood. “I have to piss.” He pursed his lips. “Maybe you’re right. So what.” He patted his buds shoulder. “Thanks. But we should still keep it secret, okay?”

Bander nodded, grinned deep, dimpling his cheeks, and crinkling his eyes. Damn, that dirty blond hair was sexy. “You want help pissing?”

“No! But the Cheshire cat would be jealous of that smile.” Dino pissed and moaned at the dirty toilet. He spilled some cleaner in it and swished the brush in case Norris needed it later.

When Dino returned to the living room with more beers, Norris had Dino’s collection of porn magazines out from under the coffee table. He cupped a hand over his groin and grinned. “Nice way to end the day, huh?”

Dino nodded and grabbed one, settling in a recliner with a view of Norris. Dino popped a hard-on from the naked women and men in the magazine. He gripped his cock through his jeans, which pulled on some pubic hairs. He needed relief. He spied at Norris, intend on smirking at his magazine. Dino opened his jeans and freed his dick of the hair entanglement. Norris looked over and opened his jeans, slipping a hand inside his undies.

Making eye contact, Dino did the same. His mind drifted to high school and the circle jerks in the shower. His nuts tingled and he thought of the times in the police academy’s locker room and shower when he’d work to avoid erections from seeing the naked guys. He lowered his briefs showing his stiff cock.

Norris did the same.

They read their magazines, and then as though someone took control of him, Dino shuffled down the hall to his bedroom, holding his open jeans, and sat on the bed, hoping Norris would follow. An excoriating minute passed and no shadow in the doorway. “Norris.”


Fuck, why is it so hard to do? “Come here.” His voice was considerably weaker than normal.

Norris took a step in the room holding his open jeans, a notable bulge in his white briefs.

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