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Blazing Inferno (MFMM)

The Men of Inferno

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 38,405
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, light bondage, light spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Kasey Mcintyre, her cousin, and her best friend are visiting the town of Inferno, California. They’re just there to watch Kasey’s dad’s recognition ceremony at the local firehall, but there’s trouble kindling for the three of them and it’s going to stop them from enjoying their visit.

Brothers Zach, Jake, and Cody Kelly feel their libidos ignite when Kasey’s car almost collides with their fire engine. The three brothers always knew they’d find the right woman to share, just as they always knew that they’d be raising their future family here in Inferno, where their chosen lifestyle would be accepted and respected. The Kelly boys believe that Kasey is the woman for them, so when the situation heats up and burns out of control, they’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman they have all come to love.

It’s going to take love, trust, and courage for the four new lovers to discover the truth and find out who is after Kasey…and why.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I was really looking forward to this when I first heard about it. Firefighters are so hot to read about, and I love this little town! I liked that it was set in California since I used to live there. ...


A very good read can't wait for the next one.

- brendat

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The approaching men all wore scowls on their faces. And the four of them were headed straight toward them. Kasey wanted to cream her panties. They were all wearing dark-blue, button-down, short-sleeve shirts and matching pants, with black boots. Mmm…mmm…mmm, what is it about a man in a uniform that makes a girl’s head turn?

Three of the four firemen were obviously related. They were downright gorgeous, she thought to herself. They had all the same brown, short hair. The largest of them all was big and powerful-looking, almost commanding. He stood taller of the other two look-alikes. His blue button-up work shirt was tight around the chest, and she could see his muscles bulge around the tight armbands of the sleeves, causing him to appear huge. Holy cow, what do they feed these guys in this town? The other two were big as well, maybe two inches shorter. The closer they got to where Kasey and her friends were standing, the larger they looked. And why were three of the attractive men smiling at her all of a sudden? They didn’t appear to be upset any longer. Any other male would be furious at the potential accident a female driver almost caused. They didn’t appear to be angry at all. They had the brightest, most intoxicating smiles she had ever seen on any man. Good Lord, this town definitely fit its name. The men here are seriously good-looking! Hot damn! Hot firemen that live and work in a town called Inferno. When can I move here? She smiled to herself.

The striking-looking and the tallest of the fireman was the first to speak. “Ma’am, are you ladies okay? None of you are injured, are you?” Shit! Even his voice was a deep and powerful as his appearance. Kasey felt as though she’d lost the will to talk. She suddenly lost her voice. These men sucked the air from her lungs. Kasey noticed that she wasn’t the only one who lost their sense of speech temporarily as Serena and Tara nodded their heads. “Why didn’t you stop at the stop sign?”

“I’m sorry, sir. By the time I saw the stop sign, it was too late, and I didn’t see you truck coming around that building until we had to avoid one another. That stop sign was kind of concealed by that tree.” She pointed to it. “I hope none of you are hurt?” Kasey asked in a concerned voice.

The fireman replied, “No, we are all fine. Thank goodness there were no other cars on either side of the street and we were able to avoid a traffic collision. I am glad that our driver, Captain Logan here, saw you in time to avoid an accident.”

Just then the cell phone of the man who wore the name patch that read Logan Turner rang in his pocket. He pulled it out and took a look at the screen. “Excuse me, ladies. I have to take this call.” The captain then turned and walked away from their conversation. Captain Logan was attractive like the other three men with his dark brown hair and blue eyes. But Kasey’s body only flared for the other three men that now stood before them after Logan walked away from them to take the call. That left Kasey, Tara, and Serena standing with the three gorgeous men she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off.

The tallest of the three said, “These guys here are my brothers.” He then pointed to the first man standing next to him. “This is our paramedic, Jake, and next is Cody. I’m Zach, the engineer.”

Yum! “You two look very much alike.” Kasey pointed toward Jake and Cody. “It’s obvious that you three are related, but you two look like you could be twins.

Zach laughed. “Yes, ma’am, those two numbskulls are my twin brothers. People can tell them apart now because Jake has a scar on his left eyebrow from when he was younger.” he said as he and his brothers smiled at her. “Actually, I am the oldest of the three of us.”

Kasey thought she had died and gone to hottie heaven. older brother? Whoa, big-time fantasy comes true. She couldn’t decide which brother was cuter. They all had the same panty-wetting effect on her at the moment. Good Lord I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Except she was in the hot town of Inferno.




“That is one of the prettiest bare pussies I have ever seen,” Cody said at her feet.

“What about these tits? I can’t wait to get my hands and mouth on those plump, ripe berries. They look ready to be picked and devoured, Zach,” Jake said next to her.

“I can see her juices glistening on her pussy lips. I can see that my fingers and mouth are going to enjoy that wet pussy of yours and help relieve the agonizing state you must be in right now,” Cody said as he lowered himself so that his face was right in front of her pussy.

“If you haven’t guessed, Cody likes to eat pussy. I’ll do anything to taste and feel a beautiful set of tits any day. I bet you want some attention on those gorgeous tits of yours, baby. Don’t you?” Jake said in that sexy, “I’m going to have my wicked way with you” voice as he helped her take her sweatshirt off all the way.

“And what do you want, Zach?” Kasey whispered.

Fire blazed in his eyes. “I want that hot mouth of yours on my dick. Will you let me fuck your mouth as they bring you to pleasure?” Zach said as he stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding the zipper down as she watched. He then pulled his jeans over his hips. Kasey stared as he stepped out of them. Zach went commando. His cock was gloriously long. He also was very well endowed.

“Don’t worry. I won’t make you gag or choke. Just breathe through your nose and let me do all the work. I want you to put your hands above your head and don’t move them. If you do, I might not let Cody or Jake make you come for disobeying me.”

Oh hell! Kasey wanted to come. The way Zach was acting, talking to her in that deep commanding way, she would do anything and everything he said just so he would fuck her. Before she could reply, Cody had his mouth on her pussy, sucking and licking away. He was so gentle. She could hear him moan in satisfaction.

Kasey then felt the light graze of Jake’s teeth as he nipped her right breast. Oh! That was a nice bite of pain. Jake then ran his tongue around her areola and sucked her whole nipple into his hot, wet mouth.

“Ripe and juicy as a berry. Just as I envisioned her to be,” he said before taking her breast in his hands and mouth once again.

As Zach was on his knees, he turned her so that she was now face-to-face with his mushroom-shaped cockhead. It was thick and veiny. He was glorious. And she couldn’t wait to taste him. Kasey started to reach out and grab him.

“Ah ah ah! No hands, remember?”

“I just wanted to touch you.”

“No hands, Kasey. I need to compose myself with you, and if you touch me, I feel my patience will shatter.” Zach then guided his cock toward her open, waiting mouth.

Kasey stuck her tongue out and licked the tip before he entered her mouth. Zach slowly slid his thick cock along the flat of her tongue. She loved the feel of him as it slid deep into her waiting mouth.

“Uh, that’s it, kitten. Open wide. Use your tongue on my shaft. You look so hot with your cheeks hollowed out as I’m pumping my dick in and out of your lips. I love to see my cock face-fucking your mouth. I want to have complete control of you actions. You’re mine to tease and taunt.”

Kasey was going to come. Cody was a born pussy eater. He knew how to use his fingers inside of her to rub just the right spot where her G-spot was located. He also knew when to nibble and suck her clit inside his mouth at the right time.

Jake was also doing wonderful things to tease and taunt her nipples. Every so often he would nip and suck really hard on them. Who knew she liked it a little rough? Maybe it took the right man, men to get the job done right with her.

Kasey moaned around Zach’s cock. “I think our little sex kitten is ready to lick my cock clean of all my cum I’m about to shoot in her mouth right now.” Zach looked into her eyes. “Do you want to come now, kitten?” Kasey nodded around his dick. “Brothers, let’s make our girl here come, now.”

That one command from Zach was all it took for Kasey to feel Cody suck the life from her cunt as Jake tweaked and suckled her nipples. Kasey felt herself drowning in her own orgasm as it shook and shattered her body. She then tasted the semen of Zach’s cock as he emptied himself down her throat. He was right. She felt the need to lick him clean as his cock grew flaccid in her mouth. Maybe she was turning into a sex kitten? Kasey wanted to be their sex kitten.

Kasey watched as Zach pulled from her mouth and looked at his brothers. “Our girl here knows how to use her mouth well.”

Cody sat on his haunches. “Baby, if you’re not too tired or sore, Jake and I would like a chance to be inside of you and make you come as well. Are you up for it?”



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