Blind Justice

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 89,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Crashing her car into her target discovers she's killed the wrong man. Whilst the accident leaves her blind and scarred. Unwilling to let this deter her persuades a friend to design and install a chip. One that can describe and act as her sight.

Unfortunately she's been given IMP, the bitch from hell. Lilliana tolerates the cruel taunts to keep her job at SOL. Yet she hasn't given up catching the man that she's sworn to kill.

Blind Justice
0 Ratings (0.0)

Blind Justice

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 89,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter One

"Hubber bubber," crooned Imp, otherwise known as Imaging Molecular Performance.

"He's hot?" asked Lillianna through their link. One that ensured no-one listened in. It was all thought transferal. She had to admit that her best mate was good. In fact, Zulami was way more than good he was awesome. It did pay to have a scientific geek as a friend.

Although Imp was a sanctimonious evil bitch, her sick sense of humor was just that. Pure maliciousness.

Lilliana's nick name of Belladonna suited the poisonous cow.

Much as she loved Zulami, he'd created a monster of a transmitter.

One that first was female. Big mistake.

Secondly, was too opinionated. Yet another fuck up.

Thirdly, Imp was a sneaky bitch, a vicious piece of technology which had been planted in her head. She had the warped reasoning of a deluded serial killer.

Shit, her life sucked. What she had to tolerate to keep her job and learn to 'see.'

'This male is more than hot. He's a sexy, mean looking bastard. I'd fuck him.'

'Well, as you're a tiny transmitter, might be a bit difficult,' supplied Lilliana. 'Besides we're here to work. Describe him.'

'His hair is the color of, do you remember dark chocolate?'

'Yes, and the taste.' Lilliana swiped her hand across her mouth before she started drooling. She recalled the deep richness and the way it coated her tongue. Soft and teasing, it melted bursting into her taste buds with the intensity of a missile. Direct, hot and to the point. God, what she'd give for a bar of sweet sensations now.

'Well it's not like that.' Imp gave a cruel chuckle. 'Had you there.'

'If you don't wise up, I'll have you removed and ask Zulami to give me another Imp. One that is sensitive to my plight.'

'Your plight my arse?' hooted Imp. 'You're blind not dead. Unlike the poor bastard you took out.' A high-pitched beep followed.

Lilliana had soon discovered the noise was laughter. A sound that grated with the effect of tenacious torture.

'I mean you didn't even get that right. Plus, I know Zulami hasn't created another model, so forget your useless threats.'

'That's it. Once this mission is over, you're going, I'll arrange something else with Zulami. You do realize I could do with a shred of sympathy, how would you like to wake up blind?'

'Personally, I think the guy you killed wouldn't mind that choice. Just a shame it was the wrong one.'

'Fuck off, you bitch. Anyone can make a mistake.' Okay it was a life changing experience, but hell, she didn't mean it. 'Now describe the male.' Clenching her hands, Lilliana wished she could silence Imp. However, the ability to 'see' came at a cost.

That miserable selfish transmitter enabled her to get around. It fooled everyone, even her superiors at SOL Investigations. If they knew she was blind, she'd be sacked or transferred to desk duty.

Like hell she wanted that. Neither could she afford to take a pay cut from Sentinel Operations Limited.

Lillianna lived for the thrill of undercover work, always had. Ever since her Uncle Silas had riveted her with stories of law enforcement, it had become her dream. He'd been her idol, still was. Despite the fact he lay in a coma at The Rest Nursing Home. Which was why she had to keep her job, to pay the medical fees.

That was the main reason Zulami had broken protocol and created Imp, enabling Lilliana to carry on with the career she loved. One which gave her immense satisfaction plus had the additional security in the knowledge she wouldn't get hurt.

The missions she went on were a grade four.

Which meant gathering information under cover. These assignments were taken by agents that had basic weaponry skills, including limited armed combat.

Physical pain wasn't number one on her list. Forget the no pain, no gain. Lilliana decided it was no pain, period.

She was grateful that this job enabled her to provide for the man she adored yet remained determined to take out the bastard who had all but killed Silas.

Revenge would be sweet.

'Well, come on. I'm waiting, and this time the truth,' ordered Lilliana.

'Think of caramel and honey, a blend of hues. His hair is long and tied back.' Imp sighed. 'I could picture him in a loincloth sitting around a campfire whilst I...'

'Shut the hell up, you depraved bitch. Where is he?'

'Five o clock. He's staring at you, there's a mixture of shock and horror on his face.' Imp added, 'I reckon he's repulsed by what you look like. I did advise you to have a makeover, but I suppose there wouldn't have been enough time...I mean we'd need a miracle.'

Lilliana ignored her implant and stepped forward.

"Hello, I'm Lavada, pleased to meet you," purred Lilliana. "I believe you're here to take me to my death."

'Yep, that's stunned him,' confirmed Imp with her irritating laugh, which ripped into Lilliana's cranium.

It had the effect of nails scraped down metal.

Lilliana almost smiled when the male snapped at her boss, Davenport. "You didn't tell me the miscreant was a woman."

His deep voice resonated over every nerve sending a sprinkling of hormones to dampen her panties.

Hell, he was hot. What he looked like, she didn't know, but the scent along with the pheromones he released caused a riot in her lady department.

Unashamedly, Lilliana listened in to the conversation, her curiosity peaked.


"It matters not. This killer is who you'll be taking to stand trial. I did try and warn you that looks can be deceptive."

Kovac shook his head and began pacing around the room. Flexing his thighs, they bulged beneath his weight. "Find someone else. I don't harm women." Kovac radiated fury as his fist slammed into his palm. "Frack, does Kobalt know the prisoner is a female?"

Davenport succinctly dodged the question. "The answer is, do you want someone else to transport her. A person not as competent as you which would possibly result in enabling her escape. The reason you've been called in is because of your expertise. This trap will finally see an end to this female's empire." He paused, his glance switching between Lavada then back to Kovac. "You do realize how many deaths she's accountable for? That's without taking into account the drugs cartel, she runs underground fights to the death and a regular supply of women. Females that you appear to want to put on a pedestal."

A low growl rumbled around the room.

Lilliana raised a brow but remained still, listening to the exchange with interest.

Davenport's words cut through the room. "The creature before you is responsible for auctioning off kidnapped women. She condones selling them into slavery to become sex objects. That's if they're lucky and not sold to dens that commit despicable acts on them."

Kovac stopped his pacing and focused his attention on Lilliana. A brilliant hue of turquoise settled on her.


'He's not looking happy, hun, in fact, I think he wants to kill you,' said Imp.

'Well. You don't have to sound so frigging pleased about it,' muttered Lilliana. 'Where is he now?'

'Straight ahead, don't move. He's coming towards you.'

Lilliana didn't have to be told that. She could sense him, scent the masculine aroma. The soft fall of steps slapped as he neared, along with rapid breathing as if he'd been running. However, the heat radiating off him wasn't good. There appeared a feral anger which burned over her. His fury almost combusting with a red-hot rage.


When his hand gripped her chin forcing her head back, she tried not to flinch. At the connection and nearness as his body leaned into hers, panty girls were ready to stampede.

Dammit, what was wrong with her hormones?

Straining, Lilliana could almost taste the leather he wore, along with salty sweat and battled with the urge to run her tongue over his skin. To lick on soft feather light strokes across every inch of his body.

"How can you justify sending women to sexual torture?" The cold chill of his voice splintered over her hot body. It had the effect of a cold shower. One freezing douse which knocked any sexual thoughts dead.

Lilliana knew she'd made a mortal enemy from the rage emanating from Kovac.

He appeared to worship women, and the fact she was masquerading as Lavada meant he hated her. It was pretty obvious the exploits of her campaign didn't go down well.

Hell, it made her sick, which was why she agreed to try and stop the trade from continuing.

It had to cease, and once Lavada's colleagues attacked, which they would, she'd get to know who was assisting the bitch. The fact that nobody knew what Lavada looked like aided the deception. The woman was sneaky because all the transactions were completed via coms.

Now, however, Lavada was burning in hell, because when she'd been captured, and mortally wounded had thankfully died.

Therefore, Lilliana was born as the female Lavada. SOL had deliberately let slip news of her transfer from the high security prison, banking on an attack. Now all she needed to do was hold her shit together and wait for the bastards to rescue her.

It was then she'd alert SOL agents to who they were.

The game plan becoming theirs, but first she had to be the bait.

The one to draw them out.

As long as she wasn't in danger, then she could do this.

Davenport had assured Lilliana it was a safe mission. That was good enough for her. It appeared straight forward. Her guard aka Kovac and his crew would attack and contain them. The required information would then be sent back to Davenport.



In the meantime, Lilliana reverted to type, the woman she was portraying. No-one knew she was impersonating Lavada. Only the hierarchy would be privy to that information. Even her guard thought he was escorting Lavada to her death. His use was as a warrior. Davenport had looked into how often Kovac had worked as a mercenary.

Which was why SOL had approached Kobalt. They needed someone with the ability to withstand a full-on attack by Lavada's men. It wasn't a rescue mission but a capture they were interested in.

"Answer me," snarled Kovac.

"Money," she sneered. Then winced when Kovac's arm rose and dropped the brush of air indicated the movement. He physically vibrated with fury.

"You fracking revolting bitch. I hope you rot in hell and that your death will come to you on slow waves."

'Okay, don't think you've pulled with that one,' chortled Imp.

'Piss off.' Lilliana was fuming because she didn't like the fact he thought so little of her.

Then recalled she was playing a role, one that needed to pay off. Too much planning had gone into this for her to screw it up. What the asshole of her guard thought didn't come into it.


Davenport cleared his throat. "So do I take it you agree to transport Lavada to Ravana, ensuring she awaits her trial?"

"With pleasure," growled Kovac. "I might even stay to witness her execution."

'Well, reckon a blow job is out of the question with that man,' commentated Imp. 'Seems like he's had a total turn around, maybe even wanting to kill you himself.'

Lilliana stopped from giving a snort. She really would need to have a chat with Zulami about the cow. He might be a genius, but he'd created a monster in freaking Imp, which was why her nickname Belladonna suited her.


'That man is committed to his job. You can tell by his demeanor,' commented Lilliana. 'Now what we need is to tease the people who work behind Lavada out. Once we've got them, then everything shuts down. Especially the fights and the auctions.'

'What if they don't make an attempt at rescue? You do realize as Lavada, you're up for the death penalty?'

'Well, duh, didn't realize that. Just fuck the hell off Belladonna. You're a sick, evil cow.'

'Nah, you love me really. Oh hold on, switch to nine o clock. The fuckable one is having a heated discussion with Davenport and shooting not so nice looks your way.'

'Great.' Automatically Lilliana turned her head.

'He's coming towards you. Keep your attention focused and don't move,' advised Imp.

When a hand gripped her arm, she winced at the strength and the pain as his fingers dug into her flesh. Shit, there was plenty of that. Her only hobby, eating, contributed to a healthy dose of batwing biceps.

Lilliana's thoughts flashed to her favorite meal. Boy did she love to delve into a bowl of French fries smeared with melted cheese and ketchup then finish them off with a chocolate milk shake. Or maybe an ice cream, rich and decadent.

Either way, it was full of tempting and taunting calories.

When he pulled her forward, it was only then that his words registered. She'd been so wrapped up in her favorite meal she hadn't been listening.

"I was going to wait for my own ship, but I don't want to spend any more time on this planet. Therefore, we're leaving ahead of schedule with one of the shuttles." His disdain swept over her, and Lilliana actually felt dirty. Despite the fact she couldn't see his face, the emotions that he emitted swamped her.

'Moody bastard, isn't he,' muttered Imp.

'You got that in one.'

"We'll be aboard the shuttle and await my ship to dock. In the meantime, our departure takes place in the morning. Davenport I'll liaise first thing before taking off." Pausing, Kovac added. "Ensure you fetch the prisoner to me at dawn. I'll be departing as soon as possible."

"Why don't you take her with you now?" asked Davenport.

"Because the less time I spend with that murdering bitch, the better." On that note, his footsteps stomped, and the door slammed closed.

'Wow, you've made an impression on that man,' crooned Imp followed by a not so nice chuckle.

'Why don't you drop dead?'

'Okay, lights out fatso.'

Shit. Heck, Imp was evil, but, surely, the demonic implant wouldn't leave her like this? Lilliana sucked in a breath. Damn right she would out of sheer perversity. The bastard.

'Imp are you there? Imp? You frigging bitch. I swear to God, I'll kill you. Now answer me!'


Lilliana swore if she could find a wall she would smash her head against it.

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