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Blown Away

Immortals Book Six

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 95,060
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Feisty DEA Agent Candy Lane can't decide which is worse—being romanced by a violent drug lord she helped put away or fulfilling the mating prophecy for an arrogant immortal. A freelance missing persons case may have brought them together, but she has no intention of becoming the god’s Chosen until the past catches up with her and forces her to face the facts of her heart.

Enlil, Mesopotamian god of wind, doesn't like the foul-mouthed agent one bit. She’s crass, bold, and unbelievably sexy, at least to his inner bull. After a couple hundred years of being cockblocked by the beast, he knows the tiny spitfire will never grab that opportunity by the horns. Immortal or not, once he makes her his Chosen and becomes corporeal after hundreds of years, they can go their separate ways. Too bad his heart has other plans.

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Angry men make stupid mistakes…

“I take care of my own ass, buster,” Candy spouted. She liked Marduk, but her head spun with these new implications. Dammit. She didn’t want her life to change.
“Candy’s right.” JP propped her up. “We’re used to having each other’s backs.” He put in his two cents. “If Candy needs protection, we’ll take care of it.” The rest of the agents nodded, and Candy experienced a rush of love. Damn, they were good guys.
“If that’s the case, then you better get used to sharing the load, because unless something is really out of whack, Candy’s about to be claimed by one of our gods.” His eyes narrowed. “And nothing keeps us from taking care of our Chosen.”
Now Marduk regarded her and the two big lugs who stood on either side, shoulders flexed and posturing. The thunder god sighed. “Problem is, we’re not sure which one she belongs to yet.” The words were barely out of his mouth when Enlil and Shamash both strode forward aggressively.
“She’s mine,” they yelled in unison.

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