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Black Tie Affair

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 34,509
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Roman is a renowned jewel thief known as the Black Panther. He’s the master of the game, until he meets an alley cat that teaches him a new way to play the game.
Ally is smart, cunning and can crack any safe, but does she know the combination to Roman’s heart?

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This was almost too easy, thought Roman after shining the infrared light on the wall safe’s numbered keypad, letting his fingers punch in the activation code.

He stopped briefly when he heard the laughter of an obviously inebriated female guest. Roman could hear the woman, and what sounded like a man, as they continued to walk down the hall.

Within a matter of minutes, he heard the clicking sounds of the safe unlocking, which brought his attention back to the mission. Inside the safe were several stacks of paper, and what appeared to be several thousand dollars in cash, along with two black leather cases. The first case held a double strand pearl necklace with a diamond clasp. “Nice,” he said quietly. The second box made him inhale. It was the jackpot, the motherlode, it was a stunningly beautiful, emerald and diamond necklace. The necklace was well over three carats and priceless, having once belong to a Russian Czar. Holding it up for a closer look, it twinkled in the moonlight, making Roman smile.

Roman wrapped the necklace in his handkerchief, then carefully slipped it into the pocket of his tuxedo. Looking at himself in the full-length mirror that stood across the room, he adjusted his black, silk bow tie, which was classic for his black tuxedo and starched white shirt ensemble. His jet-black hair and amber-colored eyes glowed with mischief, as his chiseled nose and sculptured lips gave a mysterious but, debonair look to his features.

Roman exited the room carefully, not wanting to be seen. Roman quickly joined a group of guests passing by. Pretending to be with the crowd, he descended the winding staircase. Inside the huge ballroom, Roman easily blended in. Walking through the cluster of people, he took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter before continuing to a small alcove near the patio’s French doors.

Leaning against the stucco wall, Roman scanned the room. He found himself looking at tall, beautiful, dark-haired woman across the room. She was elegant, but not icy. She wore her hair in a classic French roll, which made her almond shaped eye and straight nose more alluring.

Roman smiled when the woman winked and then raised her glass to him. She was a looker, with a body like an athlete. Not pleased by the crowd that separated them, he slowly made his way across the room. Roman noticed the woman never took her eyes off him. He could see as he approached that her jet-black hair held several blue streaks, which intensified her chestnut brown eyes and gave her an air of unpredictability.

“Hello,” he said seductively, kissing the back of her hand. “I’m Roman.”

“Alisha Adams. Mister?” she said, tilting her head, causing a wisp of hair to fall across her face. Cleverly tucking the hair behind her ear, she asked. “Roman…”

“Just Roman.” He smiled, showing his perfect white teeth.

“No last name?” she asked.

“No, do I need one?” he asked mockingly.

“Everyone has a last name.”

“It’s a good thing I’m not everyone,” he laughed as, again, the tilt of her head made the wisp of hair descend.

“Would you like to dance?” Roman asked, holding his hand out for Alisha.

“I did. But now, I don’t,” she stated, and then turned to walk away.

Realizing she saw his pompous attitude for what it was, he wasn’t going to let her change the game on him. Roman hurriedly grabbed her hand. He drew her up against his rock-hard frame and he looked into her hypnotic eyes, “You still do, at least, I know I do.” Slowly, he began to rock her in his arms. The smell of her perfume tickled his nose. He drew her closer, gyrating his hips into hers as his cock began to swell and throb. His wide hands rubbed her lower back, occasionally resting on her buttocks.

When the music stopped, Alisha pushed away from Roman and said, “Thank you for the dance,” before turning away.

Roman watched her leave, her hips swaying seductively in a side to side movement that he was sure was meant for his amusement. He laughed, taking another glass off a passing tray. He emptied the contents in the glass, as he placed his other hand in his jacket pocket. Roman switched hands and examined his other pocket. The necklace. It was gone. Well, you little alley cat. Very clever, little alley cat. He took a moment to canvas the rooms, hoping she was still on the property, but knew it was useless.

Erotic Excerpt

Roman gave the inside of her gave the inside of her thigh a little nip before standing to remove his pants. Continuing to watch Ally, her cheeks flushed and her eyes closed, he said, “Open your eyes, Ally Cat.”

Ally opened her eyes and seductively licked her lips when she saw his thick extended member pointed in her direction. She rose from the couch and turned her back towards Roman, wordlessly suggesting he unzip her dress.

Roman let the zipper ease down her back as he placed small kisses along the nape of her neck. He helped the dress down her shapely hips and smiled when it made a rustling sound as it landed on the parquet floor.

She stood before him like a Greek work of art, her breasts small but full, with dark-hued areolas the size of a silver dollar, and centered with the perkiest nipples he’d ever seen. Every inch of her cappuccino-colored skin appeared unblemished, perfect, and inviting. Taking her hand, Roman drew her against his hard frame.

Ally took a step back and began unbuttoning his starched white shirt. She loved the musky smell of a male, and Roman smelled undeniably smelled good. His cologne mixed well with his body’s natural oils. She helped him remove the gold and diamond cuff links while rubbing herself alongside the large rod that continued to poke at her. Freeing him from his shirt, Ally let her hand run across Roman’s furry chest, down his flat, muscular belly, to the beast that was begging for her attention. Ally gripped Roman’s cock and with careful ease slid her hand up and down. At the sound of his ragged breaths, she looked up and saw that his eyes had closed. Standing on the tip of her toes she licked his chin, making a straight line to his lips. Ally captured his bottom lip, biting on his sensually. Roman imprisoned her mouth against his own, letting his tongue play with her hot slick tongue.

Roman lifted Ally, cradling her in his arms. Never breaking the kiss, he walked into his bedroom and placed her on his king-size bed. Looking into her heavy-lidded eyes, Roman joined her on the bed. He captured her in his embrace and began to suck on the rigid nipple that caught his eye.

Ally liked the silken feel of his hair as her fingers threaded themselves through the strands. She felt like she was floating amidst the clouds, the sensation made her tingle all over as she ran he fingers through his hair.

It was at that moment Roman’s phone rang. Ignoring the sound, he continued to lick at the underside of her breast.

“It’s probably your guy,” Ally said in a husky voice.

“I’ll call him back,” Roman said.

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