[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
Forest Bradford is a coyote shifter who has always fought against his parents’ need to control him. So when he met his mate, Blade Castillo, a black panther and an elite soldier in the Alliance Army, he refused to let the man order him around. He’s disconcerted when he has to face his own needs when it comes to his mate, but he fights the urge to submit even though it’s what he and his coyote want.
Blade’s need to keep Forest safe was confusing him. As the second to his team leader, Blade has usually looked out for the others, but with Forest it was much more than that, it was nearly an obsession. When Forest was almost killed by the traitor they were hunting, Blade was forced to face that Forest had become a distraction that Blade couldn’t ignore.
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Blade's Distraction (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Sweat ran down Blade’s back in the scorching late summer sun as they waited for Alek Rykov, Alpha Primus of the Alliance, to arrive. Blade Castillo’s job to secure the area for this meeting would be a lot easier if his friends weren’t acting like whiny children. That was one of the downsides to working with your friends. You had to take the bad with the good.

“Seriously, is there a reason we had to drop everything, possibly losing the only lead we’ve had in weeks, to stand out here when it’s hot enough to fry an egg to meet this yahoo?” Hunter, their assassin, asked over his Communication and Biological Interface (COBI) unit.

With the exception of Blade and Talon, their team leader, the rest of the team was spread out to watch the surrounding area. They all had the Alliance’s COBI earpiece to communicate. This hindered Blade from smacking Hunter and the others upside the head when they got like this.

“I’m with Hunter,” Paytah said. “I mean just because the great and all-knowing Oz has come to visit doesn’t mean we should have to drop everything for the guy.” Paytah was the clown in the group. He would do anything for a laugh. Egging on the others was just one of his games.

Talon’s body tensed as he listened to the guys bitch. Blade knew that their leader would make them pay later.

“Oz.” Evan, their weapons specialist, laughed. “That is too funny, Pay. I dare you to say that to the Alpha when he gets here.”

Blade and Talon both growled. Paytah never backed down from a challenge and Evan knew that. Of course that was the problem with having both a water and a fire mystic in their group. They tended to do whatever it took to get the other one in trouble.

Eight men made up their team, and all of them had grown up as best friends. There were no secrets that they didn’t know about each other. From the first day of school when they had become friends, they had shared all their experiences. Even joining the Alliance military had been done together. They may not always have been in the same unit, but they stayed the best of friends.

The Alliance was led by the Alpha Primus, Alek Rykov. The man was a hero to the Alliance for freeing shifters and mystics when the humans had them caged in labs. The Gods had decided to create three new races to save the Earth from human destruction. Unfortunately the Gods had those new races show what they were at birth. The humans freaked out and either killed the new races or locked them up to study.

Shifters, who shared their bodies and souls with an animal, could change into their animal at will. Mystics had the ability to control one of the four elements, fire, water, wind or earth. Both of these groups made up the Alliance.

The third race was the psy, who had declared war on the Alliance. The psy had the ability to manipulate things around them, like a human’s mind and emotions. Some of them had had the ability to move objects. The ones that could enter a human’s mind and control that human had become hungry for even more power.

Now the humans were considered puppets to the psy and used as cannon fodder in the war between the psy and the Alliance. This was the war Blade and his friends had been fighting for the last twenty-five years.

Three months ago, Talon had been called to meet with the Alpha Primus. He’d been requested to hunt down and kill his own brother, Raptor. Talon had been keeping tabs on Raptor, many times confiding to his friends that he was enraged by what his brother was allowed to get away with.

All of them had considered taking a leave of absence to go after the man at one point or another, but they never had. When Alek gave Talon the opportunity to do what he knew had to be done, Talon accepted. The Alpha gave Talon permission to recruit anyone he needed, and so he called the only people he trusted, his friends.

“Yeah, Pay, I think you should do it,” Hunter egged the fire mystic on.

An aircraft suddenly dropped out of the sky to land on the abandoned parking lot in front of them. It was a large aircraft as the Alpha Primus was bringing them some new vehicles to aid their search for Raptor. He was also bringing someone they were supposed to watch over.

Blade wasn’t sure why the Alpha wanted them to babysit someone while trying to find and kill Raptor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his job to question Talon’s orders, and he definitely wasn’t about to question the Alpha Primus. Blade never met the man, but he’d heard he wasn’t someone to mess with.

“Paytah.” Blade called the fire mystic by his full name instead of his nickname to make sure the man knew he was serious. “I will only say this once. You are not to do what these idiots are suggesting, or I will have you on every shit job I can come up with.”

The door to the aircraft opened, so Paytah didn’t get to respond. The stairs dropped, and out walked one of the biggest fucking men Blade had ever seen. He stood about as tall as Blade, but had to outweigh him by a hundred pounds of muscle.

“Fuck me,” Evan said as he was able to see Alek from his position. “He’s bigger than Wyatt.”

“Yeah but I’m taller,” Wyatt, a brown bear shifter, groused.

A much shorter, younger man walked off the plane next. Blade’s gaze narrowed as he saw a man about Blade’s size with his hand on the back of the younger man’s neck. It looked like the kid was being forced get off the plane.

A growl spilled out of Blade at the sight. He couldn’t say exactly what had him upset, but he wanted to rip that man’s hand off the kid.




The instant their lips touched, they both moaned. Ecstasy washed through Blade as he dipped his tongue into Forest’s mouth. The taste of his mate infused his taste buds with ambrosia. Instantly addicted, Blade delved further inside. Sliding his hands into Forest’s wild untamed curls, Blade tilted his mate’s head to gain more access to the depths of Forest’s mouth.

The need to know every inch of Forest’s body drove Blade to start undressing his mate. It wasn’t until he had the man’s shirt off and his jeans unzipped that Blade realized he hadn’t even asked if this was okay. The fact that Forest not only unzipped Blade’s pants, but pushed them down until they were a pile on the floor indicated that it was.

Forest suddenly dropped to his knees and sucked Blade’s dick deep into his hot, wet mouth without a warning, Blade shouted out his name. Fuck, the kid can suck cock. For several minutes, he let Forest have his way. But eventually his conscience made him stop his mate.

Blade couldn’t stop the groan of regret when he slipped from his mate’s mouth. It took everything in him to pull Forest up to his feet when the man was kneeling before him with his lips swollen. He looked like a debauched angel, but Blade was determined to treat him right.

As soon as Forest was once more on his feet, Blade leaned down until his forehead was against his mate’s. “As much as it might kill me to ask, I have to know if this is really what you want.” His voice was husky as desire hummed underneath his skin.

“Do you honestly think I’d have your dick in my mouth if I didn’t want this?” Forest replied.

“Good point,” Blade said as he took his mate’s mouth with his once more. The need to be buried inside Forest was pushing Blade hard. With his arms firmly around his mate, Blade lifted his mate and carried him to the bed. Forest wrapped his legs around Blade’s waist, placing Blade’s cock against the crease of his own ass. It took everything in him not to take his mate right then.

If it weren’t for the jeans Forest still wore, Blade didn’t think he would have been able to stop himself from plunging into that sweet ass. Laying his mate on the bed, Blade didn’t waste any time yanking those jeans off in one swift move before pouncing on top of Forest, effectively pinning him to the bed.

Drawn to Forest’s neck, Blade licked a path between his shoulder and neck several times. An image of biting Forest in that spot burned in his brain. His panther growled in approval at the thought. Blade didn’t understand the sudden urge to sink his teeth into his mate, but he decided to ignore it for now.

Sounds poured out of his mate like a symphony. Resolved to hear more of that heavenly music, he started licking and nipping a path down Forest’s body. A low growl of need was heard when he bit down on one nipple. Encouraged by the noise, Blade did the same to the other one.

“Fuck!” Forest shouted as he pushed his chest closer to Blade for more.

Smiling at his mate’s reaction, Blade continued to torture Forest’s sensitive nips until they were red and swollen. His mate started to whine when Blade pulled back to admire his work.

The sound of submission was too much for Blade. “Forest, I can’t wait. Do you have lube?”

Forest pointed to the bedside table, and Blade ripped open the drawer, almost spilling its contents all over the floor. Fortunately he managed to grab the lube before that happened. Popping the cap he spread some on two of his fingers before shoving them in his mate’s ass.

Green eyes widened while Forest’s mouth formed anO of surprise. Damn. Blade knew he needed to slow down before he hurt his mate, but he wasn’t sure he could. The need to make Forest his was riding him hard.

Determined to give his mate as much pleasure as possible, Blade found Forest’s prostate with his fingers and pushed against it several times. The look of pleasure that crossed Forest’s face reassured Blade enough to keep stretching him.

His mouth watered as he watched Forest’s weeping cock bob against the man’s muscled abdomen. Not willing to deny himself from tasting his mate, Blade bent down to give the tip a lick.

“Fuck, Blade! More!” Forest shouted.

The salty sweetness of his mate’s pre-cum coated Blade’s tongue. Wanting more, he swallowed his mate’s cock down to the base while he slipped a third finger inside his ass. Another shout from Forest told Blade just how much his mate was enjoying this.

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