Blurred Lines (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,065
6 Ratings (4.3)

Landon came into Lyric’s life three years ago when his mother married her father. Landon is hardened, rough around the edges, and has a chip on his shoulder. He's a bad boy who boxes, and seems to hate the world. But Lyric wants him.

Lyric doesn’t want to ignore what she feels for Landon, but she can’t help but worry what others will say if they had a relationship: wrong, twisted, disgusting. But when a fellow classmate drunkenly assaults her, it’s Landon who saves her. It’s after this that her emotions morph into something stronger.

Landon has been called many things: deviant, destructive, and an all around bad boy. But he’s never cared what anyone thought, not until Lyric. It only takes opening up to her to see that she’s it for him. But how can she possible want a guy like him? Is Landon even capable of giving her everything she deserves? Can he control himself and protect her when she’s attacked again?

Be Warned: anal sex, rimming

Blurred Lines (MF)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Blurred Lines (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,065
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

“No, don’t hold back. It’s just you and I, baby. Scream for me if you have to.”

Her mouth opened on a silent cry, and her eyes rolled back in her head.

She let her head fall back as his other hand snaked behind her and gripped her ass cheek, clenching and unclenching on the globe until she was wantonly thrusting her hips at him. His finger teased the opening of her pussy, dipping in partly before pulling the digit out and running small circles around her clit.

“Fuck, you’re so damn wet for me, so juicy my hand is getting soaked.”

She closed her eyes again, the pleasure so intense it was leaving her breathless. His mouth moved to her braless breasts, the thin t-shirt she wore hardly a barrier as his mouth went to work on her nipple. He didn’t bother removing her shirt, just bit and licked, sucked and massaged the mound through the material until she was panting and dizzy, unable to even think clearly.

“I’m so fucking hard for you,” he grunted those words out. “Take off the bottoms, baby. Let me see that wet pussy. Let me taste you.”

With shaky fingers she did just that, letting the material slide down her hips and pool around her feet. She kicked the shorts away, and then started to push her panties down her legs. The chill from the air brushed along her pussy lips, and a shiver went through her. His fingers went back to work, spreading her labia wide, and using his thumbs to move her moisture around until she was so slick her juices felt like they were sliding down her thigh.

“I need to taste this pretty cunt of yours.” And then he dropped to his knees, kept her lips spread for him, and sucked her clit into his mouth. She watched him, the small bundle of nerves red and swollen from his ministrations, from her arousal. He had his focus on her while he tormented her, teased every part of her.

While still watching her, he ran his tongue along her clit, sucking the engorged bud into his mouth until she was shaking. And when he pulled an inch away from her she could see a thin line of saliva still connecting his mouth to her pussy. That was all she needed, that visual stimulus, to have her orgasm explode through her.

“God, Landon.” She thrust her breasts out, her ass digging into the edge of the counter, her feet lifted so she was on her toes, and the pleasure coursing through her. She closed her eyes, but Landon’s deep growl had her snapping her eyes open.

“No, keep them open. Watch me, baby. Watch as I eat you out.”

She looked down and watched him be filthy, but only in the best way. He spread her pussy lips wide, her clit tingling as he ran his tongue up and down her cleft, dipping it into her pussy hole and then moving the muscle up to her clit. He sucked the hard little bud in his mouth, and grunted around it, sending little vibrations through her whole body.

The warmth and wetness, the friction and motions set off another orgasm in her, and she didn’t hold off her cry this time.

“Landon,” she whispered, gasped his name.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it.”

He lapped up her juices like he was sucking on a lollipop, and a gasp left her. Her pleasure just kept rising. Before her orgasm ended he was standing, grabbed her waist, and turned her around.

Landon placed a hand on the center of her back, and pushed her forward. With her chest flat against the counter, and the only article of clothing she had on was her shirt, she was exposed for whatever he wanted to do.

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